Global How to choose the length of the neck chain for women and men > Choose the right length of the chain.

How to choose the length of the neck chain for women and men > Choose the right length of the chain.


The type of weav­ing is not the only para­me­ter that must be tak­en into account when choos­ing a chain, it is also impor­tant to cor­rect­ly deter­mine the appro­pri­ate length. It is not so sim­ple, because few peo­ple know the exact num­ber of the neck cir­cum­fer­ence of their beloved. If this is a sur­prise that you don’t want to talk about, you need to mea­sure the exist­ing prod­uct.

How to choose the length of the neck chain?

In order to know exact­ly what length of gold or sil­ver chain to choose, it is nec­es­sary to take into account indi­vid­ual physique and height.

A sim­ple test will help with this. Take a thread or piece of thread the length of the chain or neck­lace you are going to buy. Tie it around your neck, mak­ing sure it lays just the way you want it to. The thick­er the weave of the chain, espe­cial­ly for men’s mod­els such as the shell and Figaro, the short­er it appears opti­cal­ly.

Wom­en’s options: the longest — 75 cm, short — 20 cm.

For men, three main ver­sions of chains are made: 50, 60 and 75 cm.

How to choose the length of a chain for a man?

Gold men's chains around the neck: thick and thin, types of weaving ...

Take into account his style, taste pref­er­ences and body com­po­si­tion. Most man­u­fac­tur­ers make men’s chains with a length that is a mul­ti­ple of 5 cm:

  • 40 cm — suit­able for thin men and teenagers, will tight­ly cov­er the neck;

  • 45 cm — with aver­age para­me­ters;

  • from 55 cm — to own­ers of devel­oped mus­cles;

  • 50 cm is a uni­ver­sal option for most men.

What length of chain to choose for a woman?

How to find out the size of the chain on the neck - Useful materials on ...

When choos­ing wom­en’s jew­el­ry, oth­er cri­te­ria apply.

The fol­low­ing method will help answer the ques­tion of how to choose the exact length of a chain for a woman. Before buy­ing, you need to decide which part of the body should be empha­sized with this piece of jew­el­ry:

A chain 35–40 cm long is per­fect for own­ers of a “swan” neck. It can be wide or con­sist of thin links. If desired, it can be sup­ple­ment­ed with a small pen­dant.

How­ev­er, this option is not for cur­va­ceous ladies. A length of 45 cm is suit­able for them.

45–50 cm — a bright accent for the décol­leté zone with a frag­ile and medi­um body.

From 60 cm — it is cus­tom­ary to wear over clothes. It draws atten­tion to the chest.

Depend­ing on the length, the fol­low­ing mod­els of chains are made:

  • col­lar (35 cm) — dec­o­ra­tion around the neck. It is worn by young girls or lit­tle girls;

  • princess (45 cm) — looks har­mo­nious­ly with all types of neck­lines and dif­fer­ent forms of col­lars of both evening and dai­ly out­fits;

  • Matin (55 cm) — a clas­sic uni­sex chain of stan­dard length — just below the col­lar­bones;

  • opera (70–90 cm) is worn in 2 turns around the neck or below chest lev­el, not reach­ing the waist;

  • the rope (112–190 cm) can be worn both in the neck­line of the cloth­ing and over it, mak­ing sev­er­al turns of the chain around the neck.

See what jew­el­ry the per­son you want to give the chain to has. Pay atten­tion to the usu­al clothes of the per­son for whom the gift is intend­ed. Buy­ing a chok­er or lan­yard around the neck will be inap­pro­pri­ate if a per­son wears knee highs and shirts with a but­toned col­lar. Also, those who like bright things and mas­sive jew­el­ry will not appre­ci­ate a thin jew­el­ry thread.

A per­son can even express their wish­es out loud. This is the only way to learn about con­ser­v­a­tive pref­er­ences or the desire to exper­i­ment with acces­sories.

If you decide to give a chain togeth­er with a pen­dant, con­sid­er that it will pull the jew­el­ry down. In this case, choose a short­er length than that which will be need­ed for wear­ing with­out a sus­pen­sion.

There are many ideas in the cat­a­log of the Sil­vers online store. The main thing is to take into account all these nuances, how to choose the length of the chain, when mak­ing the final deci­sion.


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