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How to choose jewelry for a dress > Selection of jewelry for a long evening dress


Some women wear dress­es every day, while oth­ers wait for a spe­cial occa­sion to final­ly take it out of the wardrobe and “walk”. Regard­less of which group you belong to, remem­ber that a set is not com­plete with­out the right acces­sories. The key to suc­cess is the right shoes, hand­bag and jew­el­ry!

We have cre­at­ed a guide on how to choose the right jew­el­ry for a dress that will empha­size your beau­ty and com­ple­ment the out­fit. These tips will come in handy not only for a New Year’s par­ty, but also for any oth­er occa­sion when you wear a dress.

The main principle of choosing suitable jewelry for a dress is the power of simplicity

You are prob­a­bly famil­iar with this sit­u­a­tion: it’s time to go out, the dress, hair­style and make­up are ready, but the image is still not com­plete. In this case, prop­er­ly select­ed acces­sories always come to the res­cue, and the few­er of them, the bet­ter.

One spec­tac­u­lar pen­dant will make a greater impres­sion if oth­er prod­ucts do not dis­tract atten­tion from it. This espe­cial­ly applies to large, col­or­ful and spec­tac­u­lar dec­o­ra­tions of orig­i­nal forms.

If your dress has a sim­ple cut, you can choose a mul­ti­lay­er neck­lace con­sist­ing of sev­er­al chains, which will beau­ti­ful­ly dec­o­rate the neck­line, hang­ing cas­cade ear­rings — and the wow effect is guar­an­teed.

Do not for­get about a ring or sev­er­al small rings dec­o­rat­ed with stones. You can wear rings of this type on one fin­ger or arrange them so that they adorn 3 adja­cent fin­gers — the index, mid­dle and ring fin­gers.

For dress­es with a high top and long sleeves, choose clear ear­rings with stones.

If you do not like jew­els with stones, choose large ear­rings-rings or mod­els with pen­dants in the form of coins, play­ful wings or a heart. In addi­tion to ear­rings, wear a bracelet, or bet­ter sev­er­al bracelets, with charm­ing chains with pen­dants.

A lady who has cho­sen a dress with long sleeves should bet on a ring with large stones, such as a beau­ti­ful sap­phire dec­o­rat­ed with small dia­monds, and a dec­o­ra­tive bracelet.

How to choose jewelry for a dress?

Rules for choosing jewelry for a dress

  • Min­i­mal­ism and sim­plic­i­ty are an option that will nev­er harm the image. If you are not sure whether a par­tic­u­lar dec­o­ra­tion will suit your style, care­ful­ly com­bine pat­terns, tex­tures and col­ors.

  • If you want to avoid a stun­ning effect, choose one expres­sive acces­so­ry. Pair a chunky neck­lace with short sil­ver ear­rings, and if you’re going to wear a ring with a large stone, skip the bracelet.

  • Jew­el­ry is designed to draw atten­tion and enhance your beau­ty, not dis­tract from your out­fit. A sheath evening dress with a neck­line with sequins, beads or lace does not require a bright neck­lace around the neck — choose ele­gant ear­rings with clear stones, rather than gems.

Jewelry for a long boho dress

Nat­ur­al stones, long neck­laces or inter­est­ing motifs in the form of feath­ers or dream catch­ers are suit­able for airy sum­mer maxi dress­es in an eth­nic style. The best jew­el­ry for a dress with open shoul­ders — ear­rings and thick bracelets hang from open shoul­ders and hands. In the sum­mer, girls can afford to be a lit­tle care­less. Do not be afraid to mix pat­terns and bold­ly com­bine sev­er­al neck­laces, bracelets or rings in a sin­gle style!

Jewelry for a wedding dress

Despite the fact that in this case you can be bold­er in choos­ing acces­sories, it is bet­ter to fol­low one rule. Do not com­bine a spec­tac­u­lar neck­lace with dec­o­ra­tive ear­rings! If you want the image to have a strong accent, choose an unusu­al ring or bracelet in the same style. An equal­ly inter­est­ing solu­tion will be a time­less jew­el­ry set with pre­cious stones!

If your dress has an open back, you should high­light this detail by wear­ing a neck­lace around the back and hang­ing it on the back. This will fur­ther empha­size the val­ue of the dress.

A dress dec­o­rat­ed with sequins is itself bril­liant and attracts atten­tion. Often, ladies mis­tak­en­ly believe that in this case it is nec­es­sary to aban­don jew­el­ry. But then the image will look incom­plete. The role of jew­el­ry is to com­ple­ment, add the final style, so in this case, look at the box and choose sim­ple, del­i­cate jew­el­ry for con­trast. Light ear­rings of a sim­ple shape or dec­o­rat­ed with a del­i­cate stone.

How to choose jewelry for an evening dress

The dec­o­ra­tion for the dress under the neck should be of the appro­pri­ate length so that it does not dis­ap­pear under the fab­ric. Do not for­get to show mod­er­a­tion in this case and focus on one strong accent!

How to choose jew­el­ry for a dress also depends on the sil­hou­ette. A pen­dant on a long chain in com­bi­na­tion with a deep neck­line will make the fig­ure slim­mer and opti­cal­ly length­en the neck. Short neck­laces and chok­ers short­en the neck and visu­al­ly make the sil­hou­ette more volu­mi­nous.

The choice of dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments depends on the type of neck­line! Smooth fin­ish­ing ele­ments and a turtle­neck neck­line will be the per­fect back­ground for neck­laces or pearl strings, which will make the sil­hou­ette slim­mer.

V‑shaped neck­lines should be com­bined with del­i­cate neck­laces, not too long chains with pen­dants or neck­laces.

When choos­ing addi­tion­al jew­el­ry for a neck­lace, pay atten­tion to brooches! This ensem­ble is con­sid­ered a lit­tle risky. It is impor­tant that these acces­sories do not con­flict with each oth­er.

Cut and cut are not every­thing. The col­or of the cho­sen out­fit is no less impor­tant. Ide­al jew­el­ry for a white, dark blue, gray or black dress — clas­sic, sim­ple mod­els in mut­ed tones. But sil­ver or white gold should be com­bined with cold col­ors, and yel­low and red gold — with warm ones. The excep­tion is a white, dark blue and black dress. Both gold and sil­ver are per­fect for them

If you are not afraid of exper­i­ments, choose jew­el­ry with stones of con­trast­ing shades. Empha­size dark out­fits with light jew­el­ry, and vice ver­sa — com­bine mut­ed light tones with dark acces­sories. Use a col­or palette. Choose details that will stand out from the mate­r­i­al. Red or pink jew­el­ry will har­mo­nize with a green dress, pur­ple — with yel­low, and vice ver­sa. Orange or gold acces­sories are com­bined with a dark blue out­fit.

How to wear jewelry with a black dress

Jew­el­ry allows you to change the char­ac­ter of any out­fit by match­ing it to the right occa­sion.

A del­i­cate sil­ver neck­lace will add the ele­gance nec­es­sary for a busi­ness meet­ing. Orig­i­nal oval ear­rings are per­fect for a par­ty or a meet­ing with friends.

Jew­el­ry for a black evening dress, which sparkles and attracts atten­tion, will help cre­ate a fes­tive look for a spe­cial occa­sion. It is easy to choose appro­pri­ate acces­sories for a black dress. This uni­ver­sal col­or is per­fect­ly com­bined with sil­ver and gold jew­el­ry, and will also be a beau­ti­ful back­ground for a large neck­lace and long ear­rings with iri­des­cent stones.

In the case of com­plex mate­ri­als, such as jacquard and velor with sequins, frills or frills, be care­ful with the selec­tion of details. A uni­ver­sal solu­tion is del­i­cate ear­rings with pearls or rings.

Avant-garde jew­el­ry will dis­tract atten­tion from the evening dress. If you choose a lace out­fit, con­sid­er its cut. Choose orig­i­nal ear­rings and, if the neck­line is open, you can afford to wear a neck­lace or neck­lace. Open hands should be high­light­ed with a thick bracelet. Thin dec­o­ra­tions can eas­i­ly dis­ap­pear against the back­ground of lace.

How to choose jewelry for an evening dress

  • When com­bin­ing acces­sories with clothes of dif­fer­ent shades, fol­low the prin­ci­ple of con­trast — a light neck­lace or brooch will stand out beau­ti­ful­ly against the back­ground of a dark dress.

  • Sim­ple sil­ver prod­ucts are best suit­ed to dress­es made of mul­ti-col­ored mate­r­i­al with a pat­tern.

  • Gold is the per­fect acces­so­ry for offi­cial events. But it is best com­bined with dress­es of plain col­ors — it looks great with dress­es in shades of white, ecru and black, pas­tel or dusty pink.

In the cat­a­log of the Sil­vers online store, there is a vari­ety of jew­el­ry for dress­es in any style and from any mate­ri­als. Choose, order — and then you will not have a prob­lem with acces­sories.


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