Global How to choose a silver chain correctly > Rules for choosing a quality silver chain

How to choose a silver chain correctly > Rules for choosing a quality silver chain


The dev­il is in the details — any­one who cares a lit­tle about fash­ion knows this for sure. That is why choos­ing a suit­able chain made of sil­ver is not an easy task, because there are a huge num­ber of options for this prod­uct.

How to choose a silver chain - Minimal

How to choose the right silver chain?

There are a few important rules to keep in mind.

Rules for choosing a beautiful silver chain

If the chain is cho­sen cor­rect­ly, it will help to hide the flaws and empha­size the mer­its of the appear­ance. It depends on such fac­tors as:

  • type of neck­line

  • the nature of the case

  • cloth­ing style,

  • neck length,

  • face shape

  • weav­ing.

How to choose a sil­ver chain for a cer­tain occa­sion?

The most pop­u­lar occa­sion when sil­ver chains with pen­dants with inscrip­tions, wish­es, ini­tials, and zodi­ac signs are giv­en is a birth­day. Chains with a pen­dant in the shape of a heart are an excel­lent option for a gift on Valen­tine’s Day. Inter­est­ing pen­dants are appro­pri­ate for Christ­mas or Angel Day. On East­er abroad, it is cus­tom­ary to give pen­dants in the form of an egg, lamb or rab­bit. On Hal­loween, dec­o­ra­tions in the form of ghosts, spi­ders and snakes are in trend.

Which silver chain to choose according to the type of neckline?

Fashion jewelry for summer 2017

The neck­line, which per­fect­ly empha­sizes and accen­tu­ates the female breasts, is called “décol­leté”. For a deep U‑shaped, a short chain with a pen­dant is suit­able.

Ladies with small breasts often wear blous­es or dress­es made of pleat­ed, free-falling mate­r­i­al. Such clothes go well with a mul­ti-lay­ered chain. It falls freely on the waves of the fab­ric.

The most pop­u­lar and del­i­cate type of 925 sil­ver chains are Venet­ian chains. They are most often worn by women togeth­er with a pen­dant with pre­cious stones. This dec­o­ra­tion looks ele­gant, har­mo­nious and unob­tru­sive­ly fit­ting into any image — both every­day and fes­tive.

  • Armadas — we often choose weav­ing with flat­tened ties and pol­ished edges, which gen­tly reflects light. The dec­o­ra­tion is made in dif­fer­ent thick­ness­es. This type of sil­ver chain is pre­ferred by men.

  • The rope cre­ates a cir­cu­lar shape because the chain is very gen­tly placed on the bends. How­ev­er, it is frag­ile and requires appro­pri­ate care. If you plan to wear it with a pen­dant, then it should be small. Ide­al as a wed­ding dec­o­ra­tion for any type of out­fit.

  • Anker is a clas­sic anchor weave. Avail­able with links of dif­fer­ent sizes. It is most often worn by men with­out a pen­dant. After all, the links of this chain can dis­tract atten­tion from the pen­dant itself.

  • Bis­mar­ck is a chain with mas­sive weav­ing. It looks heavy, but it is actu­al­ly very light. Most often, it is worn with­out any addi­tion­al jew­el­ry.

  • Pop­corn is a com­bi­na­tion of dozens of balls that look very attrac­tive. Both nar­row and thin ver­sions are avail­able, as well as thick­er chains that can be worn with­out any addi­tion­al jew­el­ry. Will work every day.

What length of chain is suitable for a man and a woman?

The first thing to pay atten­tion to when choos­ing a chain for a man is the cir­cle of the shirt col­lar that he usu­al­ly wears. The cir­cum­fer­ence of the neck large­ly depends on the physique. For men with a neck cir­cum­fer­ence of less than 40 cm, a chain 45–50 cm long is enough. A sil­ver chain will look beau­ti­ful and add ele­gance to the style. If a man has a neck cir­cum­fer­ence of about 45 cm, a chain of about 55 cm is suit­able.

The most pop­u­lar length of wom­en’s chains is 40–50 cm. They are called “princess”, ide­al for small pen­dants, for almost every out­fit and type of neck­line.

sil­ver chains in a large assort­ment are pre­sent­ed in the Sil­vers online store. read the cat­a­log, choose, buy, give or wear with plea­sure!


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