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What to give for a birthday? — FRAGOLA


If your dear and beloved girl turns 10, 16, 25 or 50 (the num­ber is not impor­tant in prin­ci­ple), wish her a hap­py birth­day with a Pan­do­ra gift that she can wear every day. Find the per­fect present for her on this bright and joy­ful day among exquis­ite hand­made jew­el­ry: pen­dants, ear­rings, bracelets, neck­laces and rings.

What to give for a birthday?

How to choose?

First of all, it is nec­es­sary to focus on the age and pref­er­ences of the per­son. A pen­dant with an anniver­sary date (“18th”, “25th”, “50th”, etc.) will be rel­e­vant. For mom, you can pick up the dec­o­ra­tion “Moth­er’s Heart” or “Mom and Son / Daugh­ter”.

Charms denot­ing her hob­bies will tell you how well you know the birth­day girl (“Artist’s Set”, “Cute Pup­py”, charm in the form of a cam­era “Sen­ti­men­tal Shot, etc.).

For younger ladies, Dis­ney charms with their favorite char­ac­ters are ide­al.

The­mat­ic charms in the form of beads or pen­dants (“Hap­py Birth­day”) will not leave indif­fer­ent birth­day peo­ple of all ages.

With over 600 pen­dants and beads to choose from, there’s sure to be a per­fect birth­day present.

What to give for a birthday?

Jewelry for the 18th anniversary

This mile­stone is the gate­way to adult­hood, the year of new begin­nings.

At this age, most girls and guys are already old enough to appre­ci­ate the fine jew­el­ry and not lose it in the future. Here are some gift ideas.

When choos­ing a piece of jew­el­ry, keep in mind its unique sense of style, which is like­ly to be dif­fer­ent from yours.

  1. Her first dia­mond
    Dia­monds are a girl’s best friend, and turn­ing 18 is the per­fect chance to cel­e­brate com­ing of age with a spark­ly acces­so­ry. Give her a pair of beau­ti­ful dia­mond ear­rings or a ring with a small dia­mond insert.
  2. Gems
    It’s always a good idea. Don’t know which one to choose? Look at her eyes.
  3. Some­thing sim­ple and unique
    If your bud­get is some­what lim­it­ed, give Pan­do­ra charms, they are quite afford­able. In addi­tion, with their help, you can encrypt a whole mes­sage for this sig­nif­i­cant day. Pay atten­tion to the bracelet or neck­lace from the Pan­do­ra Rose or Pan­do­ra Shine series.
  4. Charm and inspi­ra­tion
    If a girl already wears such a bracelet, the search for gifts will become even eas­i­er. Gift the “18” charm pen­dant to com­ple­ment her favorite acces­so­ry.
  5. Big and bright
    Does your birth­day girl like to express her­self loud­ly? Give her bright jew­el­ry. From glam­orous gem­stone rings to bold, eye-catch­ing pen­dants. Let her be con­fi­dent in the style of adult­hood.
What to give for a birthday?

Four reasons to choose Pandora jewelry as a gift (male look)

  1. Pan­do­ra charms are not that expen­sive. Of course, they are some­what more expen­sive than reg­u­lar jew­el­ry or a bot­tle of cheap per­fume, but much more afford­able than a Pra­da brand­ed bag or Tiffany neck­lace with a price range of up to $1,000. For an ordi­nary work­ing per­son, Pan­do­ra pen­dants are quite afford­able.
  2. Pen­dants are easy to car­ry. Accord­ing to buy­ers, the charms are very com­pact and eas­i­ly trans­port­ed in a paper bag or box. Unlike a large vase, a huge bear or a com­put­er desk. It does­n’t take much phys­i­cal effort to deliv­er a gift.
  3. Charms make the process of buy­ing gifts less oner­ous. Unlike shop­ping for bags, dress­es, and oth­er acces­sories, all you have to do is vis­it one store and make a pur­chase. Takes less than 30 min­utes if you are an inde­ci­sive per­son.
  4. The oppor­tu­ni­ty to express your feel­ings. In such a gift, you can invest your emo­tions and feel­ings. After all, each bead nec­es­sar­i­ly sym­bol­izes some­thing, unlike face­less and monot­o­nous bags, phones and oth­er things.

Frago­la Jew­el­ry Store is proud to be able to offer a wide range of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry, which includes every­thing from their world-famous bracelets and pen­dants to the brand’s beau­ti­ful rings. We have the lat­est col­lec­tions so you can sur­prise your loved one or treat your­self to brand new fash­ion­able and incred­i­bly styl­ish acces­sories.

Frequently asked Questions

⏩ Can I order Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry with home deliv­ery?

Yes, you can. For an addi­tion­al fee, the Nova Posh­ta couri­er will deliv­er your order to the spec­i­fied address.

⏩ Can I give Pan­do­ra charms and bracelets to chil­dren?

Since the pen­dants are quite small, it is not advis­able to wear them to chil­dren under 3 in order to avoid get­ting small parts into the res­pi­ra­to­ry tract. There are no more restric­tions.

⏩ Can I return the prod­uct?

Return is pos­si­ble in case of a man­u­fac­tur­ing defect or incon­sis­ten­cy of the appear­ance of the jew­el­ry with the declared one.

⏩ Can I order brand­ed gift wrap­ping?

Yes, you can order jew­el­ry pack­aged in a brand­ed bag or gift box (for an addi­tion­al fee).


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