Turtle, Seahorses, Ocean and Ball


  • Sea tur­tle
  • Sea Hors­es
  • Charm Fly­ing House with Bal­loons
  • dark blue ocean


“And tur­tles, of course, all tur­tles are free, per­haps all crea­tures should be like tur­tles. »

Be inspired by the peace­ful cre­ation of deep blue, the mag­nif­i­cent sea tur­tle.


Whales, dol­phins and sea tur­tles swim togeth­er in the Pan­do­ra Ocean, the theme of the Sum­mer 2020 Col­lec­tion. Released as an online exclu­sive, the Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2020 Col­lec­tion is only avail­able for a lim­it­ed time.

The pin­na­cle of the Pan­do­ra Ocean Sum­mer 2020 col­lec­tion is the stun­ning Pan­do­ra Mura­no Glass Sea Tur­tle Dan­gle (798939C01), which is already a hit with fans and is on sale.

Like many oth­er Pan­do­ra fans, I adore the beau­ty of Mura­no glass. Pan­do­ra expand­ed their cre­ativ­i­ty and for the first time cre­at­ed a Mura­no glass charm, embod­ied in its design.

A large Mura­no glass bead forms the main part of the Mura­no Glass Pan­do­ra Tur­tle Charm (798939C01). Its sap­phire glass case per­fect­ly reflects the col­or of the sea.

A beau­ti­ful fil­i­gree pat­tern with an inter­twined love heart adorns the back of the Mura­no glass sea tur­tle. When light pass­es through the azure glass, it cre­ates a delight­ful shim­mer­ing effect.

Tiny beads form the claws on the sil­ver flip­pers of the sea tur­tle charm, and its dain­ty tail peeks out from behind its beau­ti­ful glass shell.

Blue crys­tals of aqua­ma­rine and ice green alter­nate on the base. And of course, Pan­do­ra’s sig­na­ture “S925 ALE” logo is engraved on one side of the base.

“I felt that time was a great sea, and I float­ed on the back of a tur­tle, and no sails obscured the hori­zon.”

Janet Fitch

My first Mura­no Glass Sea Tur­tle Styling (798939C01) is a beau­ti­ful seascape theme, with a lim­it­ed edi­tion Seashell Clasp leather bracelet (598951C01) form­ing a turquoise line on the hori­zon.

Form­ing a splash of col­or in the cen­tre, the Mura­no glass sea tur­tle is flanked on both sides by the Sea­hors­es (798949C00) and Starfish, Shells and Hearts (798950C00) open­work pen­dants. Sparkling clear Pavé lugs (791817CZ) com­plete the design, while their sil­i­cone grip ensures the charms stay in place on the leather bracelet.

Style 2: Sun, Sea and Sand

“Maybe I’m a tur­tle, able to live just about any­where, even under­wa­ter, for short peri­ods, with my house on my back. »
Kurt Von­negut

“When it’s over, we’ll go to the rain­for­est, or the pyra­mids, or the bone-white beach.
We’ll eat grapes from the vine, we’ll swim with sea tur­tles, we’ll walk miles of cob­ble­stone streets.
Let’s laugh, talk and con­fess.
We will. »
Jody Picult

“The beach is in our blood. Every­one in our fam­i­ly instinc­tive­ly returns to the beach like sea tur­tles. »
Sandy Archibald

The Pan­do­ra Mura­no Glass Sea Tur­tle Charm (798939C01) is per­fect for both bracelets and neck­laces. My sec­ond style empha­sizes its ver­sa­til­i­ty and is set on the basis of the let­ter O pen­dant (398296) and the clas­sic sil­ver curb chain (590515) .

Mura­no Glass Sea Tur­tle, along with the Starfish Pen­dant (398945C00) and Iri­des­cent Palm Tree Pen­dant (791540CZ), the amulets rep­re­sent the three S’s to make the per­fect stay; sun, sea and sand! The Shin­ing Cowrie Shell charm (798131CZ) pierced through the chain of the neck­lace adds a styl­ish note to the design.

“Stay a lit­tle and learn the secrets of the sea­horse…”

A charm­ing sym­bol of eter­nal love, more pow­er­ful than the tides.


The Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2020 col­lec­tion is my favorite sum­mer col­lec­tion to date. Apt­ly named “Pan­do­ra’s Ocean”, the col­lec­tion is full of adorable sea crea­tures. Includ­ing Pan­do­ra Sea­work Hors­es Heart small sea­hors­es (798949C00) .

Released as an online exclu­sive, the Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2020 col­lec­tion is only avail­able for a lim­it­ed time. In many coun­tries, it will only be avail­able until July 29, 2020. But we will have it avail­able lat­er!

The intrigu­ing lit­tle sea horse cap­tures the imag­i­na­tion, rem­i­nis­cent of the myth­i­cal crea­ture of antiq­ui­ty. I have been fas­ci­nat­ed by these tiny sea­hors­es since child­hood. Con­se­quent­ly, the Pan­do­ra Sea­hors­es Heart charm (798949C00) was eas­i­ly caught in my shop­ping cart!

A pair of sea­hors­es adorn both sides of the Pan­do­ra Sea­work Hors­es Heart Charm (798949C00) . Rope detail forms a heart shape around a pair of sea­hors­es and a tiny starfish on the char­m’s band.

A cir­cu­lar disk hangs at the bot­tom, engraved “WHEN WE HAVE EACH OTHER” on one side and “WE HAVE EVERYTHING” on the back. This is an appro­pri­ate and won­der­ful feel­ing, as they say that sea­hors­es mate once and for life.

The open­work Sea­hors­es Heart charm has clas­sic Pan­do­ra qual­i­ty with great atten­tion to detail. The wave design adorns the top side of the charm, while the dark oxi­diza­tion on the inside adds depth.

Pan­do­ra’s stan­dard ‘S925 ALE’ ster­ling sil­ver badge is clear­ly engraved on one side of the Sea­hors­es Heart open­work charm.

Style: Sea friends

“There is a lit­tle sea­horse in the warm salt water, which is like a tiny gym­nast doing som­er­saults on an invis­i­ble mat.”

Jen­nifer Keats Cur­tis

“Sea­hors­es have one mate for life. Every morn­ing they come togeth­er, dance, change their col­or, wrap them­selves around with their tied tails, and then sep­a­rate for the rest of the day. »

“When a sea­horse finds a mate, they wrap their tail around each oth­er so that the wave does not sep­a­rate them. »

The Pan­do­ra Fish­net Sea­hors­es Heart (798949C00) charm is per­fect for illus­trat­ing the rela­tion­ship of Ariel and Eric in the Dis­ney clas­sic “The Lit­tle Mer­maid”. Dec­o­rat­ed with a sparkling Mick­ey Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Moments (590731CZ) bracelet, this style sym­bol­izes the love between two “Mates of the Sea”.

Our favorite mer­maid sits qui­et­ly in the cen­ter of the bracelet on the Ariel & Seashell Dan­gle (791895EN111) with Green Minia­ture Edges (791499SGQ) and Ocean Mosa­ic Pavé Ball (791261MCZMX) charms on either side. Next to the Open­work Sea­hors­es heart mir­rors in the shape of the heart Pan­do­ra 2016 Club Charm (791912D).

Also from the sum­mer col­lec­tion 2020 are the sweet Shim­mer­ing Dol­phin (798947C01) and the pret­ty fish­net Starfish, Shells & Hearts (798950C00) charms. Along with them, Ariel’s Sig­na­ture Col­or Mura­no (791641) charms pro­vide shine and col­or. Vibrant teal and turquoise enam­el details on the Dis­ney The Lit­tle Mer­maid Floun­der (798230ENMX) and Ocean Life (792075ENMX) charms add an extra pop of col­or.

My ver­dict on the trac­ery charm of Pan­do­ra’s sea­horse hearts? This is a friend for life!

“Adven­ture is out there!”

Embark on an epic adven­ture with the incred­i­ble Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Up House & Bal­loons charm.



Dis­ney’s “On and Up” Charm Charm Fly­ing House with Bal­loons (798962C01) was released as part of the Dis­ney Sum­mer 2020 Col­lec­tion.

This is a very pop­u­lar charm, because. it’s been ready to be bought since we first looked at the offi­cial images, it’s also my favorite charm for 2020!

Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Bal­loon Fly­ing House (798962C01) bright and col­or­ful, the hot air bal­loons form the main part of the charm. One side of the charm is embossed with the famous quote from Dis­ney Pixar’s Up, “ADVENTURE IS HERE”.

Carl Fredrick­sen’s house hangs under bal­loons and takes off on mag­i­cal adven­tures. The house is a major part of the On and Up car­toon and is icon­ic in its strik­ing design. Despite being small, Pan­do­ra man­aged to beau­ti­ful­ly recre­ate Carl and Ellis’ col­or­ful home, com­plete with porch and bay win­dow.

“Pan­do­ra” and “© Dis­ney” tags are engraved on the back of the roof on the Up House & Bal­loons Charm (798962C01) .

Dif­fer­ent shades of enam­el are applied to the bal­loons by hand: blue, tan­ger­ine orange, pale gray, bright green, pur­ple. Scat­tered among them are plain sil­ver bal­loons that obscure the Dis­ney Up House & Bal­loons Charm.


“I real­ly want to be with you and by the sea, where we can freely com­mu­ni­cate and build our cas­tles in the air. »

Inspired by the ever-chang­ing ocean, this Mura­no glass charm cap­tures the beau­ty and pow­er of deep blue.


As a big fan of Pan­do­ra Mura­no pen­dants, I’m fas­ci­nat­ed by recent Pan­do­ra glass pen­dants. In addi­tion to the stun­ning Mura­no glass tur­tle (798939C01), the Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2020 col­lec­tion also fea­tures a new Mura­no glass charm. Pan­do­ra Wavy Dark Blue Mura­no Glass Ocean Charm (798938C00) per­fect­ly embod­ies the rolling of the sea.

Released as an online exclu­sive, the Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2020 col­lec­tion is only avail­able for a lim­it­ed time.

As with many Pan­do­ra Mura­no pen­dants, Mura­no Ocean Ocean Charm (798938C00) wavy dark blue glass varies in col­or when viewed from dif­fer­ent angles. The blue black core cre­ates a dark back­ground com­pa­ra­ble to the deep­est depths of the ocean floor. And yet, when viewed from an angle, the glass looks like a cold translu­cent blue.

Tiny bub­bles appear all over the Wavy Blue Mura­no Glass Ocean Charm, sug­ges­tive of hid­den aquat­ic life below the sur­face. While shards of iri­des­cent glit­ter sparkle in the glass, rem­i­nis­cent of nature’s bio­lu­mi­nes­cence.

Soft dim­ples cre­ate a won­der­ful tex­ture on the sur­face of the wavy dark blue Mura­no Ocean Charm, rem­i­nis­cent of rip­ples on the water.

The usu­al ster­ling sil­ver Pan­do­ra ‘S925 ALE’ and ‘PANDORA’ hall­marks are engraved on one side of the wavy navy blue ocean Mura­no glass charm. Like most Pan­do­ra Mura­no pen­dants, the wavy navy blue Mura­no has a thread­ed core.

The Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2020 col­lec­tion is absolute­ly stun­ning!

Style: Deep Blue!

“My soul is full of long­ing
for the mys­tery of the sea,
and the heart of the great ocean
sends an exhil­a­rat­ing impulse through me.

Hen­ry Wadsworth Longfel­low

“Look at this sea, girls — all sil­ver and shad­ow and a vision of what was not seen. We could no longer enjoy its beau­ty if we had mil­lions of dol­lars and dia­mond ropes. »

Lucy Maud Mont­gomery, Ann Green Gables

“Lis­ten, now lis­ten to the sailors cry,
smell the sea and feel the sky
let your soul and spir­it fly.”

Van Mor­ri­son The Mys­tic


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