Global The difference between a tiara and a tiara > What is the difference between the ornaments

The difference between a tiara and a tiara > What is the difference between the ornaments


The most com­mon option for using tiaras, crowns and tiaras is as a dec­o­ra­tion of the bride’s charm­ing hair­style and a nec­es­sary attribute of the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny. Know­ing the dif­fer­ence between them will help you avoid con­fu­sion when choos­ing acces­sories for for­mal events, beau­ty con­tests, pho­to shoots and themed par­ties.

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What is a tiara decoration?

The name “tiara” comes from the Per­sian lan­guage, where it means the high head­dress of Per­sian priests in the form of a trun­cat­ed cone with a flat top, dec­o­rat­ed with gold plates in the form of leaves, flow­ers and the sun. It was worn by emper­ors and kings for solemn cer­e­monies.

In Chris­t­ian ter­mi­nol­o­gy, a tiara is a papal crown con­sist­ing of three diadems super­im­posed on each oth­er. It was first men­tioned in the 19th cen­tu­ry. Since then, it has under­gone sev­er­al changes.

Today it is a wom­en’s head­dress — a semi­cir­cu­lar strip orna­ment, dec­o­rat­ed with pre­cious met­als and stones. It is worn on the head or fore­head.

Accord­ing to tra­di­tion, wom­en’s tiaras were worn exclu­sive­ly by rep­re­sen­ta­tives of roy­al fam­i­lies.

These days, mar­ried ladies wear tiaras, crowns and tiaras for offi­cial occa­sionsial mea­sures. This dec­o­ra­tion is com­bined exclu­sive­ly with evening dress­es. The British roy­al fam­i­ly has the largest col­lec­tion of tiaras and tiaras in the world, many of which are fam­i­ly heir­looms.

The most famous tiaras in the world:

  • Carti­er Haloin which the Duchess of Cam­bridge Cather­ine was at the wed­ding with Prince William.
  • Volodymyrs­ka. At first it belonged to the Grand Duke of Rus­sia Volodymyr. Now it belongs to Queen Eliz­a­beth II. Her set includes two dif­fer­ent types of stones: pearls and emer­alds.
  • Lover’s Cam­bridge Knot. It was worn by Queen Mary, Queen Eliz­a­beth II, Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cam­bridge.
  • Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara. An orna­ment cre­at­ed on the basis of a tra­di­tion­al Russ­ian kokoshnik. Queen Eliz­a­beth II wore it at her wed­ding. Can also be used as a neck­lace.
  • Polti­more. Adorned with clus­ters of old-cut dia­monds, set with daz­zling dia­monds and twist­ed plat­inum spi­rals. The spe­cial fea­ture of this beau­ti­ful tiara is that it trans­forms into a neck­lace and eleven stun­ning brooches.
  • Tiara with Brazil­ian aqua­ma­rine. Cre­at­ed in 1957 as part of a neck­lace and ear­ring set giv­en to Queen Eliz­a­beth in 1953. Its cen­ter­piece since 1971 is a mag­nif­i­cent Brazil­ian aqua­ma­rine of the high­est class.
  • Max­im. Roy­al tiara dec­o­rat­ed with 655 dia­monds and 33 Kash­mir sap­phires. It was worn by Queen Letizia, Duchess Camil­la and Princess Kate Mid­dle­ton.

What is a jewelry tiara?

Trans­lat­ed from ancient Greek, the word “dia­dem” means “to bind”, from Latin — it is a dec­o­ra­tive ban­dage made of pre­cious met­al, sym­bol­iz­ing the sov­er­eign­ty of the state.

For the first time in the form that the dia­dem looks like today, it first appeared in ancient Greece, where it was a sym­bol of the high sta­tus of the own­er and his tri­umphal achieve­ments. In ancient times, it was worn only by men. At that time, Roman emper­ors and Greek gods, such as Zeus and Hera, wore such an acces­so­ry. Lat­er, girls from rich fam­i­lies began to use the dec­o­ra­tion at wed­dings.

Some historians claim that all other decorations, including crowns and tiaras, are varieties of tiaras:

  • gang — this is a head­band, locat­ed on the fore­head and around the head;
  • egret — a small “raisin” in the hair, it is worn either in the mid­dle or on the side. It often uses feath­ers or flo­ral pat­terns made of met­al, dia­monds or oth­er shiny stones;
  • hen house — a noble dec­o­ra­tion that looks like a nim­bus above the head. It does not close, but is fixed on ropes, rub­ber bands or with the help of hair.
  • Coro­net — a small closed crown that is worn on the head.

The most famous tiaras in the world:

  • Sparks of Arcot. In 1930, Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of West­min­ster, com­mis­sioned a French jew­el­er from the Lacloche work­shop to set the two stones that had pre­vi­ous­ly adorned the ear­rings into an extrav­a­gant­ly dec­o­rat­ed tiara that also con­tained 1,400 small­er dia­monds. It was divid­ed by an equal­ly sig­nif­i­cant large stone with a bril­liant cut. It was designed in such a way that you can take pear-cut dia­monds out of it and wear them as an equal­ly spec­tac­u­lar brooch.
  • Nur-ul-Ain. The tiara, which was cre­at­ed by the famous jew­el­er Har­ry Win­ston from plat­inum and small­er dia­monds — 324 pink, yel­low and col­or­less dia­monds. The largest of them is the most valu­able bright pink Nur-ul-Ain dia­mond weigh­ing 60 carats, while the oth­ers weigh between 14 and 19 carats.

What is the difference between a tiara and a wedding tiara?

This jew­el­ry bijouterie was made from objects that used to real­ly serve as sym­bols of pow­er. Then they could afford to be made to order from jew­el­ry mas­ters and only the most high-rank­ing peo­ple could have them. These orna­ments were made of sil­ver and gold, they were dec­o­rat­ed with pre­cious stones.

Mod­ern mod­els are made from sim­pler and less expen­sive mate­ri­als. They use imi­ta­tions of pre­cious stones (zir­con, cubic zir­co­nia, arti­fi­cial pearls), pat­terns of rhine­stones, inter­weav­ing of met­al ele­ments.

When com­par­ing a tiara and a roy­al dia­dem, it is clear that the dif­fer­ence between them is in the style of exe­cu­tion.

The tiara has a lighter con­struc­tion and is usu­al­ly unchanged along the entire length. The rim is com­plete­ly closed or semi-closed. She looks very ele­gant and roman­tic. In the Mid­dle Ages, it was a heavy acces­so­ry. It was used as an item to hide the edges of a wig, it was worn direct­ly on the fore­head. A mod­ern tiara — light and ele­gant, but still a lit­tle more mas­sive than a dia­dem — is one of the vari­eties of crowns that sym­bol­ize pow­er. Pre­vi­ous­ly, only women and girls of the upper world could afford such a head dec­o­ra­tion in the form of a crown. What makes a dia­dem sig­nif­i­cant­ly dif­fer­ent from a tiara is that it is held on the hair, and not on the head itself. The front part of this dec­o­ra­tion looks like a crown. It has a wide cen­ter with nar­rowed edges or a point­ed top.

The difference between a modern tiara and a diadem

The main dif­fer­ence between a tiara and a dia­dem is in the dec­o­ra­tion. A jew­el­ry tiara always has a more com­plex design. It uses pre­cious and semi-pre­cious stones. Most often, this dec­o­ra­tion is made in the form of a crown, which is often ordered for the win­ners of beau­ty con­tests and brides.

The tiara has a sim­pler appear­ance. It looks like a hoop. The prod­uct is made in a round­ed shape with the same width and diam­e­ter all around, which gives it ele­gance.

Accord­ing to the rules of eti­quette, the tiara or tiara should not be too far on the back of the head, so that it does not look like it is slip­ping. In this case, a good guide­line is a max­i­mum dis­tance of 3 cm from the hair­line.

Mini-diadems on the comb are used to fix a high knot on the top of the head or on the back of the head.

For a round face, an elon­gat­ed design is rec­om­mend­ed, for an oval face, a thin prod­uct is usu­al­ly a more har­mo­nious solu­tion.

A good hair fix­a­tion is as impor­tant as the cor­rect hair­style: most tiaras have loops at the ends, with which they can be attached to the hair­style with either pins or thin rub­ber bands.

You already know how a tiara dif­fers from a tiara, where and how to wear it cor­rect­ly, and what to con­sid­er when choos­ing this jew­el­ry. Choose this acces­so­ry in our cat­a­log (sil­ver jew­el­ry store Sil­vers) And order with deliv­ery across Ukraine.


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