Global Summer Breeze by Pandora 2020

Summer Breeze by Pandora 2020


Jew­el­ry has a spe­cial place in every girl’s life. There are not enough of them. Do they have sea­son­al­i­ty? Most do not ask such a ques­tion, but wear­ing some­thing can be bad man­ners.

How do you choose jew­el­ry? What acces­sories to wear in the heat? What are you guid­ed by when choos­ing? What types do you pre­fer? It is quite dif­fi­cult to answer all these ques­tions.

I pro­pose to under­stand in detail what jew­el­ry fash­ion promis­es us in the sum­mer of 2020, what to give pref­er­ence to this sea­son and what our favorite Pan­do­ra brand offers.

Summer 2020 trends

In 2020, fash­ion trends have changed a bit, but one thing remains unchanged. Sum­mer is light­ness and fresh­ness. So, you will be the most styl­ish if you fol­low the fol­low­ing tastes.

  • chains. The main trend of the sea­son! The thick­er the chain, the bet­ter! The per­fect com­bi­na­tion with a men’s style shirt, knit top or busi­ness jack­et.
  • Rings. There should be more rings in the sum­mer sea­son 2020. There are no dis­tri­b­u­tions in form and design. You can wear two com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent rings on one hand and hit the mark!
  • Pearl. Always up-to-date pearls do not lose ground. It is light and ele­gant, and this is the best thing for sum­mer. Pen­dants, bracelets, rings with pearls are def­i­nite­ly fash­ion­able this sea­son.
  • Ear­rings in the form of rings. This is a uni­ver­sal dec­o­ra­tion for any time of the year. Eas­i­ly beats an airy dress or a knit­ted suit.
  • pen­dants. Actu­al acces­so­ry with a pre­fix for lay­er­ing. In the sum­mer of 2020, you can safe­ly com­bine sev­er­al pen­dants at once, wear thin pen­dants and mas­sive chains togeth­er.

Popular jewelry from Pandora in the summer of 2020

Such a num­ber of ideas that Pan­do­ra offers can­not be left out. In sum­mer, lovers of the jew­el­ry house pre­fer to wear:

Any of the jew­el­ry from Pan­do­ra will be rel­e­vant both in sum­mer and at any oth­er time of the year. Here the choice depends on the col­or, style, shape. And all this should be select­ed based on the fash­ion trends of the world mar­ket.


The sum­mer image is light­ness, bright­ness, often eccen­tric­i­ty. In sum­mer, thin ele­gant rings will look bet­ter. Feel free to wear sev­er­al, but they should not be mas­sive.

A great exam­ple would be the Drop Ring. A thin sil­ver ring is dec­o­rat­ed along with small cubic zir­co­nia stones. The mod­els “Flower boom”, “Spring mood” and “Shin­ing bow” look orig­i­nal. These are rings from sum­mer col­lec­tions.

The Flower Boom ring is a prod­uct that ele­gant­ly wraps two flow­ers around your fin­ger. One of them is stud­ded with bright stones. The fea­ture of this ring is that it has a gap. The “Spring Mood” ring is made in the form of a drag­on­fly, while the “Shin­ing Bow” is a bow stud­ded with stones.

All these prod­ucts will look per­fect with a sum­mer dress, a linen suit, a wide-brimmed hat and sun­glass­es. They give the image of care­less­ness, which is so desir­able in the sum­mer.


Ear­rings from Pan­do­ra 2020 for a sum­mer look are def­i­nite­ly some­thing unique. The most pop­u­lar dur­ing this peri­od can be called two types of ear­rings:

  1. dis­creet clas­sic dots;
  2. drop ear­rings.

A strik­ing exam­ple of the first type are the ear­rings “Drops of Pave”, “Petals of Love” and “Heart and a bee”. These dec­o­ra­tions are ver­sa­tile and can be worn with both an airy beach dress and a sum­mer evening out­fit.

Drop ear­rings are mov­able jew­el­ry, usu­al­ly of an orig­i­nal shape. This is where Pan­do­ra wins. The “Mag­ic Feath­ers” mod­el goes well with light out­fits. Ear­rings are made like feath­ers, which are dec­o­rat­ed with a small heart made of turquoise enam­el.


Among the sum­mer bracelets from Pan­do­ra, you should pay atten­tion to such mod­els as:

The Sparkling Bow, PANDORA Auto­graph, One in a Mil­lion and Ban­gle mod­els are fixed ban­gles on a sol­id base. The “Bow” bracelet is com­bined with a soft braid­ed struc­ture and a hard part. It is dec­o­rat­ed with a bow and stones, and the rest of the bracelets with the com­pa­ny logo. The fea­ture of the bracelet “PANDORA” and “Ban­gle” is that it does not close com­plete­ly.

These are light sum­mer options that won’t weigh down your wrist. They can be a com­plete sep­a­rate dec­o­ra­tion. At the request of the own­er, you can add charms.


When mas­sive­ness is in fash­ion, you need to look for an impres­sive size among the pro­posed options from Pan­do­ra. Most of the neck­lace mod­els here are light threads rather than mas­sive chains, but here there are some more mas­sive pro­pos­als:

  1. “Shoot­ing star”;
  2. “Cas­cade of drops”;
  3. “Fairy­tale Tiara”.

These dec­o­ra­tions are dom­i­nat­ed by mas­sive stones or their num­ber. There is anoth­er way to get out of this sit­u­a­tion. In addi­tion to mas­sive­ness, lay­er­ing is also rel­e­vant. There­fore, you can safe­ly buy sev­er­al neck­laces and use them as one mul­ti-lay­ered one.

Summing up

The per­fect Pan­do­ra sum­mer jew­el­ry for 2020 is a prod­uct that makes a girl attrac­tive. The brand has already released many new prod­ucts and that’s not all! Pan­do­ra will always be in fash­ion. You can’t fol­low the trends, just pick what you like and this dec­o­ra­tion will def­i­nite­ly suit you!


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