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Be bold and beau­ti­ful with new vibrant Pan­do­ra Col­ors jew­el­ry or show your feel­ings with a retro mix­tape (audio cas­sette) of love songs!

The Pan­do­ra Valen­tine’s Day 2021 col­lec­tion includes a col­or­ful selec­tion of charms as well as tra­di­tion­al sym­bols ded­i­cat­ed to love. Ros­es and feath­ers are a key motif through­out the col­lec­tion, and angel wings are also fea­tured in the 2021 Pan­do­ra Club pen­dant.

PANDORA 2021 Valentine’s Day Bracelet Collection


Pandora Moments Heart T‑Chain Bracelet
shaped fastener (599285C00)

Pan­do­ra has released sev­er­al T‑Bar bracelets over the past few years. The new Pan­do­ra Moments Heart T‑bar chain bracelet is beau­ti­ful­ly designed with a sleek snake chain and orig­i­nal clasp. A sil­ver T‑bar on a dain­ty chain fits into a sleek heart-shaped clasp. Avail­able in sizes 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm and 23 cm.


Bracelet Pandora Moments
Clasp Shiny blue disc

This Pan­do­ra Moments bracelet is per­fect for fans who love the sparkling blue dou­ble disc charm (799186C01) . Star­ry blue crys­tals and cubic zir­co­nia stones are set on one side of the but­ton clo­sure, lend­ing a shim­mer­ing hue to the mod­el. The oth­er side of the clasp fea­tures the Pan­do­ra logo and a crown motif. Avail­able in sizes 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm and 23 cm.


Pandora People Heart Family Tree Chain Bracelet

Love for the fam­i­ly is one of the themes of the Pan­do­ra col­lec­tion Feb­ru­ary 14, 2021. This is beau­ti­ful­ly sym­bol­ized by a fam­i­ly tree and a heart attached to a del­i­cate chain on this bracelet. The leafy branch at the end of the adjustable clo­sure is a nice extra detail.


Bracelet Pandora Wish
Wishbone’s Sparkling
heart shape (599297C01)

Pan­do­ra Sparkling Wish­bone Bracelet (597837CZ) Per­fect Gift for Valen­tine’s Day 2021 Col­lec­tion. On the front of the bracelet is a sparkling heart set with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones. The geo­met­ric shape of the chevron makes the bracelet ide­al for pair­ing with oth­er bracelets. Avail­able in sizes 1, 2 and 3.


Disney x Pandora
Bracelet with Mickey Mouse heart clasp

The Valen­tine’s Day 2021 col­lec­tion also includes a new Mick­ey Mouse bracelet. The clas­sic Pan­do­ra Moments dou­ble clip chain fea­tures a sleek heart-shaped clasp. One side is adorned with a sil­hou­ette of Mick­ey filled with clear cubic zirko­nia. An out­line of Mick­ey’s sil­hou­ette adorns the back of the clasp. Avail­able in sizes 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm and 23 cm.


Pandora Colors Pink Swirl Bracelet (589287C01)

The new Pink Swirl bracelet in a beau­ti­ful Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish has a very inter­est­ing clasp design. Shim­mer­ing pink enam­el is hand-applied to the “but­ton” part of the clasp. Pale pink stones cre­ate a sparkling set­ting on the sec­ond clo­sure, while a carved heart pat­tern adorns both pieces. Click on the cen­ter cir­cle to release the clasp and open the bracelet. Avail­able in sizes 1, 2 and 3.




Charm Pandora People heart with
roses (799281C01)

Ros­es and hearts are tra­di­tion­al love themes and both are brought to life in this open­work heart shaped charm. Trans­par­ent cubic zirko­nia form a sparkling bor­der, while tat­too-style ros­es are engraved on the side sur­round­ed by carved hearts and leaves. Dif­fer­ent sized ros­es sit on either side of the charm, cre­at­ing a beau­ti­ful tex­ture.


Pandora Charm Bird Kiwi

The dis­con­tin­ued Kiwi Bird charm (791217EN24) has been updat­ed in this new ver­sion. It is very sim­i­lar to the orig­i­nal amulet and the kiwi bird is in the same posi­tion, but stands on a curved leaf rather than a smooth sil­ver base. Olive green stones are insert­ed into the top of the leaf in place of the fuch­sia enam­el flow­ers that were in the orig­i­nal ver­sion.

I don’t cur­rent­ly have much infor­ma­tion about the Pan­do­ra Kiwi Charm (799278C01), but it will most like­ly be a coun­try exclu­sive charm.


Pandora Letter Dangle Charm (799274C00)

Send a love let­ter with this fun ster­ling sil­ver dan­gle charm. The open enve­lope is adorned with two tiny hearts, one of which is stamped and the oth­er embossed on either side of the enve­lope. A let­ter with a smooth sur­face hangs in front of the enve­lope, on which a per­son­al mes­sage can be engraved. Also note the extra hid­den heart that forms a hole in the let­ter.


Pandora People charm, sparkling intertwined heart

Hearts inside hearts are adorned with more hearts on this sweet charm. Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones form a bril­liant frame on both sides of the pen­dant with an addi­tion­al smooth heart run­ning through the loop. More hearts cre­ate a Celtic design that bor­ders on charm.


Pandora Passions
Spinning Forever & Always Soulmate

This inter­est­ing pen­dant depicts a rotat­ing heart, which is locat­ed in the cen­ter of a sil­ver disk. One side is engraved with “For­ev­er & Always” writ­ten on a clear stone set in a heart shape. The word “Soul Mate” is engraved on the back of the heart with a tiny star below it. A sin­gle clear cubic zir­co­nia adorns a plain bale.


Charm Pandora Colors Sparkling Green Disc (799186C02)

Pan­do­ra has cre­at­ed more col­or vari­a­tions of the Sparkling Blue Disc Dou­ble Dan­gling Charm (799186C01) that was released as part of the Win­ter 2020 col­lec­tion. Vibrant emer­ald stones are a vibrant vari­a­tion on this charm.


Charm Pandora Colors Sparkling Red Disc (799186C03)

The sparkling dou­ble dan­gle charm is now also avail­able with sparkling cher­ry red gems.


Pandora Charm Metal Purple Heart

Remem­ber the Glit­ter­ing Heart (791886EN113) and In My Heart (791814EN62) charms that were released a few years ago? Pan­do­ra has released a metal­lic pur­ple heart charm that is very sim­i­lar but with a new col­or fin­ish. The effect is more mod­ern and the col­or has a neater edge on the side of the charm.


Pandora Color
Metallic Red Heart Charm

The Metal­lic Heart Charm is also avail­able in bright red.


Pendant Pandora People
Friends Forever Heart

Show your best friend that you care with this cute pen­dant. A heart-shaped pen­dant dan­gles from a sigh of infin­i­ty attached to a bale. Anoth­er infin­i­ty is embod­ied in the dou­ble-sided design, with the word “FRIENDS” engraved on one side and “FOREVER” on the back. Sin­gle cubic zir­co­nia gives a sim­ple bale a slight sheen.


Pandora Passions audio cassette pendant (799295C01)

Cre­ate a roman­tic mix tape with the new Vin­tage Cas­sette Dan­gle Charm. A retro cas­sette dan­gles from a cute heart shaped bale. Rose and heart designs adorn both sides of the rib­bon along with a Pan­do­ra’s crown motif. The words “Mix TAPE” are writ­ten on one side, and “OUR love songs” are writ­ten on the oppo­site side. Bright red enam­el stick­er on both sides.


Pandora Colors Cabochon Pendant
Fuchsia Rose Oval

Two fuch­sia oval cabo­chon stones are set in a sil­ver clasp on either side of this strik­ing charm. Stones of iden­ti­cal col­or gem­stones form sparkling lines at the top and bot­tom of the pen­dant.


Charm out
green oval cabochon Pandora Colors (799309C02)

The Oval Cabo­chon pen­dant is also avail­able in a beau­ti­ful olive green shade, which is paired with gor­geous faceted olive green crys­tals (791729NLG).


Security Chain Pandora People Heart Family Tree

This beau­ti­ful safe­ty chain is adorned with heart shaped leafy wood. Embossed branch­es adorn both ends of the safe­ty chain and are engraved with the words “fam­i­ly” and “love”.


Fixer Pandora Colors Purple Round (799204C02)

Part of the Pan­do­ra Col­ors range, this new sil­ver retain­er fea­tures a sleek sil­ver design with a large pur­ple stone set on one side. The clip also has a sil­i­cone core, allow­ing it to be worn any­where on the bracelet.


Fixer Pandora Colors Green Round (799204C03)

The new retain­er is also avail­able with an emer­ald green stone. The clip also has a sil­i­cone core, allow­ing it to be worn any­where on the bracelet.


Charm with
angel wings and heart Pandora Club 2021 (789296C01)

The Pan­do­ra Club charm for 2021 is sil­ver and the Pan­do­ra Rose charm is like the Club 2020 charm. Like some of the oth­er designs from the Valen­tine’s 2021 col­lec­tion, the Pan­do­ra Club 2021 charm has a look that echoes tat­too styles. The tex­tured wings open to reveal an all sil­ver heart shaped frame engraved with the words “♥︎ LET YOUR DREAMS FLY ♥︎” on one side and “PANDORA ♥︎ CLUB 2021” on the back. Like all Pan­do­ra Club pen­dants, the design includes a tiny dia­mond set on the Pan­do­ra Rose Swing­ing Heart on the 2021 pen­dant. The thin bale is embell­ished with beau­ti­ful bead­ed lines for added tex­ture.


Shaped Pandora People Pendant
heart and rose flower

This sweet two-tone pen­dant com­bines two hearts. An open heart in Pan­do­ra Rose hangs under a sil­ver bale adorned with sparkling zir­co­nia stones. A bloom­ing rose adorns one side of the heart frame, and a sil­ver pad­lock heart hangs in the cen­ter.


Pandora Color
Charm Sparkling Blue Disc

Sparkling Blue Disc (789186C01) is avail­able in a new shade of blue. Cool icy blue stones look beau­ti­ful against the back­ground of the warm shade of Pan­do­ra rose.


Charm Pandora Colors Pink Swirl

Pan­do­ra Rose flat­tened but­ton charms are hand paint­ed in shim­mery pink enam­el on each side. Match­ing pink gems are set on the sides.


Charm out
Pandora Colors Blue Oval Cabochon (789309C01)

The Oval Cabo­chon pen­dant is also avail­able in a beau­ti­ful Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish that stands out against the bright blue stones.


Charm out
Pandora Colors Pink Oval Cabochon (789309C02)

The Oval Cabo­chon pen­dant is also avail­able in Pan­do­ra Rose and with lilac-pink stones.


Pandora People pendant with
rose flower

Give a last­ing bloom with the Rose Flower Dan­gle! A mix­ture of red, cher­ry and fuch­sia stones dec­o­rates the edges of the petals and grace­ful bale. The side of the rose is engraved with the words “I am yours”.


Charm Pandora People, with intertwined hearts


Fixer Pandora Colors Pink Heart (789203C01)

The new Soli­taire Clip is also avail­able in a beau­ti­ful Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish. On one side of the clip is a pale pink heart shaped stone. The clip also has a sil­i­cone han­dle that allows you to wear it any­where on the bracelet.


Fixative Pandora Colors Blue Heart

The Heart Brace is also avail­able with a blue den­im stone. The clip also has a sil­i­cone han­dle that allows you to wear it any­where on the bracelet.


pendant Pandora People Spinning World (799303C01)

Recent­ly, Pan­do­ra has start­ed mak­ing more two-tone charms and I’m espe­cial­ly pleased with the design of the Spin­ning World dan­gling charms. The sil­ver globe rotates in a cir­cu­lar frame with “YOU MEAN THE WORLD THE ME” engraved on one side and the Pan­do­ra logo on the back. Each of the con­ti­nents is made of 14 carat gold and the hid­den heart and crown details are embossed at the bot­tom. A sin­gle trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia is insert­ed into the smooth bale.



Disney x Pandora pendant
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Love & Kisses
Dangle (799298C01)

This two piece hang­ing charm cre­ates a roman­tic scene when Mick­ey and Min­nie Mouse kiss. The reverse side of the sil­ver disc is hand-applied with translu­cent red enam­el with a pat­tern in the form of hearts. The words “Love and Kiss­es” are engraved on the reverse side, and ruby ​​red stones sparkle in the hearts scat­tered around the bale.


Pandora Disneyland Paris
Mickey and Minnie Eiffel Tower Charm

Our favorite Dis­ney cou­ple is enjoy­ing a roman­tic trip to the city of love Paris and Dis­ney­land Paris. One side of the but­ton pen­dant shows Min­nie and Mick­ey, hand-paint­ed in red and black enam­el, hold­ing hands in front of the Eif­fel Tow­er. The reverse is dec­o­rat­ed with the leg­endary Dis­ney cas­tle and the logo of Dis­ney­land Paris. Around the cas­tle, trans­par­ent heart-shaped cubic zirko­nia sparkle. A sparkling bor­der also adorns both sides of the pen­dant, and along the edge are lines of carved hearts.


Pandora Disney parks
Mickey & Minnie Teacup Charm

Mick­ey and Min­nie are enjoy­ing the fun Dis­ney Parks Teacup attrac­tion. The out­side of the cup is adorned with glossy pink stripes and hand-paint­ed enam­el hearts. Sit­ting inside the cup, Min­nie and Mick­ey kiss while hold­ing a bright red enam­el heart. Match­ing red enam­el also adorns Min­nie’s icon­ic bow.


Pandora Disney Parks Passholder

The 2021 Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Parks Passh­old­er Key­chain is hand paint­ed in bright orange and black enam­el. Mick­ey Mouse smiles over the sil­ver let­ters that mean “PASSENGER”. Clear cubic zir­co­nia sparkles in each of the fire­works that adorn the charm.


Pandora Rose
Disney Parks Partners charm

Blaine Gib­son’s icon­ic brass stat­ue of “Part­ners” is carved into sil­hou­ette on this enchant­i­ng Pan­do­ra Rose pen­dant. Walt Dis­ney stands and holds the hand of the most pop­u­lar char­ac­ter he cre­at­ed, Mick­ey Mouse. The inscrip­tion “Believe in the Impos­si­ble” is engraved above the duet, and the name of the stat­ue “PARTNERS” is below. Shim­mer­ing clear cubic zir­co­nia stones are set in a bale and a tiny dec­o­ra­tive star.



carnations Pandora Wish Sparkling Wishbone in the shape of a heart (299280C01)

Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones are set in tiny heart and wish­bone studs. These pret­ty ear­rings can be worn with or with­out a jack­et.


Disney x Pandora Mickey & Minnie Mouse Silhouette Carnations (299258C01)

Charm­ing sil­ver stud ear­rings with minia­ture sil­hou­ettes of Mick­ey and Min­nie. Pure heart-shaped stones sparkle on each of the ear­rings.


Pandora Colors Purple Solitaire Huggie rings (289304C01)

These del­i­cate hoop ear­rings are designed to fit snug­ly around your ear. A pur­ple stone is fixed on one side of the hoop.


Pandora Colors
Light Blue Solitaire Huggie Hoop Earrings

The Soli­taire Hug­gie Hoop Ear­rings are also avail­able with an icy blue stone that looks stun­ning on a Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish.


Pan­do­ra Col­ors Pink Soli­taire Hug­gie Hoop Ear­rings (289304C03)

The new Hug­gie Hoop ear­rings are also avail­able with a sparkling pink soli­taire stone.


Pandora Moments Pavé O small pink pendant

Pan­do­ra Rose Small Pink Pavé O Pen­dant (389097C01) is now avail­able in Sil­ver Met­al. The clasp is dec­o­rat­ed with pink cubic zir­co­nias and syn­thet­ic pink sap­phires. A small O pen­dant can be dec­o­rat­ed with three pen­dants, pen­dants or pen­dants.


Pandora Colors Purple Amulet Pendant

The pur­ple crys­tal stone is enclosed in a sil­ver brack­et. Small fill­ings and dots adorn the clasp, while the bale of the pen­dant is adorned with beau­ti­ful bead­work. Although this is an inter­est­ing design, per­son­al­ly it reminds me of lip­stick!


Pandora Colors Pink Amulet Pendant

The new amulet pen­dant is also avail­able with a frosty pink crys­tal.


Pandora Colors White Amulet Pendant

The Amulet pen­dant is also avail­able with a milky white crys­tal.


Pandora Icons Rolo Chain Necklace

Dec­o­rate your favorite Pan­do­ra charms with the new Rolo chain neck­lace. This 60 cm adjustable chok­er is craft­ed in ster­ling sil­ver with a min­i­mal­ist style and can be worn in three lengths. Designed for use with both small and medi­um Pan­do­ra O pen­dants.


Pandora People Heart Family Tree Necklace

Remem­ber the spe­cial peo­ple in your life with the beau­ti­ful Heart Fam­i­ly Tree Neck­lace. The fam­i­ly tree forms a sparkling heart-shaped frame that is attached on both sides to a neck­lace chain. The slid­er clasp makes it easy to adjust the 50 cm neck­lace. My favorite detail is the tiny twig hang­ing from the end of the chain.


Pandora Wish Sparkling Wishbone’s Necklace
heart shape (399273C01)

Part of the Pan­do­ra Wish col­lec­tion, this neck­lace fea­tures a sparkling V‑shaped pen­dant with a small heart placed inside it. The slid­er clasp allows for easy adjust­ment of the 45 cm length of the neck­lace. Note the tiny pol­ished heart ele­ment hang­ing from the end of the chain.


Pink heart-shaped necklace with
curls Pandora Colors (389279C01)

Shim­mer­ing pink enam­el is hand-applied to a heart-shaped pen­dant set with pale pink stones. A tiny heart adorned with sparkling stones hangs from the end of a 50 cm long neck­lace chain.



Pandora People Red Tiled Heart Solitaire Ring

A heart-shaped red stone sparkles in the cen­ter of the asym­met­ri­cal ring. The Pan­do­ra Crown logo is engraved on the side of the sil­ver strap.


Pandora People Clear Tilted Heart Solitaire Ring

The Tilt­ed Heart soli­taire ring is also avail­able with heart-shaped clear cubic zir­co­nia for a sophis­ti­cat­ed look.


pandora wish
Sparkling Marquise Double Wishbone Ring

Pan­do­ra Rose Sparkling Mar­quise Dou­ble Wish­bone Ring (189095C01) is now avail­able in sil­ver fin­ish.


Pandora Wish Sparkling Wishbone Heart Ring

This beau­ti­ful tri­an­gu­lar bone ring is adorned with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones tipped with a sparkling heart.


Pandora Colors Red Solitaire Ring

Ruby red soli­taire sparkles at the cen­ter of this sleek Pan­do­ra Rose rib­bon.


Pandora Colors Blue Solitaire Ring

The Pan­do­ra Col­ors Soli­taire ring is also avail­able with an icy blue stone that looks beau­ti­ful against the Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish.


Pandora Colors Pink Solitaire Ring

The Pan­do­ra Col­ors Soli­taire ring is also avail­able with a beau­ti­ful pale pink stone.


Pandora Colors Stellar Blue Solitaire Ring

The Pan­do­ra Col­ors Soli­taire ring is also avail­able with a bright blue sap­phire stone.


Pandora Colors Green Solitaire Ring

The Pan­do­ra Col­ors Soli­taire ring is also avail­able with a sparkling emer­ald green stone.


Pandora Colors Purple Solitaire Ring

The Pan­do­ra Col­ors Soli­taire ring is also avail­able with a deep pur­ple stone.


Pandora Wish Sparkling Wishbone Heart Ring

The Sparkling Wish­bone Heart Ring is also avail­able in a beau­ti­ful Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish.


Pan­do­ra Col­ors Pink Swirl Heart Chunky Ring (189263C01)

A large heart is sus­pend­ed between two blush­ing Pan­do­ra Rose bands that fuse togeth­er on the back of the ring. Hand paint­ed iri­des­cent pink enam­el adorns the heart.


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