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Cre­ate your hap­pi­ness with the mag­i­cal Dis­ney X 2020 Win­ter Col­lec­tion


Cre­ate your own fairy tale this win­ter with the shiny new Dis­ney X Pan­do­ra Col­lec­tion!
Cel­e­brate Cin­derel­la’s 70th birth­day with beau­ti­ful jew­el­ry from the lat­est Dis­ney X Pan­do­ra col­lec­tion, per­fect for a princess! This mag­i­cal col­lec­tion also includes cute hol­i­day charms fea­tur­ing Mick­ey and pals.

The Dis­ney X Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2020 Col­lec­tion will be released world­wide on Thurs­day, Octo­ber 29, 2020 in stores and online. It will be avail­able in our Pan­do­ra Bracelet online store.



Pandora Disney Winter 2020 Collection: Bracelets


Disney x Pandora Moments Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin Bracelet (599190C01)

The clas­sic Pan­do­ra Moments chain bracelet fea­tures a mag­i­cal pump­kin car­riage clasp, a gift from the fairy god­moth­er! The clasp is made in the style of a beau­ti­ful Dis­ney Pump­kin Car­riage for Cin­derel­la Charm (791573CZ) and is dec­o­rat­ed with curlicue wheels and cubic zir­co­nia win­dows. How­ev­er, unlike the charm, the small crown on the roof is made of sil­ver, not 14k gold.


Pandora Disney Winter 2020 Collection: Charms



Disney x Pandora Mickey Minnie Pendant with Gift (799194C01)

Mick­ey and Min­nie stand togeth­er behind a gift box in this fun hol­i­day charm. Hand-paint­ed, bright red enam­el details cov­er the gift, and lit­tle Mick­ey and Min­nie hats add sparkle and Christ­mas cheer to your bracelet.


Disney x Pandora Pluto Pendant with Christmas Gift (799199C01)

Plu­to, wear­ing a red enam­eled birth­day hat, sits ready to open his present. A red enam­el rib­bon adorns the gift box, and Plu­to has a glossy green col­lar. The sil­ver ring is also adorned with clear cubic zir­co­nia that shim­mers like a sil­hou­ette of Mick­ey.

Pendant Mouse Gus Disney x Pandora (798849C01)

Cin­derel­la’s lit­tle friend Gus is wear­ing an emer­ald green enam­el hat. His large ears stick out on either side of his hat, and a small T‑shirt is slung over his chub­by tum­my.

Disney x Pandora Mouse and Cinderella Shoe Pendant (799192C01)

Gus and his friend Jacques cre­ate this adorable charm! Two mice play togeth­er hid­ing in Cin­derel­la’s sparkling shoe. A sparkling pavé heart of blue stones adorns the top of Cin­derel­la’s shoes, while two sparkling clear stones adorn the bead­ed ring.

Charm pendant with clock and pumpkin (799197C00)

Recre­ate the mag­i­cal sto­ry of Cin­derel­la with this adorable sil­ver but­ton charm. The icon­ic pump­kin car­riage adorns one side, while the clock strikes mid­night on the back of the open­work charm. The side of the pen­dant is dec­o­rat­ed with a carved star pat­tern.

Disney x Pandora Susie Mouse pendant with thread and needle (799200C01)

Susie Mouse helps Cin­derel­la sew a dress and get it ready in the morn­ing. She is stand­ing next to the spool of thread, hold­ing the nee­dle and get­ting ready to go. Berry red enam­el cov­ers the spool with cot­ton threads that show through the translu­cent enam­el.

Disney x Pandora Cinderella Charm Moment (799201C01)

Every­one’s favorite Dis­ney Cin­derel­la moment is cap­tured in this stun­ning pen­dant charm. The moment her fairy god­moth­er waves her wand, Cin­derel­la whirls and trans­forms into a princess in a ball gown. A blue gra­di­ent line of sparkling stones sur­rounds the princess, and two clear cubic zir­co­nia stones adorn the bead­ed ring.


Disney x Pandora Disney Carriage Pumpkin for Cinderella Rose (789189C01)

Beau­ti­ful Car­riage Charm for Cin­derel­la (791573CZ) Dipped in Pan­do­ra Rose for Cin­derel­la’s 70th Anniver­sary! Clear cubic zirko­nia dec­o­rate this stun­ning ver­sion of the Cin­derel­la Pump­kin Coach.


Disney x Pandora Cinderella Winter 2020 Gift Set (B801423 / B801427)

Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Cin­derel­la Win­ter 2020 Charm Gift Set Includes:
• Charm Mouse Susie with thread and nee­dle (799200C01)
• Charm Pan­do­ra Cin­derel­la mag­i­cal moment (799201C01)
• Charm pump­kin for Cin­derel­la (799197C00)
• Sup­plied in a Pan­do­ra gift box

Collection Pandora Disney Park Winter 2020

Pandora Park Disney Charm Disney Magic Snow Globe (799196C01)

Let it snow! Shake your excite­ment with the Dis­ney Mag­ic Snow Globe Mas­cot. A charm­ing sil­ver emboss­ment of the icon­ic Dis­ney cas­tle adorns one side of the charm, while the word “Mag­ic” is embossed on the back. A scat­ter­ing of stars cov­ers the key­chain with translu­cent blue enam­el. The base of the snow globe is adorned with sparkling rocks and Mick­ey’s heads!

Pandora Disney Parks Annual Charm 2021 (799195C01)

Start the new year in Mick­ey style with the 2021 annu­al charm! In the icon­ic Mick­ey sil­hou­ette, this charm­ing charm fea­tures blue enam­el on one side and pol­ished sil­ver on the back. The year 2021 is engraved on both sides of the amulet with a lit­tle Mick­ey’s head on the num­ber “0”!

Pandora Disney Winter 2020 Collection: Necklaces


Disney x Pandora Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Necklace (399198C01)

Cel­e­brate Dis­ney Cin­derel­la’s 70th birth­day with this beau­ti­ful neck­lace. A small pump­kin car­riage at the cen­ter of the chain, adorned with a sparkling stone in Cin­derel­la’s sig­na­ture blue. My favorite detail is the tiny sil­ver shoes that dan­gle from the end of the chain.


Anchor: Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Win­ter 2020 Col­lec­tion: Rings

Cinderella blue tiara ring (199191C01)

The icon­ic Pan­do­ra tiara ring has been giv­en a new Dis­ney princess look in a new blue Cin­derel­la tiara ring! This beau­ti­ful ring fea­tures a swirling crown on a sil­ver band embroi­dered with beads. In the cen­ter is a shim­mer­ing stone in Cin­derel­la’s sig­na­ture blue with a tiny crown at the top and a hid­den Pan­do­ra’s heart at the bot­tom.

Pandora Winter 2020 Collection: Earrings

Earrings Carriage pumpkin for Cinderella (299193C01)

Dress up like a princess with beau­ti­ful Cin­derel­la Pump­kin Coach ear­rings! Cin­derel­la’s sig­na­ture blue stone shim­mers in the cen­ter, sur­round­ed by clear cubic zirko­nia.


This is a fan­tas­tic Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra col­lec­tion and I espe­cial­ly love the new Cin­derel­la charms. I like Cin­derel­la’s Mag­ic Moment and Shoe with Mouse pen­dants most of all, as well as Susie’s mouse charm with thread and nee­dle.
What do you think of the Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2020 col­lec­tion? Will any of the items make it to your wish list? Share your thoughts in the com­ments below.



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