Global PANDORA DISNEY FROZEN 2 Collection Overview

PANDORA DISNEY FROZEN 2 Collection Overview


This fall, the pre­miere of the sec­ond part of the Dis­ney car­toon “Frozen 2” took place. Elsa, Anna and Olaf and oth­er Dis­ney char­ac­ters are back for a new jour­ney. A new col­lec­tion of charms will help you cel­e­brate this won­der­ful occa­sion.

What has been added to the collection

The updat­ed autumn series includes sev­er­al charms and pen­dants made of 925 ster­ling sil­ver, com­ple­ment­ed by cubic zir­co­nia inserts and dec­o­rat­ed with mul­ti-col­ored enam­el.

Most of the nov­el­ties of the col­lec­tion are already avail­able in the Frago­la online store, where you can pur­chase orig­i­nal Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry.

Sweet, friend­ly and super fun, Olaf is every­one’s favorite snow­man from Dis­ney’s Frozen and Frozen 2. Dive into Olaf’s vibrant per­son­al­i­ty with the Pan­do­ra Moments ster­ling sil­ver pen­dant fea­tur­ing clear cubic zir­co­nia, a pos­able body and a head that tilts when worn. Details of black and orange enam­el are applied by hand. Add a splash of joy, fun and hap­pi­ness to your col­lec­tion as a reminder of an adorable char­ac­ter every time you wear a pen­dant.

Uncon­di­tion­al love, loy­al­ty, and the spir­it of for­give­ness are all hall­marks of Dis­ney’s Frozen 2. Keep those qual­i­ties for your­self on your bracelet with the sparkling sil­ver win­ter won­der­land charm and blue crys­tals. The design out­lines the sil­hou­ettes of your favorite Frozen char­ac­ters on the sides. The bead fea­tures snowflake cutouts under blue crys­tals and ici­cles that grow across the front and back of the jew­el. Wear the charm as a reminder to always take care of your fam­i­ly and friends, no mat­ter what.

Opti­mistic, deter­mined and always hope­ful, Anna is a strong-willed princess on a mis­sion to save her sis­ter. To sym­bol­ize her inner strength, the Dis­ney Anna pen­dant fea­tures cubic zir­co­nia in hon­ey, orange, red and pur­ple hues. The black enam­el engrav­ing with the inscrip­tion “Fear­less by nature” serves as an inspi­ra­tion for all who dare to dream. Wear as a reminder of your favorite hero­ine or give as a gift to devot­ed fans of the leg­endary car­toon.

A new char­ac­ter join­ing the Frozen 2 fam­i­ly is Nokk, a mys­te­ri­ous water spir­it who takes on the form of a horse and har­ness­es the pow­er of ocean water to pro­tect the secrets of the for­est. The charm is craft­ed from 925 ster­ling sil­ver with a gor­geous sheen, adorned with oxi­dized details and intri­cate inlays of pre­cious cubic zir­co­nia that shape the horse’s head­’s sparkling and mag­i­cal mane.

Bead “Olaf”

Mod­eled after one of Dis­ney’s most endear­ing char­ac­ters, this adorable charm per­fect­ly cap­tures the char­ac­ter’s infec­tious and humor­ous qual­i­ties. Craft­ed from ster­ling sil­ver, it fea­tures white snow-like enam­el through­out and sil­ver details such as snowflakes and phras­es. Olaf’s face is also present, show­ing off his won­der­ful smile, wide eyes, and cute orange nose with care­ful­ly applied enam­el. Show your love for this unique char­ac­ter with this bead.

Ring “Fairy Tiara”

A glam­orous acces­so­ry that will make you shine like a princess. The ele­gant ster­ling sil­ver design is inspired by a tiara with stun­ning clear cubic zirconia.Great gift for that spe­cial some­one this sea­son. Avail­able in sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60.

Show your love for Dis­ney’s Frozen with Pan­do­ra charms and dec­o­ra­tions. Add your favorite clas­sic movie char­ac­ters like Olaf, Elsa and Anna to your col­lec­tion. This charm is so per­fect that you will nev­er want to let it go.


❤️ What mate­r­i­al is the Dis­ney Frozen col­lec­tion made of ❓

All jew­el­ry from the series are made of 925 ster­ling sil­ver. Col­ored enam­el and cubic zir­co­nia inserts are also used.

⏩ How to care for charms ❓

Details on how to care for charms are described in the cor­re­spond­ing mate­r­i­al on our web­site. Avoid pro­longed expo­sure to water, harsh chem­i­cals and cos­met­ics. Use soapy water for clean­ing.

❤️ Why the series was replen­ished only this fall ❓

The new charms were ded­i­cat­ed to the sec­ond part of the leg­endary car­toon, which will pre­miere at about the same time as the release of the col­lec­tion.

⏩ Are Pan­do­ra Frozen charms suit­able for a clas­sic bracelet ❓

The Dis­ney Frozen II Charms fit all Pan­do­ra Moments bracelets and are worn in one quick motion for a secure and com­fort­able fit. Pen­dants are not suit­able for Reflec­tions jew­el­ry.

⏩ Have new heroes appeared in the col­lec­tion ❓

The Nokk Horse Charm is a horse head charm, a mys­ti­cal for­est spir­it, a must-have for your Dis­ney themed col­lec­tion.


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