Global Pandora Collection ‘Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year 2021’ — Review Part 2

Pandora Collection ‘Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year 2021’ — Review Part 2


Charm “Shin­ing woven hearts” from the Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series in pro­cess­ing Pan­do­ra Rose (789203C01)

Charm-clip “Pink Heart-Soli­taire” from the Pan­do­ra Col­ors series (789203C01)

The new soli­taire clip is also avail­able in a charm­ing fin­ish Pan­do­ra Rose. A light pink heart-shaped stone is placed on one side of the clip. It also has a sil­i­cone attach­ment that allows you to place it any­where on the bracelet.

Charm clip “Blue Heart Soli­taire” from the Pan­do­ra Col­ors series (789203C02)

The heart-shaped soli­taire clip is also avail­able with a den­im blue stone. The clip has a sil­i­cone attach­ment that allows you to place it any­where on the bracelet.

Charm pen­dant “the spin­ning world” from the Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series(799303C01)

Recent­ly, Pan­do­ra has start­ed mak­ing a lot of two-tone Charms, and we par­tic­u­lar­ly like the design of the “spin­ning globe” charm. The sil­ver globe rotates in a round frame, on the front side of which is engraved the inscrip­tion “YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME”, and on the reverse side — the Pan­do­ra logo. Each con­ti­nent is made of 14-carat gold, with a heart and crown motif hid­den below. One clear zir­co­ni­um stone is insert­ed into the smooth brack­et.


Mahjong charm pen­dant(799277C01)

The Mahjong tile-shaped charm is inlaid with the Chi­nese char­ac­ter “发” (mean­ing “make for­tune”) in red enam­el, and a clear cubic zir­co­nia stone is inset. The Pan­do­ra logo and crown motif are vis­i­ble through the trans­par­ent red enam­el. Tiny clear cubic zir­co­nia stones are set in an ele­gant brack­et.

Charm “Cute Calf” (799268C01)

In 2021, the Chi­nese New Year will come on Feb­ru­ary 12, and then the Year of the Bull will begin. It is sym­bol­ic that, on the one hand, Tau­rus is very hard­work­ing and method­i­cal, on the oth­er hand, he looks fun­ny in this lit­tle charm. His nose is adorned with a 14k gold ring, and in his front hooves he holds a red heart and cute orna­ment. His eyes and heart on his bel­ly are hand paint­ed in black enam­el.

Charm pen­dant “rotat­ing lucky coin”(769282C01)

A lucky coin made of 18k gold rotates in the cen­ter of the pen­dant. The char­ac­ter “Ji” means “aus­pi­cious”. Bril­liant bright red gem­stones are encrust­ed in the brack­et and also adorn one side of the coin. The Pan­do­ra logo is engraved on the bot­tom in a sil­ver frame, and a tiny heart is embossed on top.

Charm “Cute Lucky Cat” (769271C01)

Known as Mane­ki-neko or Cat of Hap­pi­ness, This lucky cat is very pop­u­lar in Japan­ese and Chi­nese cul­tures and is believed to bring good luck and hap­pi­ness to its own­ers. Dark red and black enam­el stand out effec­tive­ly against the back­ground of the 18-carat gold-plat­ed charm and empha­size the fea­tures of the cat’s face. Wink­ing, the cat calls to him with a mov­ing paw. The Chi­nese word “cai” (“wealth”) is paint­ed on the charm in black enam­el. Our favorite detail is the tiny bell around the cat’s neck.


Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Love and Kiss­es Mick­ey and Min­nie Charm(799298C01)

This dou­ble pen­dant charm fea­tures a roman­tic scene in which Mick­ey and Min­nie Mouse melt into a kiss. One side of the sil­ver disc is embossed with hearts and hand-applied translu­cent red enam­el. On the oth­er side, the words “Love and Kiss­es” are engraved, and ruby-red stones shine in hearts cut into brack­ets.

Charm “Mick­ey and Min­nie near the Eif­fel Tow­er” from the Pan­do­ra Dis­ney­land Paris series(799283C01)

Our favorite Dis­ney cou­ple enjoys a roman­tic trip to the city of love — Paris, and vis­its Dis­ney­land Paris. One side of the charm fea­tures red and black enam­el Min­nie and Mick­ey hold­ing hands in front of the Eif­fel Tow­er. The reverse fea­tures the icon­ic Dis­ney cas­tle and the Dis­ney­land Paris logo. Clear zir­co­nia stones sparkle around the lock in a heart-shaped set­ting. A glit­ter­ing bor­der adorns both sides of the charm, and a scat­ter­ing of cut-out hearts adorns the edges.

Charm “Mick­ey and Min­nie in a cup” from the Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Parks series(799265C01)

Mick­ey and Min­nie have fun on the fun­ny attrac­tion “Cups” in Dis­ney­land. The front side of the cup is hand paint­ed with glossy pink stripes and hearts using enam­el. Min­nie and Mick­ey are kiss­ing while sit­ting inside a cup and hold­ing a bright red enam­el heart. Min­nie’s leg­endary bow is also enam­eled in the right red col­or.

Charm “Pass to Dis­ney­land” from the Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Parks series(799262C01)

Pan­do­ra 2021 “Pass to Dis­ney­land” charm is hand-paint­ed with bright orange and black enam­el. Mick­ey Mouse is smil­ing above the sil­ver inscrip­tion “PASSHOLDER” (“Sub­scrip­tion”). Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones shine in every burst of fire­works, embell­ish­ing the charm.

Charm-pen­dant “Part­ners of Dis­ney­land” from the Pan­do­ra Rose series(789269C01)

The sil­hou­ette of Blaine Gib­son’s famous “Part­ners” cop­per stat­ue is engraved on this beau­ti­ful charm in a Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish. Walt Dis­ney holds the hand of Mick­ey Mouse — the most pop­u­lar char­ac­ter cre­at­ed by him. The inscrip­tion “Believe in the impos­si­ble” is engraved above the duo, and the name of the stat­ue “PARTNERS” is below. Shim­mer­ing zir­co­nia stones and a minia­ture star are set in the brack­et.


Ear­rings-Pushettes “Shin­ing dream” from the Pan­do­ra Wish series(299280C01)

Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones are set in tiny heart-shaped Pusets, as well as a V‑shaped base. These cute ear­rings can be worn with or with­out a jack­et.

“Mick­ey and Min­nie Sil­hou­ette” ear­rings from the Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra series(299258C01)

The tiny sil­hou­ettes of Mick­ey and Min­nie make up these poignant ster­ling sil­ver ear­rings. Trans­par­ent stones in the shape of hearts shim­mer on each ear­ring.

Pan­do­ra Col­ors Pur­ple Soli­taire Con­go Clasp Hoop Ear­rings(289304C01)

These dain­ty hoop ear­rings are designed to fit snug­ly around your ear. Each ear­ring is inlaid with pur­ple soli­taire.

Pan­do­ra Col­ors Con­go Clasp Light Blue Soli­taire Hoop Ear­rings(289304C02)

Soli­taire hoop ear­rings with Con­go clasp are also avail­able with an ice blue stone that looks amaz­ing against the set­ting Pan­do­ra Rose.

Ear­rings-rings “Pink soli­taire” with a Con­go clasp from the Pan­do­ra Col­ors series(289304C03)

The new con­go hoop ear­rings are also avail­able with a sparkling pink soli­taire.


Pan­do­ra Moments Small Pink Encrust­ed Ring Pen­dant(399097C02)

Small Pink Encrust­ed Ring Pen­dant in Pan­do­ra Fin­ish Rose, Now avail­able in sil­ver. The clasp is dec­o­rat­ed with pink zir­co­nia stones and syn­thet­ic pink sap­phires. You can wear up to three charms or pen­dants on the pen­dant.

Pen­dant “Pur­ple Amulet” from the Pan­do­ra Col­ors series(399185C01)

The pur­ple crys­tal is sur­round­ed by a sil­ver ring. The clasp is dec­o­rat­ed with tiny stars and balls, and the pen­dant brack­et is del­i­cate­ly bead­ed. Although this design is inter­est­ing, per­son­al­ly it reminds us of lip­stick!

Pen­dant “Pink Amulet” from the Pan­do­ra Col­ors series (399185C02)

The new amulet pen­dant is also avail­able with a frosty pink crys­tal.

Pen­dant “White Amulet” from the Pan­do­ra Col­ors series (399185C03)

The amulet pen­dant is also avail­able with a milky white crys­tal.

Chain neck­lace with anchor weav­ing from the Pan­do­ra Icons series(399260C00)

Add your favorite Charms on the new Anchor Weave Round Link Chain Neck­lace. The 60cm adjustable neck­lace is craft­ed in min­i­mal­ist sil­ver and can be worn in three dif­fer­ent lengths. Designed for use with small and medi­um pen­dants.

Neck­lace “Fam­i­ly tree in the heart” from the Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series (399261C01)

Remem­ber the spe­cial peo­ple in your life with this charm­ing neck­lace. The fam­i­ly tree is placed inside a shiny heart-shaped frame, which is attached on both sides to the chain. The length of the 50 cm neck­lace is eas­i­ly adjustable thanks to the slid­er clasp. The tiny twig hang­ing from the end of the chain is our favorite detail.

Neck­lace “Shin­ing dream with a heart” from the Pan­do­ra Wish series(399273C01)

A spe­cial fea­ture of this neck­lace, which is part of the Pan­do­ra Wish col­lec­tion, is a V‑shaped pen­dant with a small heart in the cen­ter. The slid­er clasp allows you to eas­i­ly adjust the length of the 45 cm neck­lace. Notice the small heart pol­ished to a shine at the end of the chain.

Neck­lace “Pink Curl” from the Pan­do­ra Col­ors series (389279C01)

The heart-shaped pen­dant is hand-paint­ed with shim­mer­ing pink enam­el and set with light pink stones. A minia­ture heart encrust­ed with sparkling stones hangs from the end of a 50cm neck­lace chain.


Pan­do­ra Peo­ple Series Red Crooked Heart Soli­taire Ring(199267C01)

A heart-shaped red stone sparkles in the cen­ter of the asym­met­ric ring. Crown, Pan­do­ra logo engraved on the side of the ring’s sil­ver bezel.

Pan­do­ra Peo­ple Clear Oblique Heart Soli­taire Ring(199267C02)

The off­set heart-shaped soli­taire ring also fea­tures a clear cubic zir­co­nia stone, giv­ing the ring a sophis­ti­cat­ed look.

Dou­ble ring “Shin­ing Mar­quise” from the Pan­do­ra Wish series(199095C01)

Famil­iar dou­ble ring “Shin­ing Mar­quise” in trimPan­do­ra Rose (189095C01) now avail­able in sil­ver.

Ring “Shin­ing Dream with a Heart” from the Pan­do­ra Wish series(199302C01)

Clear zir­co­nia stones dec­o­rate this charm­ing ring, and at the top — a sparkling heart.



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