Take care of your moth­er with Pan­do­ra’s Moth­er’s Day 2021 col­lec­tion.


All over the world, Moth­er’s Day is cel­e­brat­ed at dif­fer­ent times. In Great Britain, Ire­land, some Euro­pean coun­tries and regions of the Mid­dle East, Moth­er’s Day is cel­e­brat­ed in March. Pan­do­ra’s Moth­er’s Day 2021 Col­lec­tion will be released on Thurs­day, Feb­ru­ary 11, 2021 in coun­tries where Moth­er’s Day is cel­e­brat­ed in March. The main part of the col­lec­tion will be released lat­er.


Pan­do­ra Moments Infin­i­ty Heart Clasp Chain Bracelet


Sym­bol­ize eter­nal love with a new ver­sion of the clas­sic Pan­do­ra Moments bracelet. A spe­cial fea­ture of this chain bracelet is a cute but­ton clasp with an infin­i­ty sym­bol on a cut-out heart. The words “Love For­ev­er” are engraved on one side, and “PANDORA” on the reverse. Avail­able sizes are 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm and 23cm.

Bracelet-Ban­gle “Heart with wings” from the Pan­do­ra Moments series


The new Heart with Wings Ban­gle bracelet from the Pan­do­ra Moments series is the best way to remem­ber the impor­tant peo­ple in your life. The feath­ery wings open out­wards, ris­ing on a smooth heart-shaped clasp. A tiny heart is stamped under the words “Always by your side» («Always next to you ”). Avail­able sizes are 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm and 23cm.


Charm “Heart and Clover” from the Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series


The clas­sic charm in the form of a lush heart has been trans­formed into a new charm “Heart and Clover”. One side of it is dec­o­rat­ed with a qua­tre­foil and the inscrip­tion “Lucky to have You”. On the reverse side of the charm is the word “M ♡ m” (“Mom”) with an embossed heart instead of the let­ter “o”.

Charm “Angel Wings and Mom” ​​from the Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Myr­i­ads of hearts adorn the new Angel Wings and Mom charm. On both sides of the charm are winged hearts, one of which is engraved with a word «Mom» (“Mama”), and on the sec­ond — the inscrip­tion “My Angel» (“My angel”). Tiny hearts form a pat­tern on the sides of the charm.

Charm pen­dant “Shin­ing Globe and Mom” ​​from the Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series


The new charm-pen­dant “Shiny Globe and Mom” ​​is an inter­est­ing gift for the most impor­tant woman in your life! Two sil­ver discs hang from an ele­gant sil­ver brack­et dec­o­rat­ed with a small embossed heart. In front is a sil­ver disk with the word «Mm “(“ Moth­er ”), where a world map is engraved on the heart. The sec­ond sil­ver disc is hand-applied with shiny turquoise enam­el along the lines of lat­i­tude and lon­gi­tude. The back of the pen­dant is engraved with the mes­sage “You mean the world to me”(“ You are the whole world for me ”).

Charm pen­dant “Heart and Mom” ​​from the Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series


Give your moth­er twice as much love with this sparkling pen­dant! Radi­ant light pink stones are encrust­ed in a thin charm brack­et and heart-shaped bezel. The word “M ♡m “(“Moth­er”) dec­o­rates the front side of the pen­dant, and behind, on a sil­ver heart, an inscrip­tion is engraved «All of Me Loves All of You”(“ I I love every­thing about you with all my being»).

Open­work heart and fam­i­ly tree charm from the Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series


In this lux­u­ri­ous open­work charm, the clas­sic orna­ment — the fam­i­ly tree — finds a new life. A beau­ti­ful moth­er-of-pearl heart is encased in a sil­ver frame, del­i­cate­ly dec­o­rat­ed with beads. The moth­er-of-pearl heart fea­tures a fam­i­ly tree in relief, and a leaf motif adorns the side faces of the charm. On the sil­ver heart engrav­ing — «Fam­i­ly For­ev­er and Always”(“ Fam­i­ly for­ev­er ”).

Two-col­or pen­dant charm “Rose” from the series Pan­do­ra Time­less (789373C01)

This beau­ti­ful two tone pen­dant is made with cute details! Two rose flow­ers descend from a sil­ver brack­et encrust­ed with trans­par­ent zir­co­nia stones. A large sparkling stone is set in the cen­ter of a fil­i­gree flower in a Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish. On one side of the sil­ver flower is engraved the inscrip­tion: “Moments spent with you are my favourite”(“ The moments spent with you are my most favorite ”), and on the reverse side, an open­work is applied with white enam­el lat­ticeand orna­ment.

Two-col­or pen­dant charm “Mama” from the Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series


This two-tone charm com­bines a ster­ling sil­ver brack­et encrust­ed with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones and a disc fin­ish Pan­do­ra Rose. the let­ter “Mm»Trans­forms into an infin­i­ty sign, woven into a bril­liant frame of stones.

Two-tone charm-pen­dant “Fam­i­ly tree and heart” from the Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Last year Pan­do­ra has launched two-tone 14k gold pen­dants again, and we’re excit­ed to announce that there will be many more to come this year! In this charm, the sil­ver heart is com­ple­ment­ed by a 14k gold disc with a tree image. The front of the charm is engraved with the word “Mm”(“ Mom ”), and the inscrip­tion “YOU are the heart of our FAMILY”(“ You are the heart of our fam­i­ly ”) adorns the reverse side.


Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Min­nie Mouse and Mom Bow Charm


The per­fect charm for a Dis­ney-lov­ing mom, charm “Bunt Min­nie Mouse and Mom” ​​is the word “M♡ M “(“ Moth­er ”), writ­ten in sil­ver let­ters. A large heart is locat­ed in the cen­ter, instead of the let­ter “o”, and both sides of the charm are dec­o­rat­ed with a bow made of red enam­el.


Heart-shaped O charm pen­dant from the Pan­do­ra Moments series


Love is in the air and the O charm pen­dant turns into a heart shape! Open the clasp and place your favorite Charms from the Pan­do­ra Moments series on this asym­met­ric heart pen­dant.

Neck­lace “Rose Petals” from the Pan­do­ra Time­less series


Sil­ver neck­lace and pen­dant in the form of framed rose petals in an ele­gant Celtic style. The pear-shaped stones form a sparkling flower in the cen­ter, while a small­er sil­ver flower hangs next to the clasp. The neck­lace is 45 cm long, a small exten­sion chain is also includ­ed.


Ear­rings-Posette “Rose Petals” from the Pan­do­ra Time­less series


A rose petal motif adorns these tiny drop ear­rings, each of which sparkles with a clear cubic zir­co­nia stone in the cen­ter.


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