How to open a Pandora bracelet?


How to open a Pan­do­ra bracelet? An impor­tant ques­tion for all begin­ners.

Hav­ing received her cher­ished Pan­do­ra bracelet — for the first time, many girls are won­der­ing — How to open a Pan­do­ra bracelet cor­rect­ly? In this review, we will tell you:


Types of Pandora locks

The most com­mon lock on a clas­sic bracelet. It looks like a bar­rel. This bracelet was the very first to be released and is still being pro­duced today, because. earned pop­u­lar­i­ty among buy­ers. It can also be called the most secure lock.


  • Heart-shaped clasp with and with­out stones
  • Bar­rel-shaped clasp but all stone-stud­ded (PAVE)
  • Clasp from the Reflex­ion col­lec­tion
  • T‑lock clasps
  • Round clasps
  • O clasp
  • Bracelets with adjustable clasps
  • Bracelet with mag­net­ic clasp
  • Var­i­ous themed fas­ten­ers: Mick­ey Mouse, Car­riage Pump­kin, Fam­i­ly Tree, Spheres, Wings, Lioness, Flo­ral, Har­ry Pot­ter


All clasps are unique, suit­able for every occa­sion and wardrobe. All of them open and close com­fort­ably and firm­ly.

Opening a Pandora bracelet with a key


The key is a spe­cial device that is addi­tion­al­ly pro­duced by the Pan­do­ra brand. It is made in the form of a clover, com­plete­ly made of sil­ver, on a leather cord. The petals at the base are dense and strong, and at the ends their thick­ness is just right for get­ting into the jaws of the bracelet.

Such a key will nev­er dam­age or scratch your clasp. It can also be used to open clips.


If you are right-hand­ed, take the pad­lock in your left hand and the key in your right. Gen­tly insert the tip of the petal between the jaws of the bracelet. Turn the key coun­ter­clock­wise or clock­wise. The lock will make a char­ac­ter­is­tic click and open. How­ev­er, it is not con­ve­nient to take it with you all the time, so using the key is not always pop­u­lar.

How to open a Pandora bracelet?

This ques­tion is espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant in the absence of a key. The most con­ve­nient use of the fol­low­ing items:

  • plas­tic card — the most cor­rect and most com­mon solu­tion;
  • nail files;
  • plate medi­a­tor;
  • reg­u­lar paper clip;
  • thin coin

The P‑LOCK lock is strong enough and can ruin a man­i­cure. It is not worth open­ing it with met­al objects: there is a risk of leav­ing a scratch or break­ing the mech­a­nism. It is bet­ter to use plas­tic, the safest and most effec­tive mate­r­i­al. Clips can also be opened with a plas­tic card.

How to remove the bracelet?

Per­haps the most accu­rate way to unfas­ten it is to hold your hand above the sur­face of a table or oth­er piece of fur­ni­ture. It is also impor­tant to press the bracelet thread against the body so that the bracelet thread does not slip out. If this is not done, then when removed, the released end slips sharply, tip­ping down. When falling from a height, charms can be dam­aged, espe­cial­ly if there are valu­able stones or Mura­no glass. For a safer open­ing, we rec­om­mend wear­ing Pan­do­ra secu­ri­ty chains. They pro­tect the bracelet from loss, are very help­ful when unfas­ten­ing and with a chain, your charms will nev­er slip off the bracelet and onto the floor.

The bracelet in a clas­sic design is equipped with a P‑LOCK lock that snaps into place on one side. When open­ing the clasp moves apart, but for this you need to light­ly press with your fin­ger­nail. At first, open­ing may require some effort, but over time, the mech­a­nism will devel­op and work soft­er. If you have a long, beau­ti­ful and expen­sive man­i­cure, it is bet­ter not to try to open it with your fin­ger­nail, dam­age is pos­si­ble.

One side of the clasp is firm­ly fixed to the bracelet, while the oth­er side has a tongue insert­ed into a spe­cial groove. The tongue must be insert­ed exact­ly into the groove, oth­er­wise you may pinch the tongue and dam­age the body of the clasp. The sound of a char­ac­ter­is­tic click indi­cates a suc­cess­ful oper­a­tion.

True lovers and fans of Pan­do­ra know how to open and put on a Pan­do­ra bracelet with one hand. For such manip­u­la­tions, you need to devote some time to train­ing. Also, don’t for­get about your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er. Let him help fas­ten the gift on your wrist.


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