Global How to beautifully pin hair with a hairpin > Rules for using hairpins

How to beautifully pin hair with a hairpin > Rules for using hairpins


Street fash­ion was again diver­si­fied by hair acces­sories. They appeared again in the offers of the most famous brands, such as Ver­sace and Dior. At the shows of their col­lec­tions, the mod­els used pins rem­i­nis­cent of those worn by our moth­ers in old pho­tographs. You will learn about how to wear hair pins in 2021 by read­ing this arti­cle.

What jewelry and hairpins can be worn?

Fash­ion con­stant­ly clos­es its cir­cle and reminds of the trends of past years. She has returned many favorite hits of the 90s. In 2019, it became fash­ion­able again to wear a head­band and dec­o­rate your hair with bows. This trend per­sist­ed in 2020 and will con­tin­ue this year.

One of the most fash­ion­able and beau­ti­ful trends of the sea­son is a fab­ric head­band — plain, mul­ti-col­ored, with a pat­tern, vel­vet, cot­ton or even cor­duroy. It is always a use­ful and beau­ti­ful hair acces­so­ry that suits even mature women with any hair­styles and all face types.

The main con­di­tion for the cor­rect selec­tion of hair ties is that they should har­mo­nize with the appear­ance and match the sit­u­a­tion. When choos­ing them, design­ers advise to con­sid­er the height of the fore­head. If the fore­head is low, then the ban­dage should be worn along the hair­line — it visu­al­ly increas­es it.

In the last cen­tu­ry, rings and wreaths were worn only by rep­re­sen­ta­tives of roy­al fam­i­lies, brides and lovers of the boho style. Today, thanks to brands Simone Rocha and Pra­da, they have entered street fash­ion today, along with clas­sic Dior-style head­bands in mas­sive satin or vel­vet. For those who like to shine and attract atten­tion, dec­o­ra­tive mod­els with pearls, crys­tals and sequins are in fash­ion.

How to use rubber bands and spring pins?

You can’t do with­out rub­ber bands when col­lect­ing hair in a pony­tail and bun. Pick them up to match your hair or a con­trast­ing shade. Wide prod­ucts of XXL size — made of velor, vel­vet or oth­er fab­rics. They appeared again in the col­lec­tions of many famous fash­ion hous­es. Thin mod­els, which are dec­o­rat­ed with Swarovs­ki crys­tals, rhine­stones or sequins, look attrac­tive in any sit­u­a­tion.

Prod­ucts with brooches in the form of inscrip­tions, flow­ers or fig­ures are suit­able for both every­day busi­ness and evening hair­styles.

How­ev­er, do not for­get that tight tails and buns are harm­ful to the hair, so alter­nate such hair­styles with loos­er ones, with­out hair­pins and iron­ing.

Invis­i­bob­ble elas­tic bands in the form of a cord from a tra­di­tion­al tele­phone hand­set have been mak­ing life much eas­i­er for own­ers of long hair of any type since 2012. They are more con­ve­nient than clas­sic ver­sions of hair­pins:

  • do not press your hair
  • DO NOT rip them out
  • do not cause pain in the imme­di­ate vicin­i­ty of the scalp.

Their cre­ator is a Ger­man stu­dent, Sophie Trelles-Tweedy, who had con­stant headaches due to tight hair bands. Once, instead of a tie, she used a wire from an old non-work­ing land­line. Passed with this hair­style all day, she not­ed its light­ness, com­fort­able feel­ings and shared her dis­cov­ery with her friend. Since then, elas­tic bands are pro­duced in 70 coun­tries of the world and are in great demand.

A hair­pin in the form of a spring can be used to cre­ate any hair­styles, and can also be worn as an orig­i­nal bracelet on the hand. Thanks to the elas­tic struc­ture, the hair is tight­ly held with­out leav­ing folds, ensur­ing com­fort­able wear­ing of a tail, bun, knot or bagel dur­ing the day.

The strong and water-resis­tant mate­r­i­al from which it is made does not get wet, which is ide­al for sports, for sleep­ing, as well as after oil­ing the hair or apply­ing cos­met­ic masks to the face.

How to beautifully pin hair with different hairpins

A hair­style with fash­ion­able hair­pins will liv­en up any style. It can suc­cess­ful­ly com­ple­ment a sim­ple every­day look, even in a sports ver­sion. Wear­ing jeans and a sports hood­ie and styling your hair with a beau­ti­ful hair clip, you get a trendy urban style that is per­fect for the cin­e­ma or meet­ing in a cafe with friends.

For a roman­tic date, you can pin up your hair beau­ti­ful­ly with one ele­gant hair­pin with pearls. Wear­ing a black dress, you will look mod­est, but styl­ish.

Fans of the boho style will love wood­en hair­pins with flow­ers, which look great as an addi­tion to flowy dress­es and wedge shoes.

Wed­ding hair­pins are mod­els dec­o­rat­ed with pearls, cubic zir­co­nia and crys­tals. They are used in high hair­styles. They sparkle per­fect­ly, giv­ing the bride a unique charm.

How to pin hair with a pin

There are many dif­fer­ent ways to cor­rect­ly and reli­ably insert hair­pins. The clas­sic method is to use a jew­el­ry buck­le or invis­i­ble pins. This will help to fix a hard bun­dle, which looks great even on solemn occa­sions.

To remove the hair from the fore­head, it is enough to prick it with a small hair­pin: both a hair clip (alli­ga­tor), a crab or a small hair­pin are per­fect.

To get a spec­tac­u­lar hair­style in the style of the 1920s, you need to secure the hair behind the ear with the help of small clips. They will help in cre­at­ing all kinds of bun­dles and styling. They har­mo­nize beau­ti­ful­ly with evening and busi­ness out­fits.

What hairpins to use for long hair

Hits of 2020:

  • donati, Or cups for lift­ing hair from the root and cre­at­ing a volu­mi­nous bun­dle in the form of a bagel. These are sponges sim­i­lar in shape to those used to fill a bra. But they are cov­ered with a strip of vel­cro on both sides, which holds the hair well and makes it blend beau­ti­ful­ly with it with­out show­ing through. It gives the impres­sion that there are twice as many hairs. It is very easy to use — lift a strand of hair in the right place and care­ful­ly fix it, move it to the side and cov­er it with hair. This is an excel­lent alter­na­tive to tight rub­ber bands, heavy pins and hard pins for those who have thin and weak curls below the waist;
  • bumpits — hair­pins for rais­ing the hair­style with­out comb­ing on the top of the head, which spoils the hair. They are ide­al for a bun, a pony­tail, all kinds of retro babes or for a sim­ple updo. Avail­able in black, red, light and dark blonde shades;
  • twisters — a fan­tas­tic inven­tion for bun­dles, after wear­ing which lux­u­ri­ous curls and volu­mi­nous waves come out;
  • bananas allow you to make a high tail in a few sec­onds and wear it all day;
  • sticks are used for pierc­ing bun­dles and shells with­out pins.

Hair pins: how to use

A hoop, or bezel ide­al for long hair and looks inter­est­ing with short hair­cuts. This is not only a means of fix­ing curls in the hair­style, but also a self-suf­fi­cient ele­ment of the image.

For lovers of the clas­sics, tra­di­tion­al thin rims sup­ple­ment­ed with small bows will be an excel­lent solu­tion. They will look roman­tic and play­ful. They will become an ele­ment for this year’s fash­ion­able high hair­styles, soft­en­ing their sever­i­ty and pick­ing up naughty strands.

The hoop will per­fect­ly com­ple­ment the bun, pony­tail and French braid. This year, gold, sil­ver, shades of green and blue prod­ucts are pop­u­lar. Pay atten­tion to mod­els with pea­cock feath­ers, light col­ored feath­ers or fur.

Thin rings with min­i­mal dec­o­ra­tion are uni­ver­sal, appro­pri­ate in any sit­u­a­tion. Wide — suit­able for the spring-sum­mer peri­od and rest.

Mod­els with rhine­stones and bright ele­ments can make an inter­est­ing accent in a for­mal look for social events. They are suit­able not only for young girls, but also for women. They can be select­ed not only for clothes, but also for indi­vid­ual details of the out­fit:

  • footwear,
  • bag,
  • belt,
  • scarf,
  • gloves,
  • jew­el­ry or bijouterie,
  • sun­glass­es.

Auto­mat­ic — one of the most pop­u­lar types of hair­pins used in every­day hair­styles and evening hair­styles. With the help of small automa­tions, you can cre­ate many fan­ta­sy hair­styles and pin up indi­vid­ual strands. Large — con­ve­nient for var­i­ous tails and “malv­inas”. How­ev­er, the con­stant use of auto­mat­ics with a rigid struc­ture is harm­ful to the hair struc­ture. Try to choose a bob­by pin so that it does not pull the hair, but leaves a free space between the strands and the scalp.

Crab — a pin that allows you to pick up your hair in an inter­est­ing way and cre­ate roman­tic and styl­ish hair­styles. Hair acces­so­ry man­u­fac­tur­ers make crab pins from plas­tic and met­al, mod­est and lav­ish­ly dec­o­rat­ed, shiny and mat­te, in all col­ors and styles. The side hor­i­zon­tal crab reli­ably fix­es indi­vid­ual bun­dles and pins the hair from the side. Clas­sic — indis­pens­able for cre­at­ing shells.

Know­ing how to cor­rect­ly and fash­ion­ably wear the above types of pins, you will make the right choice. Look at the offers of the Sil­vers online store cat­a­log and order for your­self or as a gift beau­ti­ful and styl­ish jew­el­ry acces­sories and cos­tume jew­el­ry, as well as wed­ding hair­pins with deliv­ery across Ukraine. .


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