Global Fashionable earrings for 2021 > Rose current novelties

Fashionable earrings for 2021 > Rose current novelties


What will change even sim­ple clothes and every­day hair­style? Jew­el­ry! In the fash­ion of 2021 — styl­ish ear­rings — bright acces­sories in the maxi ver­sion, shim­mer­ing in dif­fer­ent col­ors.

Jew­el­ry man­u­fac­tur­ers are com­pet­ing to cre­ate more and more beau­ti­ful and orig­i­nal mod­els. Ear­rings made of sil­ver, gold, with pen­dants, three-dimen­sion­al rings, cuffs — in 2021 you will def­i­nite­ly find some­thing for your­self. Check out the cur­rent jew­el­ry trends in this arti­cle.

The main features of fashion for women’s earrings 2021

Every­day jew­el­ry trends do not under­go such dynam­ic trans­for­ma­tions as the cre­ations on the cat­walks, but design­ers try to make changes con­sis­tent­ly, both pam­per­ing mod­els of past sea­sons and pre­sent­ing nov­el­ties with an ele­ment of sur­prise.

The real­i­ty of the pan­dem­ic has turned the world upside down, and a large part of our lives is spent online. Events around the world have led to changes in pri­or­i­ties, val­ues ​​and habits, includ­ing shop­ping habits, which have moved into the dig­i­tal sphere. Trav­els and youth gath­er­ings have turned into vir­tu­al walks.

Jew­el­ers faced a dif­fi­cult task — to cre­ate such jew­el­ry that would make you want to wear it, even if you spend most of your time at home at the com­put­er. After all, over time, more and more peo­ple switch to remote work and com­mu­ni­cate with each oth­er via video con­fer­enc­ing. Such vir­tu­al meet­ings are most often accom­pa­nied by a close-up shot from the shoul­ders up, which grad­u­al­ly led to the need to dec­o­rate the ears with spec­tac­u­lar ear­rings and neck­laces. There was even such a term as “Zoom Look” — a view from the waist up.

Our moth­ers and grand­moth­ers always said that you should not com­bine gold with sil­ver and acces­sories made of oth­er mate­ri­als. This is con­sid­ered bad man­ners. But these pro­hi­bi­tions no longer apply to zoom onions. You should for­get about the unwrit­ten rule “the less jew­el­ry, the bet­ter.” There is no need to lim­it your­self and your desires. Trends are favor­able — the most fash­ion­able jew­el­ry in 2021 are prod­ucts of XXL size (see pho­to). They are col­or­ful, spec­tac­u­lar, and there­fore have attrac­tive­ness for the eye, atten­tion and mag­i­cal pow­er.

The ear­rings of the cur­rent year 2021 are long and heavy, and bracelets are those that will suc­cess­ful­ly replace cuffs, a neck­lace can be worn sev­er­al times.

After all, the hottest trends in jew­el­ry are:

  • shine,
  • fem­i­nin­i­ty,
  • large sizes
  • unusu­al shapes,
  • mul­ti-lay­ered

This is a whole art, the mas­tery of which requires time and patience. This requires a sense of style and an artis­tic approach to the com­bi­na­tion of var­i­ous jew­el­ry ele­ments. But believe me: the result is worth the effort. Be sure, if you mas­ter a few sim­ple prin­ci­ples of com­bin­ing jew­el­ry, you will no longer sit in front of the mir­ror for hours, care­ful­ly try­ing on one acces­so­ry after anoth­er in search of the per­fect com­bi­na­tion. It actu­al­ly makes it eas­i­er to com­plete the look and cre­ates a trendy style.

Tiny Pusets with stones and minia­ture stud ear­rings are no longer in trend in 2021. From now on, mas­sive mod­els with a beau­ti­ful orna­ment are the favorites. An inter­est­ing trend is to wear mis­matched, that is, dif­fer­ent ear­rings.

Asym­me­try is back again: a com­bi­na­tion of a small pierc­ing and a large ear­ring on one ear or on dif­fer­ent ones is nor­mal. It is also fash­ion­able to wear a sin­gle, but spec­tac­u­lar ear­ring with a dan­gling half-ear.

A nov­el­ty in jew­el­ry will be col­or­ful geo­met­ric stones, which will grad­u­al­ly replace clas­sic beads, of course, they will appear in the only pos­si­ble com­bi­na­tions, that is, in com­bi­na­tion with gold and pearls.

Ear­rings and oth­er jew­el­ry relat­ed to the style of the 70s and 80s became trendy again in 2021. Bright extrav­a­gance reigned in fash­ion then. Girls and women wore large, mas­sive and spec­tac­u­lar acces­sories of orig­i­nal shapes — large hang­ing flow­ers, abstract geo­met­ric orna­ments in the form of inserts with pre­cious stones, mod­els in the form of screws and pins.

What earrings are fashionable in 2021?

Pearls in var­i­ous shapes, col­ors and sizes became a hit again. As before, in 2021, large styl­ish dou­ble-sided round ear­rings, includ­ing asym­met­ri­cal ones, are in fash­ion. They will always draw atten­tion to your face and make you stand out from the crowd, even if you wear them with a sim­ple t‑shirt or a turtle­neck. After buy­ing a few pairs, you can wear them all year round and look phe­nom­e­nal.

In her col­lec­tions, design­er Simone Rocha show­ers her mod­els with pearl jew­el­ry from head to toe.

Chanel and Albert Fer­ret­ti were vis­it­ed by marine inspi­ra­tion. It does not end with what is on the wave. What is under water is also beau­ti­ful and styl­ish. Hence the pop­u­lar­i­ty of jew­el­ry made of shells and pearls.

In 2021, the design­ers of the Swedish fash­ion house Acne Stu­dios again attached pearls to spec­tac­u­lar gold hoop ear­rings.

In addi­tion to pearls, the trend is clas­sic and time­less mul­ti-col­ored Swarovs­ki rhine­stones. They attract atten­tion with their glow and shine bright­ly with the reflec­tion of the sun.

What forms of earrings are currently in fashion in 2021?

After dec­o­ra­tions in the form of eyes, hands and oth­er parts of the body, it’s time for hearts. It is dif­fi­cult to find a more roman­tic jew­el­ry trend for spring-sum­mer 2021 than heart-shaped mod­els. Remem­ber the Dior pen­dants of this shape hung on thin gold chains in the late 90s? This year, the French Isabel Marant dec­o­rat­ed them with hoop ear­rings.
Y / Project offers a styl­ish nov­el­ty of 2021 — round snail ear­rings, which are com­bined with sporty bombers.
Good news for fash­ion­istas who love Con­go ear­rings. They are suit­able for almost any out­fit.

The most fash­ion­able in 2021 are ear­rings — huge cir­cles that reach even to the chin. Both clas­sic thin rings and mas­sive, thick cir­cles.
Hang­ing ear­rings do not lose their rel­e­vance in 2021.
The fash­ion house Dolce & Gab­bana gave the world fab­u­lous long mod­els dec­o­rat­ed with flow­ers for the com­ing sea­sons, asym­met­ric ear­rings — Valenti­no.
Whether you choose cir­cles, squares, flow­ers or crys­tal gar­lands, you will look great. Some mod­els can even reach the shoul­ders. They just look fan­tas­tic with a short hair­cut. In JW Ander­son, Simone Rocha, Paco Rabanne, large inserts with pearls shim­mer­ing with stones, met­al with a clear “crum­pled” tex­ture, feath­ers and Cuffs with a chain all over the ear pre­vail.

Fashionable earrings of 2021 — what materials are they made of?

  • Sil­ver. But instead of minia­ture mod­els with cubic zir­co­nia, you should choose orig­i­nal, large jew­el­ry with a dia­mond, ruby, turquoise, which will ensure that no one pass­es you by indif­fer­ent­ly. An inter­est­ing alter­na­tive to clas­sic sil­ver is oxi­dized or rhodi­um sil­ver with an aging effect. Open­work ear­rings and a ring in com­bi­na­tion with a bracelet and a chok­er give the image a vin­tage sophis­ti­ca­tion.
  • Gold. This year, styl­ists rec­om­mend bet­ting on jew­el­ry with large stones or mod­els of orig­i­nal shape. Big, stream­lined ear­rings-rings, time­less mod­els in the Vic­to­ri­an style with nat­ur­al pre­cious stones in beau­ti­ful shades of pink, blue and green will be rel­e­vant. Such ear­rings look espe­cial­ly ele­gant in com­bi­na­tion with a gold bracelet and an ele­gant neck­lace. Thanks to this set, you will look pre­sentable even in ordi­nary jeans and a T‑shirt.
  • Imi­ta­tion jew­el­ry. Pre­vi­ous­ly, plas­tic clips were con­sid­ered taste­less sym­bols of the 80s and 90s. In 2021, they return in a new form and meet the expec­ta­tions of women. Their main advan­tage is that they can be put on and tak­en off at any time. This type of jew­el­ry is an ide­al acces­so­ry for all kinds of sweaters and turtle­necks. Mod­els of an irreg­u­lar or geo­met­ric shape will empha­size the every­day look, and slight­ly longer ones will per­fect­ly com­ple­ment our evening out­fit.
  • Ear­rings in boho and eth­nic style — drops, wings, cross­es, brush­es with fringes, dec­o­rat­ed with feath­ers, beads and ties. They are com­bined both with folk out­fits and with ordi­nary jeans.
  • Punk and grunge style ear­rings from pal­la­di­um, tita­ni­um, sur­gi­cal steel. It is about black jew­el­ry, as well as about mas­ters of gold and sil­ver ear­rings in the form of pins or pins.

As you can see, the choice is huge. You will def­i­nite­ly find some­thing for your­self. If for some rea­son these trends do not suit you, remem­ber the clas­sics. It nev­er goes out of fash­ion. You can suc­cess­ful­ly wear your favorite ear­ring mod­els that you have col­lect­ed in your box or order new items you like in our online store. Choose those that suit you and your char­ac­ter, con­sid­er­ing them as an addi­tion to that part of the wardrobe that is fash­ion­able and meets the require­ments of the sea­son.


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