Global Beads for Pandora bracelets — FRAGOLA

Beads for Pandora bracelets — FRAGOLA


Jew­el­ry of the famous Pan­do­ra brand, which is in demand among mod­ern fash­ion­istas, is dis­tin­guished by a com­bi­na­tion of ver­sa­til­i­ty and exclu­siv­i­ty of design, impec­ca­ble qual­i­ty and exquis­ite aes­thet­ics. Pan­do­ra bracelet beads, or, as they are often called, charms, became the high­light of the cor­re­spond­ing brand­ed acces­sories.

Varieties of charms Pandora

Beads for a Pan­do­ra bracelet dif­fer in the way they are attached to the base of the acces­so­ry. They can be screwed to the rim of the bracelet with a spe­cial thread or not thread­ed (this type of beads is called open­works).

In recent years, the fol­low­ing charm options have become the most pop­u­lar:

  • beads made of sil­ver, gold and com­bined (com­bin­ing these two pre­cious met­als) — they are dis­tin­guished by a unique tex­ture, such acces­sories can be cov­ered with a thin lay­er of enam­el and use decor in the form of nat­ur­al stones or inlaid with pearls;
  • Mura­no glass beads — these charms, which were first made in Italy using the ancient tech­nolo­gies of the finest man­u­al pro­cess­ing and dye­ing, are con­sid­ered one of the most refined and lux­u­ri­ous (each of these charms is spe­cial­ly cut dur­ing man­u­fac­ture and has many facets);
  • charms in the form of sep­a­ra­tors — such minia­ture beads are in the form of rings, dec­o­rat­ed with pre­cious stones, rhine­stones and serve to fill the free space of the base of the bracelet, help­ing to high­light larg­er jew­el­ry ele­ments;
  • let­ter beads — you can buy these orig­i­nal jew­el­ry as a per­son­al­ized gift that will empha­size the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of the image and the sophis­ti­cat­ed style of its own­er;
  • beads for bracelets in the form of chic pen­dants — they look sim­ply amaz­ing and add some zest, charis­ma, cre­ativ­i­ty and mys­tery to your image;
  • Clip-on ear­rings are a spe­cial type of acces­sories that help to divide the bracelet into equal sec­tions and ensure its sym­me­try.

Beads for a Pandora bracelet: the theme of jewelry

Beads for Pan­do­ra, pre­sent­ed in the assort­ment of the cor­re­spond­ing jew­el­ry com­pa­ny, amaze with their vari­ety.

Among the dom­i­nant themes of these prod­ucts is an ani­mal­is­tic ori­en­ta­tion. Dec­o­rat­ing ele­ments depict­ing ani­mal sym­bols are always in demand: an owl per­son­i­fy­ing wis­dom, car­toon char­ac­ters in the form of the Lion King, an inquis­i­tive Floun­der fish, Pip­po the fly­ing pig and oth­er fairy-tale char­ac­ters.

A spe­cial place among the charms is occu­pied by beads on the bracelet, which are char­ac­ter­ized by fes­tive specifics. So, a bead depict­ing a mon­ster pump­kin with heart-shaped eyes will be a great gift for Hal­loween. As a present for a birth­day girl, it is appro­pri­ate to present a bead in the Dis­ney style “Hap­py Birth­day” or the same spec­tac­u­lar beads with let­ters, you can buy these and many oth­er fash­ion acces­sories at an attrac­tive price in the Pan­do­ra store.

For girls of young age, the brand col­lec­tion presents charm­ing glam­orous mod­els depict­ing flow­ers, but­ter­flies and hearts, fun­ny kit­tens and oth­er del­i­cate crea­tures that not only effec­tive­ly dec­o­rate your wrist, but also always give a great mood and a touch of pos­i­tive.

Also among the beads you can find sam­ples of var­i­ous series, addressed to trav­el lovers, sup­port­ers of fam­i­ly and oth­er moral val­ues ​​— friend­ship, fideli­ty, sin­cer­i­ty, kind­ness.

Where can I buy Pandora charms?

You can buy such an exclu­sive and unprece­dent­ed qual­i­ty decor for brand­ed bracelets at afford­able, afford­able prices in our online store.

The range of this prod­uct, which will pleas­ant­ly sur­prise you with its breadth, vari­ety and unique­ness of mod­ern design solu­tions, is con­stant­ly updat­ed. Among such prod­ucts there will always be exact­ly the one that will please you or will be the best gift for your loved one.

By col­lect­ing the appro­pri­ate acces­sories to give your bracelet an updat­ed look, you will not only trans­form the look of your favorite piece of jew­el­ry, but cre­ate your own sto­ry filled with real mag­ic, inspi­ra­tion, fan­ta­sy and an unfor­get­table fairy tale!


❤️ How many beads can fit on a Pan­do­ra bracelet ❓

Since charms are usu­al­ly equipped with nar­row rings for pen­dants, the bracelet base can fit up to two dozen of the cor­re­spond­ing ele­ments. How­ev­er, it is impor­tant to observe the mea­sure in the decor of the acces­so­ry, oth­er­wise it will look taste­less.

⏩ Are there beads that go with any clothes ❓

Yes, these are lacon­ic, sol­id col­ors, espe­cial­ly in the uni­ver­sal metal­lic col­or — they will be ide­al­ly com­bined with evening dress­es, and with such sim­ple every­day things as jeans and a sweater.

⏩ What the ele­ments of Pan­do­ra bracelet jew­el­ry can tell about ❓

The cor­re­spond­ing decor, most often, has a sym­bol­ic mean­ing: it tells about the tastes of its mis­tress, her hob­bies, expe­ri­ences, moral prin­ci­ples, reli­gion and much more.


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