Global Pandora. What does each charm mean

Pandora. What does each charm mean


The Pan­do­ra bracelet is tru­ly a unique piece of jew­el­ry, because its own­er decides what charms it will con­sist of, and what val­ue it will have. In this arti­cle, we will reveal mean­ing of charms on pan­do­ra braceletso that you can choose what you like and cre­ate your own unique sto­ry in one bracelet.

1. frog princess asso­ci­at­ed with East­ern ide­ol­o­gy, it sym­bol­izes pro­tec­tion from bad influ­ences from out­side and attract­ing wealth.

2. A horse­shoe Accord­ing to ancient belief, it gives pro­tec­tion and good luck to its own­er.

3. Hotei (or Bud­dha) known through­out the world as a sym­bol of mate­r­i­al well-being. But remem­ber that the descrip­tion of Pan­do­ra charms does not guar­an­tee you untold wealth imme­di­ate­ly after buy­ing the jew­el­ry, it all depends on you. For exam­ple, the pro­to­type of the tal­is­man is a real per­son — a monk who devot­ed his whole life to enlight­en­ment, the search for spir­i­tu­al enrich­ment. That is why for his home­town he became a sym­bol of well-being.

4. Mané­ki-neko - Japan­ese sculp­ture, bring­ing good luck to any­one. You can often see it at the entrances of stores in Japan — sell­ers believe that it attracts buy­ers. For you, it can also become a tal­is­man of a suc­cess­ful busi­ness, because the main thing is to believe.

5. Saku­ra — prob­a­bly the most del­i­cate and fem­i­nine charm. The Japan­ese asso­ciate the col­or of this tree with wis­dom and divine beau­ty.

6. Clover - no less beau­ti­ful flower. In the Chris­t­ian faith, it denotes the holy trin­i­ty, and in every­day life — good luck. Peo­ple who man­aged to find this flower became lucky and achieved all their goals.

7. Bal­loon will accom­pa­ny you in deal­ing with dif­fi­cult life changes, will help you ratio­nal­ly assess the sit­u­a­tion and make the right deci­sions.

8. Kan­ga­roo is a sym­bol of growth and move­ment for­ward because they are not able to move back.

9. Com­bi­na­tions key and lock char­ac­ter­izes a strong per­son­al­i­ty that over­comes all obsta­cles on the path of life. Sep­a­rate­ly, the key means pow­er, and the lock means suc­cess and mate­r­i­al inde­pen­dence.

10. Giraffe - an excel­lent choice for a gen­tle and sen­su­al per­son, will empha­size her kind, calm nature.

11. Uni­corn - we con­tin­ue zoomo­tives — the per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of chasti­ty, dig­ni­ty and immor­tal­i­ty.

12. Charm in the form pea­cock will become for its mis­tress an amulet of hap­pi­ness and wealth.

13. An owl - dec­o­ra­tion of a mys­te­ri­ous and wise girl. It will become a lit­tle assis­tant to its own­er for good luck in love affairs.

14. «Starfish» with inlay sym­bol­izes the vital­i­ty and deter­mi­na­tion of the own­er.

15. Charm «open your heart“con­sists of many hearts and per­son­i­fies the open­ness and friend­li­ness of the girl.

16. «But­ter­fly“is a sym­bol of rebirth and is per­fect for a girl who longs for change: chang­ing her hair­style, job, place of res­i­dence …

So we fig­ured out what each Pan­do­ra charm means. Remem­ber that all of the above is not an axiom, but only a hint for choos­ing, you can col­lect a col­lec­tion of sev­er­al charms and give them your own hid­den mean­ing, because it is much more inter­est­ing.


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