Global Pandora Summer Collection 2017

Pandora Summer Collection 2017


Spend­ing the sum­mer with Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry: a review of the sum­mer col­lec­tion 2017

In ear­ly June, a jew­el­ry house from Den­mark pre­sent­ed a new, exclu­sive sum­mer col­lec­tion for the 2017 sea­son. The brand sur­prised us in earnest! New motives, plots, orig­i­nal solu­tions appeared. Let’s see togeth­er what we will wear this sum­mer.

Charms and pen­dants, sea and trop­ics

The main motive of the new col­lec­tion is a marine theme, dilut­ed with exot­ic trop­ics and an amaz­ing com­bi­na­tion of bright col­ors. This is some­thing fun­da­men­tal­ly new, which was not there before. The Dan­ish jew­el­ry house sur­prised every­one — girls from all over the world, expert jew­el­ers.

Let’s start with the most amaz­ing charms, which, accord­ing to reviews, were liked by lit­er­al­ly every­one, includ­ing the team of the Sil­vers online store.

The first rep­re­sen­ta­tive trop­i­cal flamin­go, a very bright charm, encrust­ed with tiny zir­co­ni­um stones. The blue tint of the inlay adds just the right nau­ti­cal flair.

Anoth­er inter­est­ing charm is made accord­ing to the same prin­ci­ple — ocean life. The design is a cute fish swim­ming in the vast expans­es of the ocean. The inlay of blue, rather azure peb­bles con­veys the atmos­phere of real under­wa­ter life.

An inter­est­ing, fun­ny, smile-induc­ing option — sus­pen­sion sum­mer fun, where the atmos­phere of a beach hol­i­day is con­veyed in a wide vari­ety of col­ors and shapes. Blue tint­ed glass­es, fresh trop­i­cal pineap­ple, a glass of pink cock­tail — all this can­not leave you indif­fer­ent.

In the trop­i­cal col­lec­tion, the Sil­vers online store wants to high­light three more attrac­tive mod­els:

· trop­i­cal starfish, made in a mod­est but very beau­ti­ful design;

· Trop­i­cal Sun­set - col­or­ful charm from a com­bi­na­tion of pink and orange shades;

and anoth­er com­bined mod­el: to Trop­i­cal starfish a small shell was added, and the star itself was in azure inlay.

Inter­est­ing? Even more than. Fans from all over the world take apart Pan­do­ra sil­ver charms with incred­i­ble pas­sion. We are sure that this sum­mer you will have some­thing to wear.

Bril­liant mura­no — orig­i­nal motifs con­tin­ue

The 2017 col­lec­tion from Pan­do­ra has replen­ished with three more mod­els of the orig­i­nal Mura­no. The first two — Mint Glit­ter and Pink Glit­ter — are strewn with gold chips inside, which cre­ates an amaz­ing effect. Of course, those with more gold look best.

The third mura­no is called Koin­bori and is ded­i­cat­ed to Japan. Under this mys­te­ri­ous word lies the name of a Japan­ese orna­ment made in the pat­tern of a carp and flut­ter­ing in the wind. The design­ers cap­tured the amaz­ing­ly accu­rate col­or and struc­ture of this fish.

It was assumed that the mod­el will be sold only in Asia, but almost all coun­tries of the world received it.

Pan­do­ra clips in a unique mosa­ic

Anoth­er sur­prise for fans of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry was the orig­i­nal clip-on ear­rings made with a mosa­ic pat­tern. They are called Shim­mer­ing Ele­gance and are avail­able in three col­ors: blue, pink and green.

We note not only the beau­ty, but also the qual­i­ty of the mod­els. Inside, they are equipped with spe­cial sil­i­cone stop­pers that allow you to attach them to the ban­gle. This makes the clips very tight.

Two more mod­els rep­re­sent the line Space stars. Design­ers have released amaz­ing­ly beau­ti­ful clip-on ear­rings in the form of balls encrust­ed with peb­bles. There are two options — green and blue.

Sum­mer col­lec­tion Pan­do­ra 2017 is very pleased. There are new, pre­vi­ous­ly unex­pe­ri­enced sen­sa­tions of sum­mer sea light­ness, trop­i­cal mood.


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