Global Lucky stones — stones that bring good luck and money

Lucky stones — stones that bring good luck and money


Almost every nat­ur­al min­er­al has super­nat­ur­al abil­i­ties that pos­i­tive­ly affect its own­er.

Belief in the mag­i­cal prop­er­ties of gem­stones dates back to Baby­lon­ian times. They were used as tal­is­mans and amulets, in astro­log­i­cal and med­ical prac­tices.

Stones pro­tect­ed peo­ple from dan­gers, elim­i­nat­ed the effects of poi­son and cured seri­ous dis­eases.

The col­lec­tion of the Lap­i­dar­i­um has sur­vived to this day, con­tain­ing descrip­tions of stones, their attrib­ut­es, sym­bol­ism and the action to be expect­ed when worn.

Hin­du Vedic med­i­cine uses the asso­ci­a­tion of min­er­als with the plan­ets, sun and moon. Since each stone has its own ener­gy, they can be used for many pur­pos­es — inspi­ra­tion, ener­gy, pos­i­tiv­i­ty, and even income gen­er­a­tion.

The first stone of luck is amethyst

Pictures on demand "amethyst"

Pur­ple amethyst (Greek for sober) is a vari­ety of quartz. This is rock crys­tal, dyed with the tears of the god Diony­sus. There is a leg­end accord­ing to which Diony­sus fell in love with a for­est nymph named Amethys. How­ev­er, the girl entrust­ed her heart to the shep­herd. He angered the God of wine, who decid­ed to dis­hon­or the nymph. The god­dess of hunt­ing Artemis saved her from this unfor­tu­nate fate, turn­ing Amethys into a stat­ue of crys­tal quartz, the col­or of for­est vio­lets.

The col­or of this semi-pre­cious stone is rem­i­nis­cent of spilled wine. It was believed that he pro­tects the own­er from drunk­en­ness. To sur­vive the end­less cycle of hol­i­days and solemn cel­e­bra­tions, the Romans often wore amethyst rings. This type of jew­el­ry was also alleged­ly cho­sen by Cleopa­tra, who asked to engrave the inscrip­tion Methe, the name of the god­dess of drunk­en­ness includ­ed in the ret­inue of Diony­sus, on the wed­ding ring. She believed that amethyst pro­tect­ed her not only from alco­hol intox­i­ca­tion, but also from all kinds of intox­i­ca­tion of the mind and from trust­ing the wrong peo­ple.

Turquoise is the second stone that brings good luck.

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Turquoise was extreme­ly pop­u­lar in ancient Egypt. She was also loved in the Mid­dle Ages. It came to Europe through Turkey, reach­ing France, where it got its name in the 13th cen­tu­ry. In Per­sia, armor, sabers, maces, and even the cer­e­mo­ni­al ranks of hors­es were rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed with turquoise. It was believed that this stone of hap­pi­ness, suc­cess and good luck of rid­ers.

Pliny repeat­ed­ly wrote about turquoise, call­ing it calle, which in Greek is a beau­ti­ful gem. A Roman schol­ar attrib­uted it to an Indi­an ori­gin. He claimed that turquoise was sim­i­lar to sap­phires, but had a brighter water-like col­or near the seashore.

The 12th cen­tu­ry philoso­pher Albert the Great wrote that turquoise pro­tects the wear­er from dan­ger­ous acci­dents. A change in its col­or, name­ly, the pal­lor of the shade, warns the own­er of an ill­ness or a threat to his life.

What other gems to wear for good luck?

  • Lapis lazuli has an unusu­al blue hue. Mar­co Polo also men­tioned it in 1271 in his accounts of his expe­di­tions. The name of the min­er­al is a com­bi­na­tion of Latin-Per­sian words and mean­ings. Lapis is Latin for stone, lazhuward is blue. The Greeks and Romans gave lapis lazuli as a reward for courage. The Egyp­tians used it in large quan­ti­ties in reli­gious cer­e­monies. Along with car­nelian and turquoise, it belonged to a tril­o­gy of col­ors often repeat­ed in Egypt­ian orna­ments. He sym­bol­ized the pow­er of the rebirth of the Nile.

  • Topaz in is trans­lat­ed from Greek as search. Its name comes from the Egypt­ian island of Topa­zos in the Red Sea, which is now called Zabar­gad or the island of St. John. Ancient peo­ple believed that it is effec­tive for headaches, car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­eases, vari­cose veins, impo­tence. Astrologers con­sid­ered topaz stones of youth because they delayed the aging process, enlivened the mind, and helped intel­lect and con­cen­tra­tion. It was believed that their light came from the sun, direct­ly from the gods. In the Bible, topaz is found in many books, most often where the val­ues ​​of divine qual­i­ties are com­pared with the trea­sures of the earth, the wis­dom of God can­not be com­pared even with topaz from Ethiopia — Book of Job 28, 19). Topaz crys­tals stim­u­late the pow­er and flow of mon­ey from the own­er of the jew­el­ry. Thanks to the con­nec­tion with the Sun, he makes his own­er a leader, keeps him on the bright side of pow­er. This increas­es the chance of mul­ti­ply­ing mon­ey.

  • Emer­ald is one of the gem­stones that fill their eyes, caus­ing feel­ings of sati­ety. From ancient Greek smarag­dos — a green stone. It has been mined in Upper Egypt since about 3000 BC. It was often found in Egypt­ian tombs, as well as in Rome — in Pom­peii and Her­cu­la­neum. Accord­ing to the infor­ma­tion con­tained in the Book of Pseu­do-Aris­totelian Stones, emer­ald is use­ful in the fight against poi­sons, treats eye dis­eases. When worn around the neck or a ring, it pro­tects the wear­er from epilep­sy. Emer­ald green sym­bol­ized nature, guar­an­teed a good mood and pro­tect­ed from trea­son. The ancient Romans asso­ci­at­ed its col­or with love and attrib­uted it to the god­dess Venus.

Stones to attract money and good luck

Pictures on demand "Stones to attract money and good luck"

  • The tiger’s eye is one of the most pow­er­ful gem­stones in the world. It removes all neg­a­tive ener­gies from the mind and helps you focus on the best aspects of life. It is main­ly used to elim­i­nate fear and anx­i­ety. Helps in trans­for­ma­tion, includ­ing in mon­e­tary mat­ters.

  • Mala­chite is a beau­ti­ful dark green stone that affects all the chakras of the human body. This helps in achiev­ing suc­cess through mak­ing bet­ter finan­cial deci­sions.

  • Jade is a crys­tal with heal­ing prop­er­ties. Wear­ing it reg­u­lar­ly helps to remove all the bound­aries and restric­tions you have imposed, gives you the courage to take risks and learn more. For many years it has been used as a crys­tal of hap­pi­ness.

  • Cit­rine is respon­si­ble for bring­ing pos­i­tiv­i­ty and joy to life. It also brings suc­cess and finan­cial improve­ment, and increas­es and stim­u­lates moral and men­tal strength.

  • Ruby increas­es the vital­i­ty of the body and mind. It is pop­u­lar among busi­ness­men and gam­blers due to its abil­i­ty to attract good luck in risky invest­ments.

  • Green aven­turine is known as a sec­ond chance. It helps recov­er lost mon­ey. Wear­ing it con­tributes to the dis­cov­ery of new oppor­tu­ni­ties for abun­dance, even with tem­po­rary prob­lems.

Now you know the stones that bring good luck, wealth and love. Prod­ucts from some of them are pre­sent­ed in the cat­a­log of the Sil­vers online store. Choose, buy, wear, get the results you want and improve your life.


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