Global How to determine the size of a pandora ring?

How to determine the size of a pandora ring?


The pur­chase of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry not only gives new emo­tions, but also qual­i­ta­tive­ly rais­es the buy­er up the social hier­ar­chy due to their unique­ness, sub­tle style and mod­ern design. This will not go unno­ticed by the stronger sex, who bestows increased atten­tion on his cho­sen one, and the envi­ous glances of women will only strength­en con­fi­dence in their cor­rect choice of jew­el­ry.

Ring - this is a type of jew­el­ry that is very valu­able as a gift, but which is very dif­fi­cult to choose on your own. And soon­er or lat­er, the ques­tion aris­es for every­one: “How to find out the size of Pan­do­ra rings?”

You can always use Pan­do­ra stan­dard ring size chart. This is where the first dif­fi­cul­ties begin. The sizes of Pan­do­ra rings match very non-stan­dard and require spe­cial study and care­ful approach to the choice of prod­uct.

The thing is that the stan­dard sizes of Pan­do­ra rings dif­fer from our gen­er­al­ly accept­ed ones. You need to fig­ure out what’s wrong. For exam­ple, 50 the size of a Pan­do­ra ring will cor­re­spond to our 15. And despite the seem­ing­ly large num­ber 50, every­one under­stands that a ring with a size 15, in our under­stand­ing, will be very, very small.

So how can you trans­late the size of Pan­do­ra rings to the Russ­ian stan­dard, so as not to mis­cal­cu­late and get, as they say, into the top ten. First of all, you can sim­ply try to type in the search engine: “the size of the pan­do­ra rings cor­re­sponds to Russ­ian sizes” or “the size of the ring is 48 in Russ­ian in pan­do­ra” and already with the search results you will have a suf­fi­cient base for choos­ing the right size.

Let’s take a look at what guid­ed Pan­do­ra’s jew­el­ers in com­pil­ing the dimen­sion­al grid of their rings. The sys­tem of diam­e­ters was put as the basis, because the inner part of the ring is a cir­cle with a diam­e­ter of a cer­tain val­ue. So, look­ing at the dimen­sions in more detail, it can be seen that if the diam­e­ter (by the way, the diam­e­ter is the dis­tance from the edge to the edge of the cir­cle that pass­es through the cen­ter) of your ring is 15–15.3 mm, then this will cor­re­spond to a size 48 Pan­do­ra, 15.4- 15.9 — 50 Pan­do­ra, 16–16.6 — 52 Pan­do­ra, 16.7–17.2 — 54 Pan­do­ra, 17.3–17.8 — 56 Pan­do­ra, 17.9–18.5 — 58 Pan­do­ra, 18.6–19.1 — 60 Pan­do­ra.

But here the next prob­lem is born, and it lies in the accu­ra­cy of mea­sure­ments, because the dif­fer­ence of 2 tenths of a mil­lime­ter is not so easy to deter­mine (Men are now protest­ing, espe­cial­ly those who know how to use calipers). There­fore, now let’s try togeth­er to com­pile a table of cor­re­spon­dences between our sizes and Pan­do­ra’s sizes.

15= 50; 16 = 52; 17 = 54; 17,5 = 56; 18,5 = 58; 19 = 60

Every­thing about sizes 15.5 and 16.5, then your deci­sion should be based on how the ring sits on you: if it is tight and hard to remove, then tilt your choice towards a larg­er size, if vice ver­sa, then a cor­re­spond­ing­ly small­er one.

But what about men who decide to please their woman with an expen­sive and styl­ish gift, but they don’t know her size? I hap­pened to see such a case in a jew­el­ry store. A young man came and asked to deter­mine the size of the clamp with which dif­fer­ent pipes are twist­ed in the car (men will under­stand), to the ques­tion: “How do you know what exact­ly this is the size of your girl­friend?” He replied: “I took it off while sleep­ing, from the fin­ger on which she will wear it. ring.” For a real man, know­ing the size is not a prob­lem, but dear ladies, do not for­get to take off your rings some­times, thus giv­ing your men the oppor­tu­ni­ty to mea­sure the diam­e­ters of your rings.


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