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How to clean a Pandora bracelet at home


Pan­do­ra sil­ver jew­el­ry is rhodi­um plat­ed. It gives bracelet resem­blance to white gold and addi­tion­al­ly gives the bracelet dura­bil­i­ty. As a result of inter­ac­tion with alco­hol, sat­u­rat­ed hand creams, salt water, or sim­ply depend­ing on the indi­vid­ual lev­el PH human, the bracelet may dark­en as a result of met­al oxi­da­tion. In this regard, ques­tions often arise, how to prop­er­ly clean Pan­do­ra bracelet” at home, restor­ing its orig­i­nal beau­ty and bril­liance.

In order to fig­ure out how to clean the bracelet, we sug­gest you Sev­er­al vari­ants:

1. Care to pre­vent dark­en­ing with spe­cial nap­kins for clean­ing Pan­do­ra bracelets. They are sold in stores where you buy jew­el­ry, often even imme­di­ate­ly come in a set. In this case, you should sim­ply wipe the bracelet with a dry cloth for the pur­pose of pre­ven­tion. As a rule, black marks remain on the nap­kin, which is evi­dence of plaque removal. As for pen­dants that are worn on a bracelet, some­times due to their con­vex or curly shape, it can be more dif­fi­cult, but still pos­si­ble to get into hard-to-reach places.

2. Next method is a mechan­i­cal clean­ing of jew­el­ry “Pan­do­ra” is not a hard brush, after you first soak them in a warm solu­tion of soapy water. Instead of soap for a soap solu­tion, use laun­dry deter­gent or dish deter­gent. Soap is the most neu­tral choice. It is enough to soak for a few min­utes, if the pol­lu­tion is not very strong, or for ten min­utes, its dark­en­ing of the bracelet is more notice­able. After soak­ing, brush your jew­el­ry, rinse and dry.

3. The next way there is the use of foil, bak­ing soda and hot water. To do this, a sheet or pieces of foil are placed in a con­tain­er, then a good lay­er of soda is poured on which dec­o­ra­tions are placed, and all this is poured with hot water. As a result of a chem­i­cal reac­tion, the foam removes the tar­nish from sil­ver bracelets in just a minute.

4. You can also use tooth­paste or pow­der, while the paste cleans more gen­tly than the pow­der. To do this, the paste is sim­ply applied to jew­el­ry, left for a cou­ple of min­utes, then gen­tly cleaned with a soft brush, washed with warm water and dried. When clean­ing with tooth­pow­der, it is bet­ter to first wet the prod­ucts with warm water, then take the tooth­pow­der on the cloth and rub it well, after which every­thing is also washed off with warm water.

5. Instead of spe­cial care wipes, you can use shreds of flan­nel fab­ric or soft suede. It is impor­tant to remem­ber that the main thing is not to over­do it with fric­tion, so as not to dam­age the coat­ing of the bracelet itself.

6. Not rec­om­mend­ed the use of uni­ver­sal chem­i­cal solu­tions for clean­ing sil­ver, as they may con­tain strong enough reagents that can dam­age the rhodi­um plat­ing.

To pre­vent dark­en­ing Not rec­om­mend­ed take a bath in Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry or expose them to house­hold chem­i­cals, cos­met­ics, var­nish­es, var­i­ous sprays or creams. It is rec­om­mend­ed to wear jew­el­ry on dry skin.


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