Global Collection Fall/Winter 2017 Pandora

Collection Fall/Winter 2017 Pandora


Today we get to know the lat­est news from the Pan­do­ra Fall/Winter 2017 col­lec­tion, which came with a press pre­view in Poland and Spain.

The Pan­do­ra Autumn 2017 Col­lec­tion is com­ing out August 31, and the Win­ter 2017 Col­lec­tion is like­ly to be released Novem­ber 2.

real pho­tos

Let’s start with the new Pan­do­ra Rose jew­el­ry. This sea­son, the com­pa­ny has clear­ly decid­ed to put more effort into Rose.

Here in the pho­to we can see the new Shim­mer­ing Mura­no Rose, Glit­ter­ing Christ­mas tree Rose, new secu­ri­ty chain Rose, and new Win­ter Kiss Rose.

We know for sure that a new Pan­do­ra Essence Rose bracelet will be released and most like­ly this is it. But because of the light­ing, it’s hard to tell if it’s yel­low gold or rose gold.

We also have oth­er pho­tos of Rose jew­el­ry, but you can also see the new ban­gle bracelet. It’s hard to see the design, but it looks like a snowflake.

Again, it is impos­si­ble to dis­tin­guish what kind of gold it is, pink or yel­low. But judg­ing by the pho­to, we can say that it will be a thread­less Pan­do­ra Rose bracelet.

And final­ly, new Pan­do­ra Rose petites will be released. We’ve seen Rose’s new Christ­mas-themed petites before, but these will be more ver­sa­tile.

In the fol­low­ing shots, the focus will be on the new Win­ter Orna­ments. We see new blue pavé stars and clips with rather large stones. There is also a new light blue Mura­no.

Then we see a new neck­lace Win­ter Heart a few oth­er dec­o­ra­tions.

A few more pho­tos where we can see clos­er the new Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2017 jew­el­ry. Snowflake charm in dark blue enam­el. Looks very nice new white and navy blue shin­ing hearts with sil­hou­ettes of snowflakes out­side.

To match the snowflakes, we have round charms in the same navy blue with a line all around. In the cen­ter, a white enam­el charm with a Christ­mas tree, snowflakes and a snow­man.

On this bracelet we see a charm with the words “Mer­ry Christ­mas” (Mer­ry Christ­mas), but it is dif­fi­cult to describe the details on the bead itself.

Rings. Clas­sic rings with a green emer­ald stone will appear, which look very charm­ing. And anoth­er ring with the inscrip­tion Pan­do­ra.

In this pho­to you can see clas­sic rings in sev­er­al col­ors.

Anoth­er charm of the Essence col­lec­tion — which means “Opti­mism” (opti­mism).

The fol­low­ing pho­tos were tak­en from the arti­cle “Pro­fes­sion­al Jew­eller».

And the first piece of jew­el­ry is the afore­men­tioned Pan­do­ra Rose Bracelet.

Next up, some new round charms in gold, pink and sil­ver.

Anoth­er pho­to with the Pan­do­ra Rose bracelet, plus new geo­met­ric charms.

Addi­tion­al pho­tos:


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