Global ❤ Pandora Collection Valentine’s Day 2018

❤ Pandora Collection Valentine’s Day 2018


Today’s post is about the final week of an updat­ed review of the upcom­ing Pan­do­ra Valen­tine’s Day Col­lec­tions 2018.

We have pre­vi­ous­ly pub­lished some reviews on this top­ic, but this post offers you a more exten­sive intro­duc­tion to the expect­ed jew­el­ry.

Tra­di­tion­al pink, vibrant red and a bit of a lip motif make this Pan­do­ra Valen­tine’s Day edi­tion both clas­sic and a bit off the beat­en path.

We do not yet know the exact date of the offi­cial release of the Col­lec­tion, but based on the expe­ri­ence of pre­vi­ous years, we can assume that this will hap­pen on Jan­u­ary 11th. If the release is sched­uled for anoth­er day, we will update the infor­ma­tion as soon as we know. We have also includ­ed a price list for North Amer­i­ca. Since we were only pro­vid­ed with prices in Cana­di­an dol­lars, we con­vert­ed prices in US dol­lars.

And to find out what awaits us in the new Col­lec­tion, keep read­ing!

And so, first of all, there are two new bracelets: the Flash of Love adjustable ban­gle and the Locked Promise offer­ing a new curl style on the already exist­ing thread­less pink zir­co­nia (CZ) charm bracelet. We love this idea, but to main­tain ver­sa­til­i­ty we would pre­fer sim­ple sil­ver details or clear zir­co­nia (CZ). It would be inter­est­ing to know if the latch of the hang­ing clasp affects the size, and also does it take up as much space as a reg­u­lar clasp?

“A Promise Locked”

“Flash of Love”

Fur­ther- charms! This line ranges in quite a few styles, from del­i­cate dec­o­ra­tive pieces such as the “Two Hearts” bead or the “Key to My Heart” pen­dant, to more col­or­ful and intense com­po­si­tions such as the “Flash of Love”.

Out of the whole series, our favorite is the “Image of Love” charm — a beau­ti­ful faceted design with very rich col­ors (although it’s hard to tell if it will look more red or pink in real life).

“Two Hearts” (sil­ver and CZ (cubic zir­co­nia))

“Two Hearts” (two-col­or)

“Image of Love”

“I love you”

“Key to my heart”

“Flash of Love” (clip)

“Flash of Love”

“Love Con­ver­sa­tion”

“Two hearts” (bead)

“Love tree”

“Glit­ter Kiss”

“A Promise Locked”

“Surge of Love”

“Kiss­es Every­where”

“Splash of Love” (clip)

“Kiss me some more”

There is also a cor­re­spond­ing Essence vari­ant of the “Image of Love”, which embod­ies the val­ue of (you guessed it) LOVE. The Pan­do­ra Rose pieces are our favorites from this col­lec­tion. The com­bi­na­tion of red zir­co­ni­um with pink met­al looks incred­i­bly beau­ti­ful. It looks espe­cial­ly good on a spac­er bead and a ring, of course we love the pen­dant charm too, but it can feel a bit bulky on a bracelet. Well, we must see it!

“Love” (Essence — Essence)

“I love you”

“Petit Love Kiss”

“Two Hearts” (spac­er bead)

“Two Hearts” (ring)

Fur­ther in the Col­lec­tion are chains, medal­lions and petites! Pan­do­ra com­bines the pop­u­lar heart and key motif in two new medal­lion designs. The result turned out great! Plain sil­ver petites also look very cute.

“I love you”

“Love tree”

“A Promise Locked”

“Medal­lion Key to the Heart”

“Petites” (indi­vid­ual price)

“Big lock­et Key to the heart”

And final­ly, rings and ear­rings! The “You and Me” ring is engraved from the bot­tom of the stone, so it’s hard for us to tell if there is an engrav­ing inside the stone itself or not.

Ear­rings set with pink stones (locat­ed low­er left) were not fea­tured in the North Amer­i­can cat­a­log we reviewed, but may be exclu­sive to oth­er regions.

“Two Hearts” (ring)

“You and me”

“Cas­tle of Love” (ring)

“Two hearts” (ear­rings)

“Pure love” (long ear­rings)

“Locks of love” (ear­rings)

Also, accord­ing to tra­di­tion, gift sets will be offered for Valen­tine’s Day, but we will talk about them sep­a­rate­ly in the fol­low­ing posts.


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