Global Spring 2018 collection: Pandora jewelry. Announcement

Spring 2018 collection: Pandora jewelry. Announcement


Today’s post con­tains a pre­view of the new Pan­do­ra SS18 col­lec­tion, with an overview of all relat­ed jew­el­ry com­ing out next month as part of the Pan­do­ra Spring 2018 Col­lec­tion! We’ve cov­ered charms and bracelets this week, but this pre­view offers a detailed look at rings, neck­laces, and ear­rings.

The col­lec­tion will go on sale world­wide on March 15th — we usu­al­ly don’t get too excit­ed about new jew­el­ry with­out charms, but this time we think that there are some real­ly beau­ti­ful things in Pan­do­ra Spring 2018. Read on for a pre­view!


Let’s start with some themed rings that we think are some of the best designs in the col­lec­tion. For exam­ple, Glo­ri­ous Blooms.

Next comes the ring whose design we liked the most from this set — Spring Bird. It is made of sil­ver, beau­ti­ful­ly oxi­dized and looks very cute! It’s like a sym­bio­sis Pan­do­ra and Troll­beads are that kind of old­er, old-fash­ioned piece, but pret­ti­er than the usu­al TV aes­thet­ic.

Dreamy Drag­on­fly has ele­ments of the same vin­tage aes­thet­ic in the oxi­dized wing details, but looks more mod­ern over­all.

Enchant­ed Crown is a design that we could hypo­thet­i­cal­ly like, but it’s still worth judg­ing how this ring would look on your fin­ger.

Ring Heart Swirls made of sil­ver, but its main focus is on inlay.

Chan­de­lier Droplets cor­re­sponds to one of the rings we described in the pre­vi­ous pre­view.

We love the cute lit­tle sil­ver hearts on the inside of the ring. Swirling Droplets — although it’s not what you’ll see when you put it on!

Sig­na­ture Hearts of Pan­do­ra It has a fair­ly sim­ple design and is made of sil­ver.

Ring series Arcs of Love will be avail­able not only with the usu­al inlay, but also in the rain­bow ver­sion, where the stones change col­or from pur­ple to blue.


Next — neck­laces! This set includes some cool stuff. The rain­bow theme con­tin­ues with two new inlaid neck­laces. For exam­ple, Heart.

Neck­lace Arch does not have a very large num­ber of inlaid stones. The length of the chain is 50 cm.

Chan­de­lier Droplets has a clas­sic design.

And now we’re mov­ing on to some of our favorites! Series of charms and jew­el­ry Enchant­ed Tas­sel has been one of the most pop­u­lar pre­views among col­lec­tors and we think the design is espe­cial­ly well por­trayed on this neck­lace.

Spring Bird returns as a neck­lace! It also looks a lot like a ring, but we feel like the rod shape of the design is a bit less ele­gant. How­ev­er, this neck­lace is still very cute.

Dreamy Drag­on­fly looks very attrac­tive and in the form of a neck­lace.

Then we have some­thing more unusu­al! In the cat­a­log, this piece of jew­el­ry is list­ed as a brooch or pen­dant. It could prob­a­bly be worn like any of the above, but we would like to look at the back of it to make our own con­clu­sion. There is some­thing trop­i­cal in this piece of jew­el­ry, there­fore, it can also apply to the sum­mer col­lec­tion.

Our next fun item is this cute chok­er. Last year Pan­do­ra released their fab­ric chok­er, which must have prompt­ed them to cre­ate a prop­er sil­ver ver­sion. It has a rather beau­ti­ful design and among buy­ers it will be quite pop­u­lar.


Spring Birds will also be avail­able in the form of hoop ear­rings — they have even more cute ele­ments, in the form of small stumps made of sil­ver. So beau­ti­ful!

Ear­rings Lady­bug Mead­ow are anoth­er one of our favorites from this col­lec­tion! This pur­ple enam­el looks very attrac­tive.

Ear­rings Enchant­ed Tas­sels look love­ly but won­der how heavy they will be with all that sil­ver!

Chan­de­lier Droplets end with a large inlaid pen­dant at the base of the ear­ring.

Ele­gant Wavesseems to echo the nau­ti­cal-themed beads fea­tured in the pre­vi­ous spring pre­view, but their design is rather abstract.

Also avail­able are ear­rings. Enchant­ed Crown и Heart Swirls.

Play­ful Wink is an odd design choice for turn­ing charms into ear­rings, we think, but inter­est­ing enough!

And final­ly, we bring to your atten­tion the rel­e­vant rain­bow ear­rings.


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