Global Men’s wedding ring — SILVERS

Men’s wedding ring — SILVERS


Many know about that, what engage­ment ring in
all times was
a sym­bol fam­i­ly sta­tus, pecu­liar sign suc­cess in
life, a also
and enough beau­ti­ful
dec­o­ra­tion. Form rings in
cir­cle sym­bol­izes sta­bil­i­ty and strength
wed­ding along with.

Traditions, related with male engagement

AT ancient times
exist­ed var­i­ous cus­toms. For exam­ple, Slavs
by tra­di­tions exchanged
wreaths in time
cer­e­monies mar­riages. woven in form
rings plants and flow­ers exchanged
and in ancient
Egypt. Also, in some coun­tries,
future spous­es exchanged rings, woven a lot stumps
or reeds.

Exact­ly from ancient
of Egypt, where lat­er
start­ed use gold­en rings, came the cus­tom to wear a lot on third
fin­ger. it relat­ed
with top­ics, what
by this fin­ger,
accord­ing to ancient beliefs, pass­es vein,
lead­ing to heart.

Tra­di­tion same exchange
rings appeared in Eng­land. There
first exchanged parts bro­ken cost­ly
things, a lat­er
become exchange rings.

How­ev­er ancient Jews rings not
exchanged, a the male donat­ed his
selec­tions coin, sym­bol­iz­ing his readi­ness
pro­vide her in future.

A here in
ancient Rome the male
gen­er­al­ly not wore
engage­ment rings. His stretch­er only
woman, So how
had cor­re­spond­ing social sta­tus. it
was in that
time pecu­liar sign acces­sories women,
and on ring
It was writ­ten name
host women.

AT first time,
by tra­di­tions, bride
dressed on fin­ger
groom exact­ly sil­ver
ring, So how
sil­ver counts female met­al. This
woman gave groom part his
ener­gy, warm, promis­ing keep loy­al­ty
only hus­band. Groom,
in my turn,
donat­ed brides ring
from gold, which
was con­sid­ered male met­al, Giv­ing Promise
pro­tect my a woman, to be her
reli­able sup­port and faith­ful hus­band.

For new­ly­weds not rec­om­mend­ed acquire
rings with sharp
draw­ings, rude notch­es. Accord­ing to beliefs,
in this case
life young not
will be smooth and
even. Exact­ly that’s why major­i­ty new­ly­weds
stop own choice exact­ly on
rings with even
and smooth sur­face,
which by right con­sid­ered clas­sic mod­ern wed­ding rings.

There is belief, what,
if in spous­es
argu­ment, that im
not rec­om­mend­ed in this is time take off rings, So
how argu­ment for a long time
maybe drag on.

Modern technologies production male wedding rings

Man­u­fac­tur­ing, seemed would such uncom­pli­cat­ed
ele­ment how engage­ment
ring, giv­en huge Atten­tion. Lat­est
achieve­ments sci­ence and tech­nol­o­gy in areas pro­cess­ing stones
and met­als invari­ably
apply at a lot cre­ation.

by the most wide­spread in the present time
mate­ri­als, from which do wed­ding
rings, is gold and plat­inum.

Most pop­u­lar among con­nois­seurs high
art and in
Same time most
dif­fi­cult is Japan­ese tech­nique Mokume
Ghana, what in
trans­la­tion with Japan­ese
means «metal­lic wood pines». Ini­tial­ly
she is used for dec­o­ra­tions weapons,
a lat­er sent
apply for man­u­fac­tur­ing wed­ding rings.
This tech­nique pro­vides
cre­ation unique the most dif­fi­cult images at
help alloy and
over­lays lay­ers from sev­er­al met­als.
On today this
the most most dif­fi­cult tech­nol­o­gy pro­duc­tion rings in world.
Thanks to mul­ti­lay­er sur­faces before jew­el­ers
are revealed huge capa­bil­i­ties in imple­men­ta­tion
most exquis­ite draw­ings.

Styl­ish and mod­ern
deci­sions at man­u­fac­tur­ing
male rings famous
Ital­ian com­pa­ny Bara­ka. AT her prod­ucts, dif­fer­ent inno­v­a­tive deci­sions, used gold and
plat­inum in com­bined
with steel, ceram­ics
and rub­ber. Con­cise
and orig­i­nal solu­tions sat­is­fy demand most exquis­ite


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