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How to shrink a pandora bracelet


Pan­do­ra bracelet may turn out to be too large — we will not delve into the rea­sons, but in any case, this sit­u­a­tion is frus­trat­ing. Most often, the prob­lem is faced by women who received a bracelet as a gift or bought jew­el­ry remote­ly, with­out first try­ing it on. You can try to return or exchange the prod­uct, but many sell­ers quite right­ly refer to the leg­is­la­tion of Ukraine, which pro­hibits the return of jew­el­ry. There is anoth­er way out — to reduce the size of the bracelet Pan­do­ra on one’s own. It’s real and quite sim­ple.

What needs to be done first?

For starters, you should make sure that the size of the bracelet is real­ly too big. To objec­tive­ly under­stand, it is worth mea­sur­ing the prod­uct with the entire set of charms and pen­dants that you plan to wear every day. And you also need to think about the future — will you add charms to this bracelet? If so, then a small mar­gin of size is a must.

How to under­stand that the diam­e­ter is ide­al? It’s easy: the own­er can fas­ten the prod­uct on her wrist on her own. That is, a small mar­gin for this action is wel­come, but at the same time, the but­toned dec­o­ra­tion should not fall off the hand.

Is the prod­uct still too big? Then you can pro­ceed to the next step — reduce the bracelet Pan­do­ra from a pro­fes­sion­al jew­el­er. How does a crafts­man shrink Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry? Most like­ly, he will remove a piece of the snake near the part on which the charms are screwed on. After that, he care­ful­ly sol­dered the snake into place. Ide­al­ly, there will be no trace of inter­fer­ence. You should also ask the jew­el­er to check the pro­por­tion­al­i­ty of all sec­tions of the bracelet and, if it is bro­ken, cor­rect the prob­lem.

You can reduce the size of any bracelet Pan­do­raexcept for mod­els of the type “Bangla”. Fea­tures of the design and struc­ture of the mod­el do not allow you to make any changes. There­fore, there is only one way out — only an attempt to inde­pen­dent­ly sell jew­el­ry.

Do they reduce leather braceletsPan­do­ra? Yes — this oper­a­tion can also be car­ried out by a jew­el­er, sim­ply by cut­ting the tourni­quet of leather to the desired size and pro­cess­ing it. Nat­u­ral­ly trust the oper­a­tion with chang­ing the size of the bracelets Pan­do­ra it is only worth it to expe­ri­enced crafts­men who are famil­iar with the fea­tures of the prod­ucts of this brand. By the way, the own­ers of jew­el­ry of suit­able size will also have to turn to the jew­el­er: over time, they stretch a lit­tle.

Is it possible to reduce the size of the bracelet Pandoraon one’s own?

A pos­i­tive answer to this ques­tion can only be giv­en to the own­ers of leather bracelets: in order not to go to the mas­ter, you can inde­pen­dent­ly tie a knot on the prod­uct, thus com­pen­sat­ing for the large length. It is also pos­si­ble to inter­twine a leather mod­el with anoth­er bracelet from the brand: you will get an orig­i­nal piece of jew­el­ry, and the size prob­lem will be solved. You can also bind flex­i­ble met­al Pan­do­ra bracelets with sil­ver plat­ing. True, such an oper­a­tion requires at least accu­ra­cy and skill.

How to buy a Pandora bracelet with the perfect size?

There is a sim­ple table that allows you to make the right choice (a ref­er­ence point is Pan­do­ra sil­ver bracelets):

Wrist size, cm

Suit­able bracelet size, cm

















The size reserve allows you to con­ve­nient­ly fas­ten the dec­o­ra­tion your­self, as well as place the desired num­ber of charms and oth­er acces­sories (the max­i­mum num­ber is 15–20 pieces). Know­ing the size of the wrist, you can choose any type of Pan­do­ra bracelet, guess­ing the size exact­ly — spe­cial dimen­sion­al grids are pro­vid­ed for this. And then you don’t have to reduce any­thing.


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