Global The most beautiful prom dresses 2018 and decorations for them

The most beautiful prom dresses 2018 and decorations for them


Prom is a long-await­ed and excit­ing cel­e­bra­tion for all high school stu­dents, and that is why the process of choos­ing a prom dress mod­el becomes a dif­fi­cult but inter­est­ing task for them in prepar­ing for this day. But choos­ing the one most beau­ti­ful dress is often very dif­fi­cult. Every girl dreams of find­ing such a style of dress for this solemn moment, with the help of which she can make her own roman­ti­cal­ly beau­ti­ful image.

Dear high school girls, in order to choose the right mod­el, which can empha­size your beau­ty and indi­vid­u­al­i­ty, you need to know one impor­tant point — it is far from always worth choos­ing those mod­els that are at the height of fash­ion. To cre­ate a chic image that empha­sizes your beau­ty and per­son­al­i­ty, you need to choose the mod­el that suits your fig­ure.

First of all, you need to under­stand which mod­els are cre­at­ed for you, then you will have to look through many cat­a­logs and choose your favorite mod­el.

As soon as the ideas for cre­at­ing a future dress are cho­sen, it remains to be seen what mod­els will be fash­ion­able.

Color spectrum.

In the next two sea­sons, all mod­els will be made in a wide range of col­ors, which will allow each girl to choose her own col­or.

Not bright pink, cream and blue shades will empha­size the gen­tle light­ness of the image, but milky, turquoise or coral col­ors will add bright­ness and fem­i­nin­i­ty to it. Red, bur­gundy or blue, sap­phire or emer­ald green will make your image spec­tac­u­lar and styl­ish, and of course the clas­sics will be pop­u­lar — black, pure white or gray. Prod­ucts in pas­tel col­ors still will be rel­e­vant.

Fashion styles.

Ele­gance is back in fash­ion. Restraint and aris­toc­ra­cy, as before, take first place.

It does­n’t mat­ter if you choose a short sheath dress or a chic floor-length mod­el. A‑lineamaz­ing­ly ele­gant in the Greek style or stun­ning fish dress all this will be fash­ion­able, the main thing is that this style fits you per­fect­ly.
An equal­ly pop­u­lar midi dress will high­light your slen­der legs.
There will be a big demand for mod­els with a slit, which will effec­tive­ly open the leg, fem­i­nine mod­els that extend below the bust and sen­su­al evening mod­els with a large neck­line on the chest, an open back and a detach­able train. How to choose jew­el­ry for a prom dress.

If you have already decid­ed on the style of the dress, shoes and hair­style, it remains to choose jew­el­ry that will com­ple­ment your image, empha­size your beau­ty and youth.

Mas­sive jew­el­ry is not suit­able for young beau­ties. There should­n’t be many of them if you want to look sophis­ti­cat­ed. Focus on one cen­tral acces­so­ry and com­ple­ment it with a small dec­o­ra­tion. The best solu­tion would be to pur­chase a kit.

A neck­lace will suit the style of dress­es with a neck­line. It will high­light a wide neck­line and a beau­ti­ful neck, but at the same time your image will remain gen­tle.Choose ear­rings and a ring if your prom dress will be more closed.

Open­work jew­el­ry will suit an ele­gant clas­sic look, out­ward­ly they will look volu­mi­nous and add light­ness to your image. If you have focused on the neck­lace, then in addi­tion to it there may be small stud ear­rings. If you choose ear­rings, then replace the neck­lace with a chain with a small pen­dant.

A cock­tail dress is already bright in itself and you can choose a wide vari­ety of jew­el­ry for it — pen­dants, bracelets, ear­rings. The main thing is not to for­get that the cen­tral acces­so­ry should be one and not strive to dress every­thing and more.

For a retro prom dress, choose vin­tagejew­el­ry — acces­sories made of dark­ened sil­ver, prod­ucts with turquoise, cameos. Jew­el­ry goes well with this.

You need to care­ful­ly approach the cre­ation of your unique image and remem­ber that every lit­tle thing plays a big role and then you will def­i­nite­ly be daz­zling­ly beau­ti­ful on your prom night.


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