Global Collection “Pandora Mother’s Day 2018”

Collection “Pandora Mother’s Day 2018”


In today’s post, we will be able to see all the jew­el­ry from the Pan­do­ra Moth­er’s Day 2018 col­lec­tion. We already had announce­ment this col­lec­tion with bracelets and charms, but here we look at the accom­pa­ny­ing jew­el­ry — rings, ear­rings, neck­lace and bracelets not for charms. This col­lec­tion will be released April 12th.


Bracelet Bril­liant Bow will be in three sizes: 16.5 cm; 18.5 cm and 20.5 cm

Bracelet Sparkling Strand will be in a new gold col­or for Moth­er’s Day. It will go well with the Pan­do­ra Shine col­lec­tion.


Ear­rings Flour­ish­ing Hearts were already released last month in the UK. They look very nice on the ears.

Ear­rings Bright Hearts Hoops in the form of hearts with lilac and laven­der stones.

Ear­rings Bril­liant Bows. Anoth­er very cute ear­rings in the form of bows.

Ear­rings Sweet State­ments with pink enam­el.


Fur­ther neck­laces. Bril­liant Bow and Bright Hearts

Bright Hearts has the famil­iar Pan­do­ra neck­lace design

And final­ly, we have a float­ing medal­lion in the form of a heart in stones Sparkling Heart..


We will fin­ish with three new rings. Ring Bril­liant Bow in the form of a bow.

The oth­er two rings are some­thing new — float­ing medal­lions. The first ring with a logo, and the sec­ond in the form of a heart with stones Sparkling Float­ing Heart Lock­et


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