Global Charms Pandora: jewelry with deep connotations

Charms Pandora: jewelry with deep connotations


Pan­do­ra bracelets have long been fash­ion­able and pop­u­lar jew­el­ry. All girls like orig­i­nal prod­ucts with­out excep­tion. Their advan­tage lies in the fact that you can choose the pen­dants for the bracelet your­self. Charms have their own mean­ing and char­ac­ter­is­tic.

The most popular types of charms

When buy­ing a new charm, it will be help­ful to learn more about the sym­bol­ic mean­ing of each pen­dant:

  1. The Frog Princess charm com­bines two qual­i­ties: immor­tal­i­ty and wealth. The peo­ple of the East con­sid­er the frog a true sym­bol of pro­tec­tion. In addi­tion, the frog is able to attract mon­e­tary suc­cess.
  2. The horse­shoe is a sym­bol of good luck. Anoth­er use­ful prop­er­ty of it is the pro­tec­tion of its own­er from all fail­ures and evil inten­tions.
  3. Bud­dha sym­bol­izes wealth and pros­per­i­ty.
  4. The bal­loon is a sym­bol of pos­i­tive changes in life. A lit­tle sus­pen­sion will help you make sure that all changes are for the bet­ter.
  5. Clover is a sym­bol of the Holy Trin­i­ty, as well as good luck. Also, accord­ing to many, such a pen­dant can bring suc­cess and wealth.
  6. Saku­ra is the favorite flower of the Japan­ese. Such a charm sym­bol­izes wis­dom and beau­ty.
  7. The key and the lock are sym­bols of pow­er, suc­cess, wealth.
  8. The tree is a sym­bol of life and pros­per­i­ty. Orig­i­nal pen­dants are sure to bring suc­cess and abun­dance. The tree also sym­bol­izes fam­i­ly and self-suf­fi­cien­cy.
  9. The Holy Fam­i­ly is a pop­u­lar pen­dant among believ­ers. In their opin­ion, such a charm sym­bol­izes hap­pi­ness and mate­r­i­al wealth.
  10. The apple is a sym­bol of longevi­ty and knowl­edge.
  11. Ani­mal charms from Pan­do­ra

Among lovers of brand­ed jew­el­ry, ani­mal pen­dants. The most pop­u­lar include the fol­low­ing:

  1. Cat — sym­bol­izes suc­cess and hap­pi­ness, as well as pros­per­i­ty.
  2. The pea­cock is a beau­ti­ful and bright bird, sym­bol­iz­ing hap­pi­ness and fam­i­ly. She also rep­re­sents wealth and pros­per­i­ty.
  3. The owl is a sym­bol of wis­dom. Also, the bird sym­bol­izes mys­tery and deter­mi­na­tion.
  4. The camel is a sym­bol of calm­ness, endurance and delib­er­a­tion of actions. Very often, girls go with such charm to show their readi­ness for fam­i­ly life.
  5. Dol­phin sym­bol­izes friend­li­ness and respon­sive­ness. Accord­ing to many, it is this dec­o­ra­tion that will help to con­clude a hap­py mar­riage.
  6. But­ter­fly is a sym­bol of rebirth. Such a charm demon­strates the readi­ness of its own­er for changes in life.
  7. Kan­ga­roo sym­bol­izes advance­ment in spir­i­tu­al and mate­r­i­al terms. In some cas­es, the Aus­tralian ani­mal can even be con­sid­ered a sym­bol of rapid career growth and pros­per­i­ty.
  8. The giraffe sym­bol­izes calm­ness, ten­der­ness and kind char­ac­ter. Charm will help you achieve suc­cess both in your career and in your per­son­al life.
  9. The uni­corn is a myth­i­cal ani­mal. It sym­bol­izes suc­cess, hap­pi­ness, ful­fill­ment of desires.
  10. The starfish sym­bol­izes resilience and readi­ness for any dif­fi­cul­ties and stress­ful sit­u­a­tions.


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