Global Bracelets of actors and singers: what jewelry do celebrities prefer

Bracelets of actors and singers: what jewelry do celebrities prefer


All celebri­ties love jew­el­ry — espe­cial­ly bracelets. Both women and men adorn their wrists with them. It would seem that they should give pref­er­ence to gold acces­sories from fash­ion design­ers. But in fact, styl­ish non-pre­cious jew­el­ry is in demand among the “stars”.

Shambhala is a popular bracelet among the stars

Many celebri­ties give their pref­er­ence to Shamb­ha­la bracelets. Many of them put a spe­cial mean­ing into wear­ing such an acces­so­ry — in their opin­ion, such a bracelet brings good luck and hap­pi­ness. Shamb­ha­la is a macrame bracelet based on glass beads.

This acces­so­ry is loved by rap­per Jay‑Z, who believes that it is the bracelet that brings him suc­cess. The famous Paris Hilton also loves this dec­o­ra­tion and tries not to part with it, because, in her opin­ion, it brings her peace of mind.

The Sham­bal­la bracelet is also pop­u­lar among oth­er celebri­ties. Bey­on­cé, Madon­na, Kim Kar­dashi­an, Jen­nifer Lopez, Vic­to­ria Beck­ham also love this jew­el­ry and often wear it to sec­u­lar par­ties.

Bracelets Cartier Love

Mila Kunis, Angeli­na Jolie, Eva Lon­go­ria and oth­er actress­es pre­fer Carti­er Love bracelets. This exquis­ite gold jew­el­ry is very pop­u­lar among rep­re­sen­ta­tives of roy­al fam­i­lies. Each piece is made in uni­sex style.

The spe­cial design is the high­light of the prod­uct. If ordi­nary bracelets are sim­ply worn on the hand or attached to the wrist, then the Amer­i­can design­er’s jew­el­ry can be opened with a spe­cial screw­driv­er. A flat bracelet con­sists of 2 semi­cir­cles, which are con­nect­ed into one. This tech­nique sym­bol­izes true love.

The pres­tige of the Amer­i­can bracelet was influ­enced by the fact that many celebri­ties pre­fer this par­tic­u­lar piece of jew­el­ry. Among them are Sophia Loren, Eliz­a­beth Tay­lor, Steve McQueen, the fam­i­ly of the Dukes of Wind­sor and many oth­ers.

Pandora bracelets

Pan­do­ra bracelets have gained a lot of pop­u­lar­i­ty late­ly. They rep­re­sent a type­set­ting sys­tem — var­i­ous pen­dants can be fixed on the bracelet. They can be both in the form of fig­ures, and let­ters, num­bers and just beads. For many, such a bracelet is a real amulet and amulet.

Many celebri­ties pre­fer Pan­do­ra bracelets. Among them, Katie Holmes, Emma Wat­son, Ash­ley Grint, Kse­nia Sobchak, Anna Semen­ovich, Regi­na Todor­enko, Ravshana Kurko­va also love bracelets from a famous brand.

Frey Wille bracelets

Frey Wille Jew­el­ry House has been cre­at­ing mod­ern and styl­ish jew­el­ry for more than half a cen­tu­ry. Each acces­so­ry is cre­at­ed by a team of design­ers, artists and jew­el­ers. The basis of all brand prod­ucts is pre­cious enam­el, cre­at­ed from a mix­ture of glass, min­er­al addi­tives and gold pow­der.

The brand uses a spe­cial com­bi­na­tion of col­ors in each of its prod­ucts. Unusu­al designs and orig­i­nal col­or com­bi­na­tions make these acces­sories tru­ly styl­ish and unri­valed. That is why Frey Wille bracelets are pre­ferred by many celebri­ties: Nina Badric (Croa­t­ian singer, Euro­vi­sion par­tic­i­pant), Eka­te­ri­na Vilko­va (Russ­ian actress), Tonia Sotirop­u­lu (Amer­i­can actress) and many oth­ers.


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