Global Pandora Spring 2019 Collection — Review #4

Pandora Spring 2019 Collection — Review #4


Pen­dant “Four-leaf clover” from the series PANDORA Shine

This pen­dant is very sim­i­lar to its sil­ver ver­sion, but it is larg­er and uses clear cubic zir­co­nia stones rather than sil­very green crys­tals.

Open­work pen­dant “But­ter­flies”

Sil­ver but­ter­flies dance around a lumi­nous gold ball with a won­der­ful open­work pat­tern. This beau­ti­ful pen­dant per­fect­ly illus­trates the del­i­cate nature of the but­ter­fly wing.

But­ter­fly neck­lace

Sil­ver Y-like neck­lace is set with a shim­mer­ing cubic zir­co­nia stone. This jew­el­ry has an adjustable clasp mech­a­nism.

Lucky Four Leaf Clover Neck­lace

The Lucky Four Leaf Clover neck­lace can be worn in two styles. Can be worn with clover leaf up or down to shape Y fig­u­ra­tive neck­lace.

Crys­tal pink but­ter­fly neck­lace

This ster­ling sil­ver neck­lace fea­tures a pink crys­tal but­ter­fly in the same style as the Shiny Pink But­ter­fly charm.

Neck­lace “Four petals of a flower”

This sim­ple neck­lace fea­tures clear cubic zir­co­nia details and sparkling sil­ver flow­ers.

Neck­lace “Unit­ed Hearts”

Minia­ture hearts are con­nect­ed to a beau­ti­ful chain neck­lace. It would be inter­est­ing to see the real size of the hearts in this jew­el­ry and whether it is pos­si­ble to wear stan­dard pen­dants and charm from PANDORA.

Neck­lace “Unit­ed Hearts” from the series PANDORA Rose.

PANDORA Rose Bead­ed Neck­lace

Tiny beads are scat­tered along this exquis­ite neck­lace from the series PANDORA Rose.

Neck­lace from the series PANDORA Shine “Unit­ed Hearts”

New neck­lace Joined Hearts also avail­able in 18K gold from the series PANDORA Shine.

Neck­lace “Beads from the series PANDORA Shine

A thin bead­ed neck­lace is now avail­able in the series PANDORA Shine.

Neck­lace “Shine”

Sim­ple neck­lace now avail­able in series PANDORA Shineand craft­ed from 18 carat gold.

Flower stem neck­lace

A beau­ti­ful flower base forms an arc at the bot­tom of this pret­ty neck­lace from the series PANDORA Shine. Trans­par­ent zir­co­ni­um stones sparkle like refresh­ing dew drops on a spring flower.

Col­lec­tion spring 2019 :ear­rings

Stud ear­rings “Four petals of a flower”

The sim­ple four-leaf flower design is avail­able as cute stud ear­rings with clear zir­co­nia stones.

Ear­rings “But­ter­flies”

Sev­er­al sil­ver but­ter­flies dance togeth­er in these cute stud ear­rings. A tiny but­ter­fly dan­gles from each ear­ring. We real­ly liked the ver­sa­til­i­ty of these ear­rings, name­ly that they can be worn as pret­ty stud ear­rings or dain­ty dan­gle ear­rings.

Draped Flower Petals Ear­rings

These adorable ear­rings are designed to fit the curve of your ear­lobe. Alter­na­tive­ly, they can be worn on the oth­er side, hung slight­ly over the ear. Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones accen­tu­ate the del­i­cate flow­ers.

Stud ear­rings “Con­tours of a but­ter­fly”

The But­ter­fly Out­lines stud ear­rings depict a small but­ter­fly gen­tly low­er­ing its wings. The side of the ear­rings are dec­o­rat­ed with sparkling stones on the wings. We love these cute stud ear­rings!

Lucky Four Leaf Clover Stud Ear­rings

Exquis­ite ster­ling sil­ver Lucky Four Leaf Clover Stud Ear­rings set with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones.

Ear­rings “Lucky four-leaf clover”

These cute ster­ling sil­ver ear­rings are set with a sin­gle cube-shaped clear zir­co­nia stone and have a long dan­gling stem.

Four-Leaf Clover and Lady­bug Stud Ear­rings

Delight­ful orchid-shaped pink crys­tals sparkle on these delight­ful stud ear­rings. One ear­ring fea­tures a tiny clover and the oth­er fea­tures a small lady­bug prepar­ing to take flight. We liked that the ear­rings did­n’t match and they became our favorite pair of ear­rings from the spring col­lec­tion. PANDORA 2019.

Ear­rings “Pink rings”

New series Mat­te Bril­liance con­tin­ues with these beau­ti­ful ear­rings. The tiny hearts on the inside of the rings are a love­ly detail.

Ear­rings “Pink hearts”

Ear­rings-hearts from the series PANDORA Rose Mat­te Bril­liance com­bined with the pen­dant and charm from the series Mat­te Bril­liance. Please note that the dis­tin­guish­ing fea­turePANDORA” is a crown over the let­ter “O».

Ear­rings “Sparkling Ele­gance” in the series PANDORA Rose

These beau­ti­ful ear­rings are now avail­able in a series PANDORA Rose.

Ear­rings “But­ter­flies” from the series PANDORA Shine

spring col­lec­tion PANDORA 2019 has some inter­est­ing plus size ear­ring designs includ­ing a pair of But­ter­fly ear­rings from the series PANDORA Rose. Each ear­ring has one large lacy wing plat­ed in 18k gold. We real­ly liked these ear­rings. I would like to see them live to make sure they real­ly look beau­ti­ful and will not lose their appear­ance when worn.

Ear­rings “Radi­ance of Hearts”

Plunge into sun­ny weath­er with this cute pair of ear­rings in warm gold tones.

Ear­rings “Flower stem” from the series PANDORA Shine

Both ear­rings fea­ture a beau­ti­ful flower stem design and sparkling stones.

Ear­rings “But­ter­flies” from the series PANDORA Shine

Ear­rings from the series PANDORA Shine with dec­o­ra­tive but­ter­flies are cov­ered with 18 carat gold and with trans­par­ent zir­co­ni­um stones.

Ear­rings “Sparkling tear” from the series PANDORA Shine

New ear­rings from the series PANDORA Shine sparkle refresh­ing­ly like dew in a gold­en sun.



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