Global Pandora Rose Fall 2018 Collection: Review #2

Pandora Rose Fall 2018 Collection: Review #2


We would like to present you the final review of the Pan­do­ra Fall 2018 col­lec­tion, with a descrip­tion of all the rings, neck­laces and ear­rings that will go on sale at the end of this month! The jew­el­ry, which will be released on August 30 this sea­son, has min­i­mal col­or, focus­ing instead on sim­ple sil­ver detail­ing or crisp accents that make a nice addi­tion to the bright gold and pink fin­ish­es offered by the Rose and Shine col­lec­tion.

This post only applies to reg­u­lar Moments col­lec­tion jew­el­ry — we’ve cov­ered the new charms pre­vi­ous­ly. Read on to see the entire jew­el­ry col­lec­tion!

Bracelets Pandora Fall 2018

The only bracelet with­out charm this sea­son is a large bracelet Lace of Love - which is quite large in size.

Pandora Rings Fall 2018

The bracelet comes with a ring Lace of Love. This is a typ­i­cal exam­ple of Pan­do­ra prod­ucts, with hon­ey­comb details.

Ring liv­ing desire — one of our favourites.

open grain — this is anoth­er ring — a favorite.

roy­al beau­ty. It can be said that it is quite oxi­dized from the orig­i­nal image, but it shines enough in real life.

Time­less zigzag

shim­mer­ing zigzag

Princess Wish .It has a pret­ty nice design, it’s a more ele­gant ver­sion than some of the pre­vi­ous “princess rings”.

Bewitched Design roy­al ring this year it is pre­sent­ed again in the col­lec­tion, this time with a mix­ture of clear and black tones.

This ring is anoth­er mem­ber of the col­lec­tion that is includ­ed in the North Amer­i­can cat­a­log, which is why we also men­tioned it.

Tempt­ing Hearts

Now the ulti­mate tid­bit among the ring col­lec­tion! float­ing heart

necklaces Pandora Fall 2018
First, among the collection of necklaces, we have a new “seasonal” version floating medallion. It will only be available for a limited time. The stone is an artificial amethyst, very interesting in appearance.

There is also one more medal­lion neck­lace — how­ev­er, it is not “float­ing” and you can­not wear it out­side of the neck­lace. Medal­lion with a mix­ture of pink and pur­ple stones, which are col­lect­ed on dif­fer­ent sil­ver branch­es in a neck­lace. We love it, every lit­tle detail and fil­i­gree on the side of the medal­lion is absolute­ly per­fect.

A new Chainwith a length of 70 cm.

Design roy­al key attract­ed a lot of atten­tion in our pre­view Roseand it’s just as good here, made in sil­ver!

Unit­ed roy­al hearts- This is a more mod­ern dec­o­ra­tion from the entire roy­al series.

As a sign of atten­tion to the theme of the har­vest, which takes place dur­ing the autumn col­lec­tion, we have a prod­uct oval grain with a small knot­ted mount.

The next two neck­laces were again not fea­tured in the North Amer­i­can cat­a­log so we don’t have more infor­ma­tion on them.

Earrings Pandora autumn 2018

asym­met­ri­cal grains beau­ti­ful in their sim­plic­i­ty

Wings pan­do­ra heart. The col­or for these ear­rings sug­gests that the wings are detached from the sparkling hearts around them.

Ear­rings Princess Wish

Again, we don’t have data for this pair yet, not even in the cat­a­log THAT.

Then we have two “roy­al” prod­ucts. The more dra­mat­ic ones are roy­al drops, with fine fil­i­gree. The drops at the end are large rocks, not glass.

roy­al hearts offer a col­lapsi­ble ver­sion of the ear­ring of the same design.

Ear­rings Oval Radi­ance

These hoop ear­rings come in two dif­fer­ent sizes.

In this col­lec­tion, it became clear that a scar can be insert­ed into ear­rings in the form of rings.

Now, speak­ing of Essence – we were going to do a sep­a­rate pre­view Pan­do­ra Essence. How­ev­er, only 3 types were pre­sent­ed in the new cat­a­log, 2 of which are pre­sent­ed in our review.


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