Global Pandora Pre-Fall Collection 2018 Review — HD Photo

Pandora Pre-Fall Collection 2018 Review — HD Photo


PANDORA lovers will be thrilled to hear about the high­ly antic­i­pat­ed release of the upcom­ing PANDORA Pre-Autumn 2018 Col­lec­tion!


This year’s Pre-Autumn col­lec­tion has seen a slight redesign of a PANDORA clas­sic. Series Love Pod! The adorable pod pen­dants will now be avail­able in Sil­ver, PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine. Instead of dia­monds, there are clear cubic zir­co­nia stones, which will make the range more acces­si­ble.



These new let­ter ban­gles from PANDORA have a vari­ety of fin­ish­es on each side to cre­ate an inter­est­ing con­trast of tex­tures!

And here is new bracelets with inter­change­able let­ters — these are bracelets along with PANDORA brand­ed inserts and a beau­ti­ful PANDORA Sig­na­ture Heart dec­o­ra­tion. We noticed the Lock­et Ban­gle in the pho­to as it was sup­posed to be released in the PANDORA Spring 2018 col­lec­tion, but we still could­n’t wait for it. Hope­ful­ly it will final­ly be released as part of the PANDORA Pre-Autumn Col­lec­tion.

This charm is one of PAN­DO­RA’s new mov­able pieces and we think you’d love to see how it works. I won­der if the rota­tion will be free enough, if the charm will move on its own or only when rotat­ed.

This is the sec­ond new mov­able charm, and it is much eas­i­er to under­stand the prin­ci­ple of its move­ment here. The cen­tral disk rotates in a cir­cle around its mid­dle axis. “PANDORA” is engraved on one side and a heart is embossed in the cen­ter. On the back are clear cubic zir­co­nia stones, and tiny carved hearts cre­ate a pat­tern around the edge.

And this unusu­al charm is per­fect for pas­ta lovers. Each ele­ment hangs sep­a­rate­ly from the cen­tral ring, as if adding play­ful­ness. Do you have friends who would like this dec­o­ra­tion?

Just cut off a deli­cious piece hang­ing over the piz­za, ready to eat! The “mouth” of the jew­el­ry is stud­ded with red and trans­par­ent stones and hand-paint­ed green enam­el. The word “Love” is engraved on the base of the piz­za, mak­ing it a fun sou­venir from Italy.

This bright charm has flip flops, a drink and a tam­bourine with a Brazil­ian patch­work on it. The pre­vi­ous two Brazil­ian jew­els have recent­ly been dis­con­tin­ued and includ­ed in the PANDORA Sum­mer Sale. Well, this seems to be a brand new Brazil­ian “thing”.


Bracelet PANDORA Pad­lock will also be avail­able in PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine.

Stun­ning bracelet PANDORA Mesh will be avail­able in PANDORA Rose. There is no ver­sion in PANDORA Shine yet, but we are sure that it will appear soon.


Con­tin­u­ing the Sig­na­ture col­lec­tion, we have three dif­fer­ent neck­lace styles. This Y neck­lace can be adjust­ed for both high and low neck­lines.

One side of the neck­lace is embossed with the PANDORA logo, while the rest shim­mers with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones. The length of the chain is 45 cm. It can also be adjust­ed to 42 cm and 38 cm.

We think this neck­lace looks real­ly cool! You can change the appear­ance of the neck­lace by rotat­ing the inner cir­cle to con­nect it to the out­er cir­cle — what­ev­er you want. The chain is 60 cm long and has a slid­ing clasp so you can adjust it to any length you like.

This min­i­mal­ist neck­lace is inspired by the Arcs of Love from the PANDORA 2018 Valen­tine’s Day col­lec­tion. Like oth­er new PANDORA 2018 Pre-Autumn Col­lec­tions, it can be worn for any occa­sion.


Sim­i­lar to the Love Lock Ring from the 2018 Valen­tine’s Day col­lec­tion, this ring fea­tures a round PANDORA logo ‘lock’ and 14 pavé stones.

Two lines of clear stones can be flipped on either side on this ver­sa­tile ring. You can line them up with the PANDORA logo or cut out hearts, depend­ing on your mood.

And this PANDORA ring fea­tures a logo, carved hearts and shim­mer­ing cubic zir­co­nia. You can rotate the sparkling stone side, or any detail of the heart.


This pair of ear­rings can be worn in as many as five ways! The front of the cir­cle fea­tures the PANDORA logo, while the back fea­tures sparkling stones, cre­at­ing a two-dimen­sion­al graph­ic design. Wear both cir­cles on the front of your ear or wear one of them on the back for a unique design. There is also an option to wear cir­cles one by one. Which of the options do you like the most?


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