Global Pandora Fall 2018 Collection: Overview

Pandora Fall 2018 Collection: Overview


We are excit­ed to present our first Pan­do­ra 2018 Fall Col­lec­tion review com­ing out in late August/early Sep­tem­ber (we’re guess­ing August 30th) with a full line of incred­i­ble pieces.

In today’s pub­li­ca­tion, we will talk about charms from the Moments line, oth­er jew­el­ry (rings, chains, etc.), as well as a sep­a­rate review of the Rose, Shine and Essence col­lec­tions. In Octo­ber, the launch of a new con­cept of bracelets is expect­ed, but we will talk about this lat­er.

Pan­do­ra Fall 2018 Col­lec­tion Review

In gen­er­al, in our opin­ion, the col­lec­tion is filled with a youth­ful and mod­ern spir­it, but for those who seek some­thing more sol­id, there are a large num­ber of prod­ucts and beads with var­i­ous sym­bols.

As tra­di­tion dic­tates, let’s start with bracelets and beads! Replac­ing the tra­di­tion­al screw lock, Pan­do­ra opt­ed for a pad­lock-style clasp with a sin­gle smooth bead bracelet, as well as a ring-shaped bracelet. The bracelet with a pad­lock looks espe­cial­ly cute. Although, we did not notice the bracelet in the image on the right in the cat­a­log from NA.

Con­cern­ing shame, they are ded­i­cat­ed to the unusu­al theme of the har­vest and the motifs of cere­als. We real­ly like this idea, because it cor­re­sponds to the time of the year, but devi­ates a lit­tle from the direc­tion char­ac­ter­is­tic of Pan­do­ra in the autumn col­lec­tions. Among the beads, the door chain is espe­cial­ly sur­pris­ing (by the way, with sil­i­cone clamps). It would be inter­est­ing to see an addi­tion to the autumn-themed col­lec­tion in the form of a small col­lec­tion of for­est ani­mals ー fox, owl, bad­ger, dor­mouse * (can be replaced with “mouse”, as it is more under­stand­able and close in mean­ing) that would look out from a sheaf or wheat. We spied such a motif in a pen­dant with an inscrip­tion Always by Your Side (Always with you), but it would be nice to be able to devel­op this theme into a full ban­gle design.

Bright Seeds – Grains of Light

Radi­ant Grains of Ener­gy – Radi­ant Seeds of Ener­gy

Always by Your Side – Always with you

Icon of Nature – Nature sym­bol

Grains of Ener­gy clip – Grain of Ener­gy

Grains of Ener­gy safe­ty chain – Door Chain Grains of Ener­gy

Seeds of Ele­gance clip – Grain of Ele­gance

Daz­zling Grain Swirls – sparkling whirl­wind

The fol­low­ing are more stan­dard dec­o­ra­tive pat­terns and hearts. Among them is a lim­it­ed edi­tion “sea­son­al” iri­des­cent the lock­etwhich is a new approach to glass beads. Pen­dant com­posed of iri­des­cent Venet­ian glass in a pat­terned ster­ling sil­ver set­ting. It is only inter­est­ing what size the pen­dant will turn out to be in real life, because it is known that in most col­lec­tions Mura­no (Venet­ian) glass is feared because of the much larg­er size than in ordi­nary beads. Per­haps this will not be so notice­able if an equal pro­por­tion is main­tained between the sil­ver and glass ele­ments. Maybe the insert itself will be small­er.

Faceted Float­ing Lock­et – Faceted iri­des­cent medal­lion

Love You Lock – Cas­tle “I love you”

Sparkling Love – sparkling love

Lace of Love – Lace of love

Iri­des­cent White Glass – Iri­des­cent clear glass

Among the dec­o­ra­tive beads, there is a spe­cial offer in 14 carat gold:

Our favorite selec­tion is, of course, relat­ed to fairy tales and fables. Elixir of love The Love Potion Made from “mys­ti­cal pink crys­tal”. The uni­corn is made in a slight­ly dif­fer­ent style than the exquis­ite fairy minia­tures, but nev­er­the­less it will suit you per­fect­ly. You can always add rain­bow beads from the spring 2018 col­lec­tion for a charm­ing­ly cute look.

Fairy Tale Book – Book of fairy tales

Bruno the Uni­corn – Uni­corn Bruno

Regal Cas­tle – Roy­al Palace

Regal Heart – roy­al heart

Love Potion – Elixir of love

Regal Love Key – Roy­al key of love

Free as a Bird – Free as a bird

Regal Key – roy­al key

Unit­ed Regal Hearts – Uni­ty of roy­al hearts

Keys of Love – Keys to love

Regal Beau­ty – roy­al beau­ty

Lock & Heart – Cas­tle & Heart

Daz­zling Crown clip – sparkling crown

Final­ly, let’s look at a slight­ly strange selec­tion of jew­el­ry, real­ly mot­ley, but reflect­ing per­son­al and region­al traits. The most inter­est­ing bead (at least in our opin­ion!) Pump­kin (Pump­kin)! After all, we have been wait­ing for a new Hal­loween-style bead for so long! Ever since the time we start­ed blog­ging, that one before too. And final­ly we got it! Its arrival is no sur­prise to us, giv­en the incred­i­ble pop­u­lar­i­ty of Hal­loween-inspired pat­tern beads, exclu­sive to the US last year. We look for­ward to even greater suc­cess in the com­ing years. And for the ster­ling sil­ver design, this cute pump­kin gets an extra point.

Fam­i­ly Game – fam­i­ly game

Sweet Pump­kin – sweet pump­kin

Fam­i­ly Lock­et – fam­i­ly cas­tle

Fam­i­ly Roots – fam­i­ly roots

Thank you Let­ter – Thank You Let­ter

Rab­bit Lantern – lantern rab­bit

Daz­zling Stetho­scope – Glit­ter­ing stetho­scope

Hero Dog Tag – Dog medal­lion “Hero”

About Sym­bol – Om mantra

Fire­fight­er Essen­tials – Fire­fight­er Attrib­ut­es


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