Global Overview of the Pandora Winter 2018 Collection

Overview of the Pandora Winter 2018 Collection


Today’s post is ded­i­cat­ed to the review of the Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2018 col­lec­tion! This col­lec­tion is some­what tra­di­tion­al Pan­do­ra, with ice and sky charms con­trast­ing with fun hol­i­day charms. In the mean­time, there are some new whim­si­cal beads to add and dilute your col­lec­tion.

Pan­do­ra did not give per­mis­sion to view the entire col­lec­tion, so we will only present the avail­able charms — this is main­ly the Pan­do­ra Rose or Shine col­lec­tion, or dec­o­ra­tive beads, so almost all the new items are pre­sent­ed in the review. And, in any case, if you go to your local store and look through the cat­a­log, you can see the whole range of new prod­ucts there.

The new col­lec­tion will be released on Novem­ber 1st. As usu­al, we cov­er charms and bracelets in our review — oth­er jew­el­ry will be in the descrip­tion lat­er. Fol­low us for a full overview of the col­lec­tion!

Pandora Winter 2018 Collection Preview

Let’s start our review with the tra­di­tion­al frost­ed beads — and the less tra­di­tion­al — Melter of Hearts- a fun lit­tle charm new to Pan­do­ra this year. It’s made from Mura­no glass, though we can’t fig­ure out what mate­r­i­al the eyes in this charm were made from! The rest of the beads are more suit­able for frosty themes — they are giv­en sea­son­al “frosty” names, most of them are quite abstract in design and mul­ti­func­tion­al. Our favorite charm is the red ver­sion Daz­zling Snowflake.

Some of our favorites are pre­sent­ed in the next col­lage. Charm Mug of hot choco­lateis a great choice for hot drink lovers who want to add a Christ­mas flair. Anoth­er amaz­ing bead — Christ­mas train with gifts.

We’re not sure why the charm Ice turned out to be in this col­lage, and not in the part of the col­lec­tion with “frosty acces­sories”.

Cos­mic charms are also pre­sent­ed — Secu­ri­ty chain is love­ly and would look good on both a Christ­mas and space themed bracelet. And, if you want to com­bine these two themes on your bracelet, there is always charm. San­ta in space!

We peeped into this year’s hol­i­day lim­it­ed edi­tion bracelet col­lec­tion. Charm“Christ­mas orna­ment” is a moth­er-of-pearl ver­sion of last year’s Rock­ettes charm with a cute raised cres­cent moon. Odd­ly enough, Pan­do­ra pro­vid­ed this pho­to with the fall col­lec­tion, but we believe that this was a mis­take. How­ev­er, this charm was released as part of the fall col­lec­tion in some coun­tries and is avail­able for pur­chase there now — for exam­ple, in France. The rea­son for this sale is unknown to us.

Very good to look with these beads will be a lim­it­ed edi­tion bracelet Fire­work. Again, Pan­do­ra gave us a pho­to of this charm in the fall col­lec­tion, and they prob­a­bly put it on sale ear­li­er too.

This bracelet would look good with any themed charms, but the charm Daz­zling desires looks espe­cial­ly amaz­ing. If you look close­ly, the enam­el plate on the back of the bead shines bright­ly, and we are sure that it looks even more impres­sive live.

daz­zling fire­works looks a lot like snowflakes.

The next two charms are region­al releas­es — they are not part of the nor­mal UK cat­a­logue. This charm Our Lady Apare­ci­daquite nice­ly detailed in enam­el and sil­ver.

Charm Radio City sim­i­lar to the Rock­ettes charm that came out last year.

Final­ly, this beau­ti­ful blue star clasp bracelet is pre­sent­ed!


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