Global Collection Pandora Winter — 2018 part 3

Collection Pandora Winter — 2018 part 3


Collection PANDORA winter 2018 COLLECTION necklaces and pendants

Pen­dant “Daz­zling Ice”

The theme of ice floes in this col­lec­tion con­tin­ues with this pen­dant, which resem­bles an ele­gant elon­gat­ed ice cube! This oblong pen­dant has a rather sim­ple design, but that does­n’t make it any less charm­ing.

Shards of Glit­ter Neck­lace

This pen­dant is like a shim­mer­ing gate­way to a secret world! Del­i­cate ice cubes cre­ate an intrigu­ing neck­lace shape that will sparkle amaz­ing­ly in the sun­light. The 45 cm long neck­lace chain looks great on the col­lar­bone.

Neck­lace “Moon and Stars”

A beau­ti­ful night sky adorns this pret­ty neck­lace, and the lit­tle stars are rem­i­nis­cent of the mag­i­cal Cin­derel­la Dream charm from the Dis­ney series. Open the smooth orb to read the secret mes­sage: “I love you to the moon and back.” There is also a small space inside the lock­et that could be used to hold a lock of your loved one’s hair! The chain allows you to adjust the length to suit your indi­vid­ual style. The total length of the chain is 60 cen­time­ters.

Volatile Pearl Neck­lace

This unique neck­lace fea­tures a fresh­wa­ter cul­tured pearl float­ing inside. The chain allows you to adjust the length to suit your indi­vid­ual style.

Neck­lace “String of beads”

This play­ful neck­lace fea­tures five mov­able sil­ver beads on a chain. Chain allows you to adjust the length to suit your indi­vid­ual style

Pen­dant “Glit­ter­ing Ice” Rose

This pen­dant can be called a styl­ish and vin­tage ver­sion of a series of pen­dants.

Volatile Pearl Neck­lace Rose

Fresh­wa­ter cul­tured pearls alter­nate with sparkling beads to cre­ate a juicy con­trast in this ele­gant neck­lace. The chain can be adjust­ed to the desired length.

US exclu­sive to the Jared series. Rose Ties Neck­lace

In addi­tion to the charm, which is exclu­sive to the Jared series, there is also an exclu­sive neck­lace and ear­rings. A sin­gle knot tied with a pret­ty rib­bon hangs in the cen­ter of this cute neck­lace. On both sides of the trans­par­ent zir­co­nia stone is insert­ed in the shape of a cube, which adds a lit­tle shim­mer.

winter collection PANDORA 2018 rings

Ring “String of beads”

In this ring, shiny sil­ver beads are con­stant­ly increas­ing in size, and the largest one is in the cen­ter.

Volatile Pearl Ring

This ring design has a fresh­wa­ter cul­tured pearl inside that reflects a sil­ver sphere oppo­site. While the over­all look is pret­ty good, unfor­tu­nate­ly this ring reminds us of a bel­ly pierc­ing ring!

Shards of Glit­ter Ring

Drops of icy sheen meet chis­eled rec­tan­gu­lar facets on this ster­ling sil­ver ring. Cubic zir­co­nia shim­mers along the lines of the design.

Ring “Daz­zling Ice”

The rec­tan­gu­lar facets of cubic zir­co­nia add an abstract note to the clas­sic look of the ring. Craft­ed from ster­ling sil­ver, with lus­trous stones, this ring is sure to make you shine! This sim­ple design of this ring is incred­i­bly chic, just like dia­monds!

Ice Beau­ty Ring

Stones with unique angles on this sil­ver ring reflect the flow of water that has been frozen. The effect is sim­ply daz­zling as the light bounces off mul­ti­ple edges!

Volatile Pearl Ring Rose

Lumi­nous pearls are present in many of the Win­ter 2018 jew­el­ry, pro­duc­ing mod­ern and ele­gant jew­el­ry mas­ter­pieces. So in this ring, pearls sparkle beau­ti­ful­ly in motion.

Ice Shine Rose Ring

Ice Glow Ring is anoth­er ele­gant­ly designed ring with a beau­ti­ful clas­sic stone that looks real­ly amaz­ing.

Winter collection PANDORA 2018 earrings

Ear­rings “String of beads”

In this sea­son PANDORA Updates a clas­sic hoop ear­ring with an inter­est­ing tex­ture of shim­mer­ing sphere-like bub­bles.

Ear­rings “Unsta­ble pearl”

This is no ordi­nary set of ear­rings — rings. Com­ing out of the heart and form­ing a cir­cle, these ele­gant cir­cles hold the pearl that floats inside!

Ear­rings “Dan­gling string of beads”

Fol­low­ing the recent trend of jew­el­ry that can be moved, these mod­ern ear­rings can be worn at dif­fer­ent lengths. Gen­tly pull the ends of the chain to place the beads asym­met­ri­cal­ly or even­ly bal­anced.

Ear­rings “Clas­sic studs”

The bead­ing theme con­tin­ues with these clas­sic ear­rings. While their sim­ple design is great for every­day wear, I think they look a bit pricey for the price.

Ear­rings “Moon­light”

The sub­tle shape of the moon looks inter­est­ing with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones. Their cute design reflects the line of the ear­lobes in a grace­ful style.

Ear­rings “Glow of Ice”

This dain­ty pair of ear­rings will be per­fect any­time, any­where and for any occa­sion! Charm­ing stones cre­ate a daz­zling effect!

Ear­rings “Col­or­ful beau­ty”

These ele­gant round ster­ling sil­ver ear­rings are sure to gar­ner com­pli­ments with their love­ly beams of light. Glossy cubic zir­co­nia cre­ates bursts and reflec­tions of fire­works.

Ear­rings “Moth­er-of-pearl lace” Rose

These cute moth­er of pearl ear­rings are also avail­able in beau­ti­ful fin­ish­es. PANDORA Rose.

Ear­rings “Glow of Ice” Rose

The con­trast of col­or and faceted shapes adds extra charm to these clas­sic ear­rings.

Hoop ear­rings “Hearts“Rose

This is anoth­er addi­tion to the series. PANDORA “Hearts”. Sparkling stones are set both on the out­side and on the inside with a diam­e­ter of 2 cm.

US exclu­sive to the Jared series. Ear­rings “Love Rays” Rose

These exclu­sive ear­rings are from the Jared series. A beau­ti­ful rib­bon is tied to an ele­gant knot, sym­bol­iz­ing eter­nal love. There are also addi­tion­al details with draw­ings of hearts and a sparkling stone at the base.

col­lec­tion PANDORA win­ter 2018 engraved us exclu­sive

Charm «Feliz Christ­mas» from the series “Engraved US Exclu­sive”

Get into the hol­i­day spir­it with charm that shines as bright­ly as the Christ­mas lights. Made from sil­ver, with white, red and green enam­el and bright zir­co­nia trim, this scar will make a won­der­ful gift.

Charm “Nut­crack­er” from the series “Etched US Exclu­sive”

One of the most rec­og­niz­able sym­bols of the hol­i­days is the lit­tle toy sol­dier known as the Nut­crack­er. Dressed in his red uni­form, he draws atten­tion to him­self. The Nut­crack­er is stand­ing sur­round­ed by New Year’s gifts. Ital­ics writ­ten “Hap­py Hol­i­days”.

Charm “Thank you for you” from the series “Engraved US Exclu­sive”

This ster­ling sil­ver heart-shaped charm in hol­i­day col­ors with turkey is a very cute piece of jew­el­ry. On one side of the heart is an engraved mes­sage “Thank you for you”.

All I Need for Christ­mas Is You Charm from the Engraved US Exclu­sive Series

This charm is sim­i­lar behind the design on “Feliz Christ­mas”. This charm is engraved with the mes­sage “All I need for Christ­mas is you”

Chain with pen­dant “Blessed (Hap­py)” from the series “Engraved US Exclu­sive”

This stun­ning ster­ling sil­ver neck­lace speaks of what is in your heart every day with your fam­i­ly and friends.

Our favorites from this collection are “Robot Bobby», «Spaceman Tommy», «Mickey’s 90th birthday”, “Mary Poppins’ Dream” “Murano glass — a melting ice floe” and “Mary Poppins umbrella”. What’s on your wish list? Share with us in the comments below.


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