Global Collection Pandora Winter — 2018 part 2

Collection Pandora Winter — 2018 part 2


Clip «Ice» Rose

This clip looks absolute­ly stun­ning in the con­trast of warm pink and cool stones.

US exclu­sive to the Jared series. Charm “Fam­i­ly — for­ev­er”

Thanks to an atten­tive read­er, we learned that this charm from the Jared series is an exclu­sive. “Fam­i­ly For­ev­er” engraved on the back. Pay atten­tion to the small hole from which small hearts hang down.

Engraved Elegance Charm

Shards of sparkling ice floes come togeth­er to form a bril­liant ball of zir­co­nia-shaped round bril­liant stones. The sharp edges of the stones give this charm a slight­ly dan­ger­ous feel and it will look great paired with the new charms from the col­lec­tion.

Blue Engraved Ele­gance Charm

This charm is identical to the Engraved Elegance charm but in blue.

Cerise Dazzling Dazzling Snowflake Charm

The Cerise Daz­zling Daz­zling Snowflake charm is very sim­i­lar to the Daz­zling Blue Snowflake charm from the Win­ter 2017 col­lec­tion. At first we thought that apart from the dif­fer­ence in col­or, both charms are the same, but as it turned out, the style of the snowflake itself is dif­fer­ent. The Cerise ver­sion of the charm fea­tures an embossed oxi­dized snowflake, while the snowflake on the Daz­zling Blue Snowflake charm is volu­mi­nous. We liked the new charm bet­ter as it’s more obvi­ous that it’s a snowflake! Both charms would look stun­ning togeth­er on a PANDORA Rose bracelet.

Charm “Blue heart shining in the night”

This is a new ver­sion of the heart charms, with a gor­geous blue crys­tal heart! Although our favorite still remains the charm with a pink heart.

Charm “Ice carving”

A small wreath of crys­tals dan­gles from this charm and the pen­dant is engraved with the mes­sage “You melt­ed my heart” and a tiny cutout. We real­ly liked the idea of ​​engrav­ing in this series, as it goes well with the win­ter theme.

Charm “Murano glass — melting ice”

When we first saw this charm, we thought it was sil­ver with enam­el inlays. But we were delight­ed when we found out that this charm is a new visu­al­iza­tion of the Mura­no glass charms. This charm is shaped like an ice cube and is the first Mura­no glass piece ever made with a square shape. This ice cube has a cheer­ful expres­sion and his eyes are incred­i­bly sparkling and glow­ing from both sides. It has already melt­ed our hearts and made it to our wish list!

Charm “Daz­zling Desire”

This charm has two parts. The first is fire­works with beau­ti­ful beads. The sec­ond is a blue enam­el disk that is filled with shim­mer­ing bril­liance and is rem­i­nis­cent of the count­less stars in the galaxy. The charm is also engraved with the mes­sage “The best is yet to come.”

Charm “Daz­zling fire­works”

A mix­ture of clear zir­co­nia and roy­al blue crys­tals cre­ates this fire­works explo­sion. The sparkling blue crys­tals will look great paired with some of the Win­ter 2017 charms like the Roy­al Galaxy and Win­ter Delight.

Charm “Dog — Robot Bobby”

The Win­ter 2018 col­lec­tion includes a new hero — Bel­la Bot’s pet dog, Bob­by! Bob­by has mov­able legs as well as ears and a large heart on his chest. Bob­by also has a tiny white nose with an enam­el heart! I hope PANDORA will also release a lit­tle robot cat for cat lovers like us. Any ideas what it could be called?

Charm “Tommy — astronaut”

Anoth­er new hero is Space­man Ton­ny! He’s ready to send Bel­la and Bob­by into space to explore the galaxy! Space­man Tom­my’s very large hel­met remind­ed us of Oggy from the sci­ence fic­tion book and movie Mir­a­cle. If you haven’t read or watched yet, we rec­om­mend it! As huge fans of the Galaxy series, we feel that this charm should be pur­chased to com­plete the col­lec­tion.

Charm “Planet of Love”

The new Plan­et of Love Charm pairs per­fect­ly with the Cos­mo­naut Ton­ny charm! With an angled orbit, this fun charm will look inter­est­ing on your bracelet. The sil­ver and white enam­el details add to the cos­mic vibe!

Chain “Personal Galactic Security Chain”

This rather beau­ti­ful chain has sparkling stones, as well as a shoot­ing star and a cres­cent moon at both ends. This cos­mic style is the per­fect addi­tion to the star-themed bracelet.

Charm “Santa in space”

Con­tin­u­ing the space theme, we present San­ta in a space­ship, instead of a sleigh. Hand-paint­ed in red and white enam­el along with a sparkling star dec­o­rates this ster­ling sil­ver charm.

Charm “Cozy Christmas House”

A beau­ti­ful nativ­i­ty scene comes to life on this ster­ling sil­ver charm. A red enam­el house, a fes­tive wreath over the door, a tree in the liv­ing room: every­thing is ready for the arrival of San­ta and fun.

Charm “Christmas Train”

This is the first col­lec­tion to fea­ture dou­ble charm! The front of the train con­nects to a car­riage filled with red enam­eled gifts.

Charm “Warm cocoa”

A warm cup of deli­cious cocoa is one of our favorite hot drinks, after tea and cof­fee of course! This hot cocoa looks deli­cious, with whipped cream, marsh­mal­lows and enam­el can­dy! The sil­ver mug also has a cute red enam­el heart.

Charm “Perfect Christmas pendants”

These sil­ver pen­dants per­fect­ly con­vey the scene of falling snow, friends and a star shin­ing from above. The secret mes­sage is engraved below: “It does­n’t mat­ter where” on one side, “A mat­ters with whom” on the oth­er side of the pen­dant.

Charm “Christmas Bear”

In this charm, a hap­py ted­dy bear enjoys his hot cocoa. His lit­tle out­fit looks very cozy, and is hand-paint­ed in red and white enam­el. This charm is def­i­nite­ly worth your atten­tion!

Merry Christmas Charm

This charm — a round snow­ball with dia­monds like falling snow — express­es a fes­tive Christ­mas mes­sage engraved in enam­el.

Шарм «Our Lady Aparacida»

Nos­sa Sen­ho­ra Aparaci­da is an image wide­ly revered by Brazil­ian Catholics. They con­sid­er her the main patroness of Brazil. So this charm will be exclu­sive in Brazil.

Charm «New York Radio City Hall»

PANDORA spon­sored the per­for­mance Rock­ettes in Radio City Hall in 2017 and there­fore released a spe­cial charm and gift set. The charm was released glob­al­ly but was only avail­able in the US. The amaz­ing style of the charm is made of red and green translu­cent enam­el, which is engraved with the inscrip­tions “RADIO CITY” and “Music Hall».

Charm “Beads”

This charm is a trio of sparkling beads on this charm, with the small­est of them dan­gling from a thin chain. Although the col­lec­tions PANDORA You can often see sim­ple sil­ver charms, this pen­dant looks a bit odd.

Pave Ball Charm

If you are a fan of Pavé balls, then this spher­i­cal one is for you! The new con­cave shape, with a sparkling sur­face of stones of dif­fer­ent sizes, cre­ates a daz­zling effect.

Limited edition. Charm “Silver Christmas Ornament”

This charm is ele­gant­ly craft­ed in ster­ling sil­ver and gleams with enam­el, per­fect for the win­ter sea­son. In the US, this charm will be sold as part of a gift set includ­ing col­lectible charms. PANDORA and charms from the Week­end with Rock­ettes» . This gift set will only be avail­able for a lim­it­ed time while stocks last.

Clip “Glitter of crystals”

In this cute clip, a sparkling line of clear stones runs through rows of beau­ti­ful crys­tals. This ele­gant design will suit many styles and is rea­son­ably priced.

Lucky Deer Charm

In this charm, the cheeky deer walks cheer­ful­ly, show­ing off its sparkling col­lar.

Charm “Heart decorated with beads”

In this piece, pol­ished sil­ver forms a heart shape that is cov­ered with glit­tery beads, pro­vid­ing inter­est­ing tex­ture to this rather sim­ple charm.

Beaded Pink Heart Charm

Embell­ished with glit­tery bead­ed tex­ture, this cute heart shaped charm will make a won­der­ful addi­tion to any bracelet. Its open design cre­ates an intrigu­ing con­trast with the sil­ver bracelet.

Charm “Brilliant robot — Bella”

Our favorite robot is now in a new trans­for­ma­tion! The new Bel­la Robot charm now has a white enam­el out­fit, both with pink and sil­ver enam­el.


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