Global 5 most reliable chain weaves

5 most reliable chain weaves


Chains are a ver­sa­tile piece of jew­el­ry. This is one of the few acces­sories that nev­er goes out of style. With trends, only how many chains can be com­bined in an image, what will be the col­or of the met­al, change.

To date, there are more than 5 dozen types of weav­ing. In addi­tion, chains are dis­tin­guished by length, mate­r­i­al and decor. We will tell you about which types of weav­ing, among oth­ers, are the strongest and most reli­able, so that you can choose the per­fect acces­so­ry for your­self.

The most reli­able weav­ing

All jew­el­ry experts agree that weav­ing Bis­mar­ck ranks first on the list. Each of the rows of links is inter­con­nect­ed — this is what makes the chain so strong. Such a large mas­sive jew­el­ry looks great on its own and it is not at all nec­es­sary to wear it with a pen­dant. The only trou­ble that can hap­pen with such an acces­so­ry is con­stant clean­ing, because dirt gets clogged between the links all the time. Most often this type attracts men. By the way, weav­ing is named after the first chan­cel­lor of Ger­many.

Next on the list is weav­ingBald tail”. The cells seem to be fold­ed in half and direct­ed one at the oth­er. The cost of such jew­el­ry is much high­er, because they use a large amount of met­al and labor-inten­sive work. Weav­ing is both round and square.

Weav­ing type “Anchor”. Gener­ic type. It con­sists of iden­ti­cal cells that are con­nect­ed in turn one after the oth­er. The most durable of the vari­eties is Garib­al­da, which has dou­ble cells.

Weav­ing type “shell”. Basic, clas­sic type. The most prac­ti­cal in appli­ca­tion, because it nev­er gets con­fused and does not give in to defor­ma­tion. The cells are con­nect­ed one after the oth­er and twist­ed in such a way that they are in the same face. The chain has a smooth sur­face.

Weave “Non­na”. Very strong and reli­able chains that are designed for women. The cells are flat. You might think that a small cell is embed­ded in a slight­ly larg­er one. The bot­tom line is that one cell is con­nect­ed to both a small one and a large one. Jew­el­ers like to dec­o­rate this type of weav­ing with dia­mond facets, which looks more than easy and attrac­tive.

Weav­ing type “Snake”. Very durable option, because it has seals. Rough­ly speak­ing, at its core, a snake is a dou­ble armored weave. These chains are best worn with pen­dants.

To make sure the fas­ten­ing is secure, you need to pull the chain between two fin­gers and care­ful­ly exam­ine the con­nec­tions. If they are all the same in shape, uni­form, and the cells do not sink, then you can safe­ly pur­chase such a chain.

How to choose the right chain?

Have you already decid­ed on the type of chain weav­ing? Be sure to choose the right lock. You should be able to put on and take off the jew­el­ry with­out assis­tance. The lock, like weav­ing, must be reli­able. But at the same time, you should not for­get about your com­fort. Some of the types of locks:

  • Clasp in the form of a “donut”, which is designed for small mod­els.
  • Screw fas­ten­er (it needs to be twist­ed).
  • For heavy acces­sories use a box clasp.

Large Bis­mar­ck chains are best worn with­out any pen­dants. If you choose an acces­so­ry for a spe­cif­ic pen­dant, do not for­get that the eye­let should fit well on the chain. The chain should weigh at least a cou­ple of times more than the pen­dant. The sim­pler the weav­ing, the more like­ly it is that you need to pick up a pen­dant for it. By the way, hTo pur­chase a sil­ver or gold chain, do not for­get to con­sid­er the length. For exam­ple, if you are a thin girl, choose options up to 50 cen­time­ters. If you want to visu­al­ly “grow”, pay atten­tion to the long chain, from 60 cen­time­ters long.


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