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Why do girls wear chokers? — SILVERS


Many women feel hot­ter and sex­i­er when they fol­low fash­ion — they love the con­fi­dence that orig­i­nal and styl­ish jew­el­ry gives them. Chok­ers are espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar among mod­ern fash­ion­istas. They are made from var­i­ous mate­ri­als such as rib­bon, suede, vel­vet, leather and the like. Some of them are more whim­si­cal: made of met­als, beads or pre­cious stones.

Mod­ern fash­ion­istas may not even know that these acces­sories are among the old­est fash­ion trends. It is believed that these neck­laces were first worn in ancient cul­tures, in Egypt and Mesopotamia. At the time, res­i­dents thought that wear­ing chok­ers would pro­tect them from evil and give them strength. In fact, the his­to­ry of the chok­er neck­lace goes back hun­dreds of years.

What does the chok­er on the neck mean — it is very dif­fi­cult to say, since there is no reli­able expla­na­tion for this dec­o­ra­tion. Many sources claim that chok­ers were first seen in 1798 dur­ing the French Rev­o­lu­tion. Expa­tri­ate French women wore red rib­bons around their necks to pay trib­ute to those who died on the guil­lo­tine. But in fact, it can be assumed that chok­ers appeared even before Anne Boleyn (1507–1536) was depict­ed wear­ing a chok­er neck­lace in paint­ings of that era. Her famous neck­lace con­sist­ed of pearls and a “B” pen­dant, and she wore it around her neck.

There are sev­er­al por­traits of Queen Vic­to­ria (1819–1901) show­ing her wear­ing a chok­er dur­ing her reign, and Alexan­dra, Princess of Wales (1844–1925) often wore chok­ers to cov­er a scar on her neck that is believed to have remained after surgery in child­hood. Princess Alexan­dra began to influ­ence fash­ion, set­ting trends for the next 50 years as soci­ety ladies began to copy her. Dur­ing the Vic­to­ri­an era, wealthy women wore chok­ers as a fash­ion state­ment, many of which were adorned with jew­els.

Chok­ers look best on those with long, slen­der necks. If you have a very short neck, the neck­lace will not look har­mo­nious unless it is very thin and sim­ple. It, like all neck­laces, accen­tu­ates your strongest fea­tures by fram­ing it. If you have a round face, stay away from chok­ers as they will accen­tu­ate your round­ness. If you have an oval face, you can wear neck­laces of any shape, length, and style.

What does a chok­er on a girl’s neck mean?

Chok­ers are styl­ish and mod­ern acces­sories that empha­size the charis­ma, inde­pen­dence and indi­vid­ual style of their own­er. Despite the fact that the age of this jew­el­ry is quite large, the style of wear­ing it remains unchanged — tight­ly fit­ting to the neck. Hard to saywhy wear a chok­er the beau­ti­ful half of human­i­ty, prob­a­bly because of mod­ern, fash­ion trends. Such dec­o­ra­tions stretch the neck, make the image com­plete and con­cise. It’s not for noth­ing that many mod­ern celebri­ties, such as Tay­lor Swift, Jen­nifer Lopez, Pamela Ander­son, pre­fer this acces­so­ry.

Chok­er neck­laces can be a great fash­ion acces­so­ry if worn cor­rect­ly. How­ev­er, there are cer­tain key points to con­sid­er when choos­ing a piece of jew­el­ry to make it look flat­ter­ing. The pur­pose of the chok­er is deter­mined by the mate­r­i­al from which it is made. The most pop­u­lar mate­r­i­al in the pro­duc­tion process:

  1. Leather. Gives dra­ma and sophis­ti­ca­tion to the appear­ance of the girl. Leather chok­ers can be thin, with small leather cords, one wide leather strap, or sev­er­al weaves togeth­er. This mate­r­i­al is very soft, it does not crack, does not crack and does not deform over time. This chok­er goes well with pen­dants, beads and semi-pre­cious stones.
  2. Steel and met­al. Wom­en’s neck­laces made of pure sil­ver and gold, clas­sic, prac­ti­cal and del­i­cate, with intri­cate and del­i­cate fil­i­gree pat­terns, will make your look unfor­get­table. Met­al chok­ers are strong and ver­sa­tile, mak­ing them long-last­ing pieces of jew­el­ry.
  3. Tex­tile. These chok­ers can be made in dif­fer­ent shades and col­ors. Fluffy rib­bon, smooth silk and rich vel­vet cre­ate a lux­u­ri­ous vibe, while stretch fab­ric chok­ers cre­ate a snug fit and con­tem­po­rary look. Some fab­ric neck­laces are embell­ished with details such as studs or embroi­dery to enhance your style.

Every young per­son wants to know what means chok­er on girlbut this can only be deter­mined if you get to know her and the sub­tleties of the female soul clos­er.


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