Global Pandora Winter 2019 Collection — Review Part 1 — SILVERS

Pandora Winter 2019 Collection — Review Part 1 — SILVERS


Get ready to be enchant­ed by the win­ter col­lec­tion from Pan­do­rafilled with sparkling crys­tals, stars and quirky new char­ac­ters.

Col­lec­tion win­ter 2019 from Pan­do­ra goes on sale on Thurs­day, Octo­ber 31, 2019.


Open bracelet from the series Pan­do­ra Rose.

The sparkling clear zir­co­nia at the ends of this open ban­gle is sur­round­ed by tiny gem­stones.

Blue snowflake bracelet

New stun­ning bracelet from the series Pan­do­ra Moments Embell­ished with a sparkling blue snowflake stone, it is per­fect as dec­o­ra­tion for the win­ter hol­i­days.

Bracelet “Heav­en­ly Stars”

Nine sparkling stars come togeth­er in this beau­ti­ful bracelet! Cute tiny stars can remind us of the draw­ings we used to draw on the cov­er of books as kids!

Round bracelet “Shiny balls”

A row of five glit­ter­ing orbs adorns the cen­ter of this bracelet. Avail­able in 23cm and 25cm sizes, this bracelet fea­tures an adjustable clasp for a com­fort­able fit. It can be worn as an addi­tion to anoth­er bracelet or as an inde­pen­dent dec­o­ra­tion.

Bracelet “Radi­ance”

Mag­i­cal blue crys­tals alter­nate with clear zir­co­nia stones on the exquis­ite Radi­ance bracelet. The dark­er rhodi­um plat­ing adds a mod­ern touch to the design. Avail­able to order in size 23cm and 25cm, with adjustable clo­sure.

Bracelet “Star” from Pan­do­ra PavIt is

The pop­u­lar bracelet is back! This time, the sky-themed bracelet fea­tures a large star-shaped clasp set with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones. Two small pol­ished stars hang from the clasp. Avail­able to order in size 28 cm, this bracelet is sure to become the col­lec­tion’s best­seller.

Shoot­ing Star Open Bracelet

An ele­gant design lends a mag­i­cal touch to this ster­ling sil­ver open ban­gle. Each end is adorned with a tiny shoot­ing star set with clear stones. The sparkling stars look great on the pol­ished clasp.

Bflare with snowflake clasp

Pan­do­ra released a mesh bracelet with a spe­cial snowflake-shaped clasp, which is dec­o­rat­ed with beads and trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia in the cen­ter.


Shiny Star Charm from Pan­do­ra Shine Series

A large num­ber make this 18 carat gold plat­ed charm mag­i­cal! Round and oval stones form a beau­ti­ful star-shaped design. A cute star pat­tern adorns the edge of the charm. This jew­el­ry has every chance of becom­ing a favorite of the Win­ter 2019 col­lec­tion from Pan­do­ra.

Charm “Angel and Shoot­ing Star” from the series Pan­do­ra Shine

The adorable Angel and Shoot­ing Star Charm is also like­ly to be pop­u­lar with fans. Pan­do­ra. The lit­tle angel fold­ed its wings to rest on a shoot­ing star. Sparkling cubic zir­co­nia stones adorn the cen­ter of the star.

Clip “Geo­met­ric shapes” from the series Pan­do­ra Rose

This cute charm from the series Pan­do­ra Rose Dec­o­rat­ed with round zir­co­nia stones that form var­i­ous geo­met­ric shapes. The sil­i­cone coat­ing on the inside makes this charm per­fect for use on bracelets from the series. Pan­do­ra Smooth Moments.

Charm “Cute kan­ga­roo” from the series Pan­do­ra Rose

At first it may seem strange dec­o­ra­tion in the form of a kan­ga­roo in the win­ter col­lec­tion from Pan­do­ra. But it’s sum­mer in some parts of the world! New kan­ga­roo charm with beau­ti­ful trim from the series Pan­do­ra Rose and with sparkling eyes looks very cute.

Charm “angel of love”

Tra­di­tion­al­ly Pan­do­ra offers a new angel design in its win­ter col­lec­tion. This angel has soft wings with feath­ers and a small halo above its head. The lit­tle angel looks down at the heart he holds in his hands.

Clip “Dou­ble lines”

Glit­ter­ing lines of clear cubic zir­co­nia stones cre­ate a sleek sil­ver clip design. The sil­i­cone coat­ing on the inside allows it to be used on smooth and leather bracelets from the series Pan­do­ra Moments.

Charm “Koala”

The sec­ond Aus­tralian friend from the win­ter col­lec­tion is the cute new Koala charm. Sparkling stones adorn his fluffy ears, and his eyes and nose are trimmed with black enam­el. It is very cool that the lit­tle Koala is depict­ed in such a way that it is hold­ing on to the bracelet!

Charm “Stars in the blue sky” with pen­dants

The stars sparkle in the night sky in the shape of a blue enam­el disc. Engraved on the back is the inspir­ing mes­sage: “Dream, wish, do.”

Charm “Christ­mas carousel”

The new “Christ­mas Carousel” charm is one of our favorite win­ter col­lec­tions from Pan­do­ra. The char­ac­ters of the carousel are Bruno the horse and a cute Christ­mas pen­guin. The top of the carousel is dec­o­rat­ed with red and white enam­el, and the edges are dec­o­rat­ed with sparkling stones. The words “Love Peace Believe” are engraved on the bot­tom of this cute charm.

Charm “New 2020”

The inscrip­tion “New Year 2020” is locat­ed in the cen­ter of this shin­ing charm. Roy­al blue, sky blue and clear stones adorn the out­lines of the jew­el­ry, sparkling like New Year’s fire­works. The sil­ver clasp is engraved with the mes­sage “Health and Love”.

Charm “Rock­ing horse Bruno”

The well-known horse Bruno looks charm­ing in this jew­el­ry! She wears a star-stud­ded sad­dle and is depict­ed with a tail and mane that bobs up and down. This cute charm is anoth­er one of our win­ter col­lec­tion favorites. Pan­do­ra.

Charm “Open­work heart in the stars”

Sim­i­lar to the Fam­i­ly Heart charm, the new Open­work Heart in the Stars charm fea­tures beau­ti­ful details. Sev­er­al stars merge togeth­er to form a heart shape.

Clip “Geo­met­ric shapes”

The beau­ti­ful clip “Geo­met­ric shapes” is also avail­able to order in sil­ver. As in the ver­sion Pan­do­ra Roseit has a sil­i­cone coat­ing on the inside, which makes it easy to wear the jew­el­ry on smooth bracelets Pan­do­ra.

Charm “Exalt­ed Heart”

This enchant­i­ng charm is sur­round­ed by sparkling heart-shaped stones and cubic shaped clear zir­cons.

Charm “Exalt­ed Stars” from the series Pan­do­ra Pave

The new Sub­lime Stars charm is sim­i­lar to the Sub­lime Heart charm. In this dec­o­ra­tion, instead of hearts, blue stars with crys­tals inside rise and scat­ter through­out the charm. Blue, moon­light blue crys­tals and clear cubic zir­co­nia stones adorn the back­drop.

Charm with San­ta “Love Peace Joy”

San­ta Claus is sur­round­ed by gifts, rein­deer and bells on this sil­ver charm. Please note that San­ta’s team is pre­sent­ed in the form of a heart. A sec­ond sil­ver disc dan­gles behind a bril­liant crim­son enam­el adorned with two stars. The back of the charm is engraved with the words “Love Peace Joy” and fea­tures a tiny star on the clasp.

Pol­ished Snowflake Charm

A cute snowflake is engraved on both sides of this sim­ple win­ter charm. The sim­ple lines and pol­ished sil­ver can be rem­i­nis­cent of the paper snowflakes we made as kids at school!

Charm “San­ta in a gift box”

San­ta peeks out of a Christ­mas gift box wear­ing red enam­el mit­tens. A tiny heart dan­gles from a tied rib­bon at the top of the box, and sparkling stones adorn the sides of the box. The mes­sage “All I want from Christ­mas is ♥” is engraved on the bot­tom of the charm.



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