Global Pandora Pre-Fall Collection 2019 — Overview

Pandora Pre-Fall Collection 2019 — Overview


Express your feel­ings with new clips and charms from the series Pan­do­ra reflec­tion.

Clip-on ear­rings “Let­ters” from the series Pan­do­ra Reflec­tions

In the last few years Pan­do­ra released a lot of jew­el­ry in the form of let­ters. Recent­ly in series Pan­do­ra Moment beau­ti­ful, con­trast­ing charms with tex­tured sides were released. The heart shape and unusu­al relief added unique­ness to these dec­o­ra­tions. In the new series, let­ter-shaped clips are rep­re­sent­ed by let­ters with a thin out­line. The let­ters, which are made of sil­ver, in this dec­o­ra­tion are shiny, smooth, engraved with the logo “Pan­do­ra».

Clip “Hash­tag” from the series Pan­do­ra Reflec­tions

Clip “Hash­tag” from the series Pan­do­ra Reflec­tions made in a sim­i­lar design as the pre­vi­ous piece from the new col­lec­tion. What’s your favorite hash­tag?

Charm «Hash­tag» from series Pan­do­ra Moments

Charm “Hash­tag” from the series Pan­do­ra Moments made in the same design as the charm “Let­ters” from the series Pan­do­ra Moments.

Charm “Dinosaur Dino”

Pre-fall col­lec­tion Pan­do­ra pleased with the pres­ence of a new friend — a small dinosaur. Like oth­er charms Pan­do­ra With ani­mal print, Dino Dinosaur is very cute. This dinosaur has hearts on its paws and is sleek and shiny, sim­i­lar in style to the Rhi­no Rhi­no Charm.

Pen­dant “Key and keys to the heart of a best friend”

The new pen­dant, which con­sists of two sep­a­rate pen­dants, can be worn togeth­er or shared as one piece of jew­el­ry with your best friend. The heart-shaped flat disc is engraved with the word “BEST” and the small key is engraved with the word “FRIENDS”. If you insert the key into the lock, we get the phrase: “BEST FRIENDS.” Over the years Pan­do­ra has released sev­er­al dif­fer­ent jew­el­ry for cou­ples to wear, such as the “Mom and Daugh­ter” and “Best Friends” charms from the series Pan­do­ra Rosehow­ev­er, the Best Friend’s Key and Keys of Heart pen­dant looks more cre­ative.

Charm «Best friends for­ev­er»

The new “Best Friends For­ev­er” charm is sim­i­lar to the “I love you” and “Hap­pi­ness” fig­urine charms. How­ev­er, this charm is made of ster­ling sil­ver with a carved heart Pan­do­ra Rose. Abbre­vi­a­tion BFF It is made in the form of shiny sil­ver let­ters and dec­o­rat­ed with a bril­liant crys­tal.

Charm «Friendsthis is my a fam­i­ly»

This charm is engraved with the words “Friends are the fam­i­ly you choose”. For a spe­cial accent, the word “Fam­i­ly” is high­light­ed in black glossy enam­el. The top of the charm is adorned with cute hearts.

Charm « Dinosaur and but­ter­fly» from Pan­do­ra Rose series

Con­tin­u­ing the theme, the Dinosaur and But­ter­fly charm from the Pan­do­ra Rose series was released. The smooth base fea­tures a dinosaur bear­ing a tiny orange enam­el but­ter­fly with the words “Our friend­ship will nev­er fade”. The top of the charm is set with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones, which adds even more charm to the jew­el­ry. We love the con­cept of this charm as it empha­sizes that friend­ship can be the most unex­pect­ed, which is what makes it beau­ti­ful.

Charm « Dinosaur in stones»

The third dinosaur-themed charm is a pen­dant made up of two sep­a­rate pieces. One of them is a cute lit­tle dinosaur embell­ished with clear zir­co­nia. The sec­ond is a round disk with a pink enam­el but­ter­fly engraved with the mes­sage “You are my good friend dinosaur!” We love these friend­ship charms from the new col­lec­tion.

Three-link bracelet “Bril­liant moments”

Pre-Fall Col­lec­tion Pando­ra 2019 includes a bracelet with an intrigu­ing new design! Three-link bracelet “Bril­liant Moments” sim­i­lar to the bracelet “Smooth Moments”. Smooth chain in the form of a snake from the series Pan­do­ra Shine forms the mid­dle of the bracelet, which is con­nect­ed by two sil­ver parts. An addi­tion­al detail of the bracelet are two tiny embossed hearts on a chain. Spher­i­cal clasp plat­ed with 18 carat gold Pan­do­ra Shine. We love the design of this bracelet and would be per­fect to com­plete your col­lec­tion Pan­do­ra Shine!

Pan­do­ra Rose Bril­liant Moments Three Link Bracelet

The Bril­liant Moments three-link bracelet is also avail­able in the series Pan­do­ra Rose. This bracelet is per­fect for a two tone design.

The new “Bril­liant Moments” three-link bracelet is our favorite from the pre-fall P col­lec­tion.ando­ra 2019.

What are your thoughts on jew­el­ry from this review? Will any of the jew­el­ry make it to your wish­list? Share your thoughts in the com­ments below…


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