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How to choose the right gold ring


The ring is the most pop­u­lar jew­el­ry among the beau­ti­ful half of human­i­ty. It can be pur­chased to make a fash­ion state­ment or cel­e­brate impor­tant events in your life such as wed­dings, engage­ments, anniver­saries or any oth­er sig­nif­i­cant event. This acces­so­ry is ide­al as a gift for a dear and close per­son or rel­a­tive, as it can become an unex­pect­ed and pleas­ant sur­prise for every­one.

If you want to sur­prise and please a loved one, you need to prop­er­ly choose a qual­i­ty gold ring. For­tu­nate­ly, there are a large num­ber of these dec­o­ra­tions for every­one that will sat­is­fy every­one’s needs. But still, in order to buy the right gold ring it is nec­es­sary to decide on its design and pay atten­tion to the sam­ple.

How to choose a gold ring eas­i­ly and sim­ply?

In the event that you want to find a tru­ly beau­ti­ful piece of jew­el­ry, you need to fol­low the basic cri­te­ria in choos­ing:

  • Design. Mod­ern jew­el­ers sur­prise con­sumers with a vari­ety of forms of this jew­el­ry. In order to choose a beau­ti­ful and cor­rect jew­el­ry, first of all, you should focus on the style of the per­son to whom you are pur­chas­ing this jew­el­ry. If a per­son prefers a busi­ness style, a clas­sic jew­el­ry with large peb­bles will suit you, for girls, women who wear more sporty clothes, an engraved ring is per­fect, where there are no bright and unusu­al inserts and ele­ments. Under the casu­al style, extra­or­di­nary jew­el­ry is best suit­ed, which will empha­size the fact that a woman is not afraid to exper­i­ment with looks. If you don’t know how to choose the right gold engage­ment ringthen it is best to choose acces­sories with a heart or a small peb­ble.
  • The size. Agree, before you buy a ring for a dear per­son, you need to clar­i­fy the size of your fin­ger with him. How to deter­mine the size of a gold ring in case you want to keep the present a secret? In this case, you can find out the size of the girl’s fin­ger from her rel­a­tives or friends. There will be noth­ing wrong if you did not guess a lit­tle with the size, at any time you can con­tact the jew­el­er, and he will increase or decrease it. Such manip­u­la­tions are done very eas­i­ly and at the same time do not leave marks on the dec­o­ra­tion.
  • Sam­ple num­ber. Every woman knows that the high­er the sam­ple on the acces­so­ry, the less dif­fer­ent met­als in gold that give it rigid­i­ty. The best option is jew­el­ry 585 sam­ples. In such prod­ucts, 59% gold and 41% nick­el, pal­la­di­um, cop­per and sil­ver fell off.
  • Puffy ring. A fea­ture of this prod­uct is that a com­plete void is formed inside it. That is, this dec­o­ra­tion is most prone to cracks and var­i­ous defor­ma­tions. Visu­al­ly, these prod­ucts are quite mas­sive, but they weigh very lit­tle. But the advan­tage of such an acces­so­ry is that its cost is avail­able to every con­sumer.
  • Spray­ing. Cer­tain rings are made from ordi­nary met­al and topped with gold. The dis­ad­van­tage of this prod­uct is that it will not last long, because the top ball begins to wear out and fade.
  • Gold col­or. Every con­sumer should remem­ber that white gold is no worse than yel­low, it is sim­ply mixed with sil­ver or pal­la­di­um.
  • Dia­monds and oth­er stones in jew­el­ry. Of course, every girl loves pre­cious jew­el­ry. In order to pick up a ring with a stone, you need to know the tastes of the girl. All the cute girls love dia­monds, this stone is ver­sa­tile and per­fect for all zodi­ac signs.

If you don’t know how to choose a good gold ringrely on your heart, it will nev­er deceive you and will sug­gest the ide­al option.


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