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How to check silver? — SILVERS


Sil­ver jew­el­ry is one of the most ver­sa­tile and most pop­u­lar among met­al crafts. After all, sil­ver nev­er goes out of style. It suits almost all styl­iza­tions — mod­ern, for­mal and old-fash­ioned. Recent­ly, how­ev­er, many imi­ta­tions of nat­ur­al sil­ver and so-called sil­ver-plat­ed jew­el­ry have appeared. You will learn how to deter­mine whether it is sil­ver or not and whether there are impu­ri­ties in it, you will learn from this arti­cle.

There are sev­er­al ways to check the authen­tic­i­ty of sil­ver. The sim­plest of them — before you buy your favorite ring, chain or ear­rings, you should care­ful­ly look at it and find a sam­ple. 925th — guar­an­tees the high qual­i­ty of sil­ver.

  • When buy­ing chains, bracelets or neck­laces, be sure to pay atten­tion to the buck­le — a round and oval ring that con­nects the jew­el­ry to the lock. Do not ignore the oppor­tu­ni­ty to try on. This will help to notice that the clasp itself is made of sil­ver, but the rest of the prod­uct is not.
  • On sil­ver and gold ear­rings, the test is on either the out­side or the inside on a shven­ze — a stick that is part of the lock. If the mod­el is curved, then usu­al­ly the sam­ple is placed on the hook.
  • On rings, the sam­ple is usu­al­ly placed at the bot­tom from the out­side.

Recent­ly, they began to make an elec­tron­ic test on jew­el­ry, which is dif­fi­cult to find with­out a mag­ni­fy­ing glass.

Since sil­ver is a good con­duc­tor, if you hold the jew­el­ry in your hand for sev­er­al min­utes, hold­ing it in your fist, it will heat up to body tem­per­a­ture. Or you can pour boiled water into a glass and low­er the prod­uct into it for a few sec­onds. If it is real­ly nat­ur­al sil­ver, then it will instant­ly become as hot as water. But if there is a stone in the jew­el­ry, then you can­not check it in this way. It can get dam­aged.

If after a minute you rub the prod­uct on the skin, a dark mark appears on it, then it is made of 65% sil­ver. The remain­ing 35% is zinc. When such rings or chains are worn for a long time, a dark stripe forms on the fin­ger or on the neck. Anoth­er easy way to quick­ly dis­tin­guish sil­ver from a fake is to drop the item from a meter high onto a hard sur­face such as lam­i­nate or par­quet. If you hear a ring­ing vibrat­ing sound, and not a qui­et and deaf one, then this is sil­ver.

Anoth­er home method how to find out if it is real­ly sil­ver or not, bring it to a mag­net. If it is real, then it is a dia­mag­net.

Look at the col­or of the cho­sen dec­o­ra­tion. If it is too shiny or vice ver­sa — it has a mat­te metal­lic tint, it may be a fake.

Feel free to check the weight of the item. If it is very small, then it is not sil­ver, but a low-val­ue or non-pre­cious mate­r­i­al. To con­firm this guess, a few scratch­es on the sur­face can be made with a sharp knife or nee­dle. If it is soft, then the prod­uct is made of sil­ver. A dif­fer­ent col­or is vis­i­ble under the first lay­er — this is not jew­el­ry met­al, nick­el sil­ver (an alloy of cop­per, nick­el and zinc, which is also called “new sil­ver”) or just sil­ver-plat­ed cop­per.

In order not to spoil the prod­uct, rub it on chalk. it is real sil­ver if dark streaks remain on the chalk.

How to check sil­ver iodine? Just drop a drop on the sur­face of the dec­o­ra­tion alone. The reac­tion will occur in 1–2 min­utes. The appear­ance of a light coat­ing indi­cates that this is not sil­ver. Instead of iodine, the same can be done by using sul­fu­ric oint­ment, which will leave a speck of dark blue.

Now you have many ways how to find out real sil­ver or not at home. To get a more accu­rate result, it makes sense to buy spe­cial reagents or seek the advice of a pro­fes­sion­al jew­el­er.


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