Global Why silver turns black on the human body

Why silver turns black on the human body


Sil­ver is the world’s most pop­u­lar pre­cious met­al used in jew­el­ry. It seems to have no flaws. How­ev­er, lovers of sil­ver jew­el­ry after a while notice that their prod­ucts begin to black­en. This hap­pens both with reg­u­lar wear and when stored with­out wear­ing.

The black­en­ing of sil­ver jew­el­ry is man­i­fest­ed in a change in its col­or to gray, yel­low­ish, brown or black.

An unsight­ly coat­ing forms on the sur­face of the prod­uct, which deprives the object of its nat­ur­al glow and visu­al appeal.

We will talk about why sil­ver turns black in this arti­cle.

Why silver turns black on the body: myths and truth

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There are many myths about the phe­nom­e­non of chang­ing the col­or of sil­ver. Most of them are folk beliefs. Accord­ing to them, the cause of the appear­ance of an ugly coat­ing on sil­ver prod­ucts can be dis­eases or poor health of a per­son.

This is not always true. Sil­ver does not have the mag­i­cal abil­i­ty to pre­dict health.

The answer to the ques­tion “why does sil­ver turn black on the human body?” — anoth­er. Dur­ing the use of jew­el­ry, an oxi­da­tion process occurs — sil­ver reacts to con­tact with oxy­gen in the air.

The main cul­prit in dis­col­oration of sil­ver jew­el­ry is sul­fur diox­ide. Every day peo­ple breathe it in the air. The body, pro­tect­ing itself from harm­ful influ­ences, dis­places it with sweat through the skin.

For this rea­son, sil­ver jew­el­ry worn direct­ly on the body changes its col­or to a dark­er one. The met­al reacts with sul­fur com­pounds present in our sweat, which cause dark deposits to form on sil­ver jew­el­ry.

Jew­el­ry kept indoors dark­ens when exposed to pol­lut­ed air. The inten­si­ty of the process and the time after which it appears, large­ly depends on the lev­el of envi­ron­men­tal pol­lu­tion.

If you put a new, beau­ti­ful­ly pol­ished ring on the shelf, it will turn black over time. Col­lec­tors and investors often rec­og­nize black­en­ing as an ini­tial check as evi­dence that they are deal­ing with real sil­ver and not an alloy.

Why does silver turn black on a person?

Pictures on demand "blackens silver"

Since sil­ver jew­el­ry has direct con­tact with the skin, diet and med­ica­tion can also change its col­or.

Excess sub­stances that our body con­sid­ers harm­ful are excret­ed main­ly with sweat. This is why sil­ver can dark­en after direct con­tact with it.

How­ev­er, this is not always a sig­nal of any dis­ease or prob­lem, but a nat­ur­al reac­tion of our body, to which sil­ver also indi­rect­ly reacts.

The neck is the place where the most sweat is excret­ed from the body, and with it a lot of chem­i­cals.

Each per­son excretes dif­fer­ent sub­stances with dif­fer­ent fre­quen­cy and inten­si­ty. For one, this process is car­ried out in such a way that the sil­ver turns black, while for the oth­er, noth­ing hap­pens.

Peo­ple liv­ing in large met­ro­pol­i­tan areas and indus­tri­al areas are more like­ly to dark­en sil­ver jew­el­ry. In these places, the air is more pol­lut­ed.

In one sil­ver alloy, this phe­nom­e­non will occur with less fre­quen­cy than with small­er sam­ples of sil­ver of a small­er sam­ple. This explains the fact why 925 ster­ling sil­ver black­ens much less fre­quent­ly than oth­er sam­ples.

While tar­nish­ing is an inevitable process, there are a few easy ways to keep sil­ver’s orig­i­nal lus­ter:

  1. cor­rect use. Sil­ver does not like water. Before each entrance to the bath, swim­ming pool, swim­ming in the sea or before wash­ing dish­es, jew­el­ry must be removed. Cos­met­ics can also dark­en sil­ver, so it is not rec­om­mend­ed to apply rings direct­ly to creamy hands or spray per­fume on a neck adorned with a chain;

  2. prop­er care. From time to time, sil­ver jew­el­ry should be cleaned with spe­cial prod­ucts. The most pop­u­lar are liq­uids with spe­cial addi­tives, in which jew­el­ry, pol­ish­ing foams and wipes moist­ened with a clean­ing agent are immersed;

  3. prop­er stor­age. The ide­al place for this would be closed box­es that cut off the air sup­ply to the jew­el­ry. Jew­el­ry stored in this way will cer­tain­ly remain free of dark deposits. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, many peo­ple tend to leave their jew­el­ry in the bath­room. Under no cir­cum­stances should you do this!

Buy sil­ver jew­el­ry in the Sil­vers online store and do not for­get about the pack­ag­ing — a jew­el­ry box or a bag for jew­el­ry. It effec­tive­ly restricts air­flow and pre­serves the nat­ur­al lus­ter of sil­ver­ware.


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