Global Which finger is best to wear a silver ring

Which finger is best to wear a silver ring


The ancient sages claimed that the effec­tive­ness of a ring made of any met­al, regard­less of whether it is with a stone or not, man­i­fests itself in three areas of the biofield:

  • pro­tects its hold­er from dan­gers and makes it resis­tant to all sorts of neg­a­tive influ­ences;

  • heals, that is, restores cer­tain func­tions of the body that have been impaired, elim­i­nat­ing phys­i­cal pain and giv­ing strength;

  • the per­son at his dis­pos­al becomes sen­si­tive to cer­tain mes­sages that he would nev­er have felt with­out this dec­o­ra­tion.

But that’s all: in order to attract good luck, love and pros­per­i­ty, you need to know which fin­gers you can wear rings on. After all, each of them has its own mean­ing for dif­fer­ent peo­ples of the world.

On which finger should a Jew wear a ring?

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In ancient Egypt, there was a cus­tom to wear a ring on the left hand on the ring fin­ger. It was believed that the “nerve of love” was com­ing to him. This prac­tice was com­mon among the ancient Jews.

The groom, dur­ing the mar­riage cer­e­mo­ny, removed the ring from the index fin­ger of his left hand and put it on the bride to bless the girl, and she nev­er for­got that she was mar­ried.

Which finger should Muslims wear a ring on?

The Qur’an says that Mus­lims are for­bid­den to wear gold jew­el­ry. It is believed that the ener­gy of this pre­cious met­al cuts the body. The excep­tion is a thin sil­ver ring weigh­ing up to 4.375 grams. Men are not allowed to wear rings on their mid­dle and index fin­gers.

In Islam, there is no tra­di­tion of exchang­ing rings, but it is allowed to present them at a wed­ding. It is believed that such a ring, worn on the index or ring fin­ger of a woman, attracts well-being to the fam­i­ly.

On which fingers are Buddhists allowed to wear a ring?

There is also no place for rings in the Bud­dhist rite. But accord­ing to Bud­dhist beliefs about the flow of life, the ring fin­ger is respon­si­ble for fam­i­ly well-being. This means that a mar­ried man can wear a ring with cer­e­mo­ni­al inscrip­tions. Spous­es exchange com­mem­o­ra­tive rings and wear them on the ring fin­ger to har­mo­nize rela­tions.

In India, any fin­ger is allowed to be dec­o­rat­ed with a ring, even the lit­tle fin­ger. Tra­di­tions pro­vide for a cer­e­mo­ny dur­ing which the groom crowns the index fin­ger of the bride’s right hand, which is occu­pied with gold jew­el­ry. Only after the wed­ding, the wife can wear a ring with sym­bols on the pha­lanx of the mid­dle fin­ger.

On which finger can Orthodox Christians and Catholics wear a silver ring?

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In Ortho­doxy in Ukraine, Hun­gary, Belarus, Ger­many, Rus­sia, Aus­tria, the Nether­lands, Den­mark, Spain, the ring is put on the ring fin­ger of the right hand. Accord­ing to Chris­t­ian teach­ing, the right hand is con­nect­ed to a guardian angel, which is trans­ferred to a per­son at bap­tism and brings him good luck and helps in achiev­ing goals.

There is a belief that the left side is impure and sin­ful, while the right side is right and just. It is cus­tom­ary to sign all kinds of doc­u­ments with the right hand.

In Ger­many, new­ly­weds wear rings before the wed­ding on the left ring fin­ger, and after — on the right.

In Catholi­cism, the wed­ding ring is worn on the left, while in wid­ow­hood it is worn on the right. This is explained with the con­vic­tion that the right hand is locat­ed clos­er to the heart. In the Mid­dle Ages, a num­ber of decrees were issued in dif­fer­ent coun­tries about which fin­ger to put on the ring — both right and left hands. Catholics sin­cere­ly believe in the pro­tec­tive prop­er­ties of the ring as a fam­i­ly amulet and pass it on from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion.

It does­n’t real­ly mat­ter which fin­ger you wear your engage­ment or wed­ding ring on. Accord­ing to tra­di­tion, it, as a sym­bol of fideli­ty, should be with­out relief inserts, inscrip­tions and pre­cious stones.

There has long been a proverb: “How smooth the ring will be, the life of the young will be just as smooth.” Today, this proverb is no longer so impor­tant, and many con­sid­er it super­sti­tion. New­ly­weds engrave on rings, use dif­fer­ent met­als, even steel.

The most impor­tant thing is to like the ring, it was pleas­ant to wear it. It is these sil­ver prod­ucts that are pre­sent­ed in the assort­ment of the Sil­vers online store cat­a­log. Buy and wear with plea­sure.


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