Global Which earrings are better to choose for children and what kind of clasp should be on them

Which earrings are better to choose for children and what kind of clasp should be on them


baby earrings

Chil­dren’s ear­rings are an adorn­ment that is as con­tro­ver­sial as it is fash­ion­able. There are as many oppo­nents of pierc­ing in young chil­dren as there are sup­port­ers. Doc­tors do not rec­om­mend pierc­ing the ears of chil­dren under 4 years of age. The most opti­mal age for this pro­ce­dure is more than 8 years. It is best to do this as late as pos­si­ble, when the child’s immune sys­tem is stronger and he is more care­ful not to pull the ear­ring out of his ear.

What ear­rings are best for a child? What should be the fas­ten­ers? You will receive answers to these ques­tions by read­ing the entire arti­cle.

Earrings for young children: which ones are better to choose

The choice of chil­dren’s ear­rings is more com­pli­cat­ed than for adults, because it is nec­es­sary to take into account not only the beau­ty of the design, but a num­ber of fac­tors that deter­mine the com­fort and safe­ty of wear­ing.

While cheap items may look nice and be well made, it’s best not to buy them for kids. They are often made from mate­ri­als that con­tribute to aller­gic reac­tions. Nick­el, tita­ni­um, or tung­sten, which is added to alloys for strength, can cause a child’s ear to burn, red, or itch. This is why pre­cious ore ear­rings are pre­ferred for chil­dren:

Such prod­ucts are much safer for the sen­si­tive ears of chil­dren’s ears.

What are the best earrings for a child?

Prop­er­ly select­ed shape and size of chil­dren’s ear­rings ensure safe wear­ing. Dec­o­ra­tions that cor­re­spond to the age of the child, that is, light and small, which will not inter­fere with his dai­ly activ­i­ties, but will give plea­sure and joy.

Large ear­rings are not suit­able for chil­dren. For lit­tle girls, stud mod­els are ide­al, which gen­tly stick to the ear. In this case, there is no risk that, while play­ing with oth­er chil­dren, they will fall off, get lost, dam­age cloth­ing and severe­ly injure the child, caus­ing him pain.

What are the clasps on earrings for children?

baby earrings

Fas­ten­ing is a very impor­tant ele­ment of ear­rings. If it is poor­ly cho­sen or care­less­ly made, it is easy to detach, result­ing in loss of prod­ucts.

For chil­dren, this is even more like­ly, because their activ­i­ty dur­ing play con­tributes to the loos­en­ing of the clasp. There­fore, adult locks (Eng­lish, French, Ital­ian, hooks, clips and oth­er types) are not suit­able for them.

Long-term expe­ri­ence of use has shown which clasp for ear­rings is the most reli­able. The ide­al option is “screw back”. This is a patent­ed ear­ring lock sys­tem that has been designed for child safe­ty and ease of use.

The main advan­tages of chil­dren’s ear­rings with screw fas­ten­ing:

  • ide­al size — these ear­ring mod­els are small and light, and their sticks are short with a safe tip that pro­tects the child’s ear from injury;

  • made of med­ical gold-plat­ed steel, which reduces the risk of aller­gies;

  • the fix­ing pin has a spe­cial thread that pre­vents the screw from slip­ping out;

  • the spe­cial shape of the ear­ring screw pro­tects the child’s ear from injury while sleep­ing on the side, putting on and tak­ing off clothes;

  • The loca­tion of the screw at the end of the rod facil­i­tates air cir­cu­la­tion when pierc­ing the ears.

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