Global Pandora Winter 2019 Collection — Review Part 3 — SILVERS

Pandora Winter 2019 Collection — Review Part 3 — SILVERS


◀PART #2

Charm “Elsa and Nokk” from the col­lec­tion Dis­ney

Elsa is depict­ed next to Nokk and togeth­er they strive for­ward. Glit­ter­ing blue stones cre­ate a wave-like pat­tern on the sec­ond disc, and the words “Inner Strength” are engraved on the inside. In the cen­ter of the star on the clasp is a trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia stone.

Charm “Anna” from the col­lec­tion Dis­ney

The new charm “Anna” also con­sists of two disks. Anna is depict­ed walk­ing for­ward. At the back, the disc is dec­o­rat­ed with inter­est­ing pat­terns with a mix­ture of red, pur­ple and hon­ey stones. Anna’s “Fear­less by Nature” is engraved on the back of the charm.

Charm «Frozen Crys­tal» from the col­lec­tion Dis­ney

Charm «Frozen Crys­tal» look like Blue Glit­ter Snowflake Charm. Charm “Frozen Crys­tal» is dif­fer­ent the pres­ence of an image rely onyes snow at the top. A pale blue crys­tal shim­mers in the cen­ter of a sparkling stone zir­co­ni­um. Main char­ac­ters from car­toon “Frozen» depict­ed on the sides of the charm.

Charm “Mick­ey and Min­nie in the sleigh” from the series Pan­do­ra Rose

Last year Pan­do­ra released an exclu­siveth dec­o­ra­tion from the series Dis­ney Parks “Micky and Min­ny are rid­ing a sleigh” with sil­ver and red enam­el. On a sled the logo was engraved Pan­do­ra and date 2019. New The Mick­ey and Min­nie Sleigh Charm is craft­ed with Pan­do­ra Rose with red enam­el and zir­co­nia details in the form of a cube.

Charm “Christ­mas Eey­ore” from the col­lec­tion Dis­ney

And reluc­tant­ly puts on wear­ing a red enam­el cap and hold­ing a wrapped present instead of a tail.

Charm «Win­nie the Pooh with a hump of hon­ey” from the col­lec­tion Dis­ney

win­nie the pooh also dressed in a new red enam­el hat that com­ple­ments him per­fect­ly fes­tive t‑shirt! Win­nie the Pooh looks much hap­pi­er than Eey­ore, but he is in a good mood because of the big jar with hon­ey next to him!

Charm “Christ­mas Stitch”

On that Stitch charm looks as mis­chie­vous as ever, with big black crys­tal eyes and a red enam­el hat. A moun­tain of gifts lies at his feet, but Stitch does­n’t look very hap­py at all!

Charm “Release 2020” from the series Dis­ney

Charm “Release 2020” from the series Dis­ney dif­fers in design from pre­vi­ous lim­it­ed edi­tion charms. This dec­o­ra­tion has a Mick­ey shape and a fire­work design around the edges. One side of the charm fea­tures the icon­ic Dis­ney cas­tle, adorned with fuch­sia enam­el and fire­works. On the reverse side, there is the inscrip­tion “2020” sur­round­ed by fire­works.


Shiny blue clip from the series Reflections

This is a concise round clip made of ice blue crystals.

Clip “Sparkling Icicles” from the series Reflections

On the edge of this clip, a beautiful cube-shaped icicle of transparent zirconium stones is formed.

Clip “Round Pavé” from the series Reflections

Clear, shaped zirconia stones sparkle against the oxidized backdrop of this piece.

WINTER 2019 COLLECTION from PANDORA: neck­laces

Shooting Star Necklace

This is a delightful necklace from the series Pandora Shine forms a spiral. The length of the silver chain is 50 cm.

Brilliant Heart Necklace

A large sparkling heart is framed by small cubic zirconia stones. The length of the silver chain is 45 cm.

Necklace “Geometric shapes”

A large sparkling round stone sits on an arc of zirconia stones. The length of the silver chain is 45 cm.

Necklaces with pendants “Geometric figures”

Geometric shapes hang from this necklace. The length of the silver chain is 45 cm.

Drop necklace “Geometric shapes”

This dainty necklace is adorned with a brilliant drop-shaped diamond. The length of the silver chain is 60 cm.

ABOUTnecklace “Winged heart” from the series Pandora PavIt is

Polished silver wings flank a sparkling pure zirconia heart on the Winged Heart necklace from the series Pandora Pave. The length of the silver chain is 45 cm.

WINTER 2019 COLLECTION from PANDORA: ear­rings

Earrings-studs “Blue radiance”

Sterling silver stud earrings with stunning moon blue crystals surrounded by small cubic zirconia stones.

Stud Earrings “Shining Heart”

Sterling silver heart shaped stud earrings set with sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones.

Earrings — studs with pendants “Angel Wings”

The earrings are adorned with angel wings that open up on these adorable stud earrings and a delicate sparkling stone.

Stud Earrings “Pandora Wings”

Silver stud earrings are adorned with wings set with a clear zirconia stone.



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