Global Jewelry for an evening dress. How to choose the right one?

Jewelry for an evening dress. How to choose the right one?


Jew­el­ry for an evening dress. How to choose the right one?

Some women wear dress­es every day. Oth­ers are wait­ing for a spe­cial evening to final­ly pull it out of the wardrobe. Regard­less of the style of the dress, all ladies com­ple­ment it with fash­ion­able acces­sories. The key to suc­cess is shoes, a bag and beau­ti­ful jew­el­ry. They should be cho­sen accord­ing to spe­cial rules.

How to choose accessories for an evening dress?

There are two main fac­tors that are tak­en into account when choos­ing jew­el­ry for a dress. The first is the fab­ric from which it is made. The sec­ond is a cutout. In the case of com­plex mate­ri­als (such as jacquard or velor) and addi­tion­al ele­ments, sequins, rhine­stones or embroi­dery, pay atten­tion to all the lit­tle details. A uni­ver­sal option is del­i­cate ear­rings or a small ring.

Basic acces­sories for an off-the-shoul­der dress made of lace:

  • wide bracelet,

  • expres­sive ear­rings,

  • orig­i­nal neck­lace.

Against the back­ground of lace, minia­ture jew­el­ry will sim­ply be lost.

But the main prin­ci­ple is less is more. This means that if the dress or blouse is very ornate, state­ly neck­laces and long ear­rings will cre­ate the oppo­site effect.

If you are going to wear a beau­ti­ful thick neck­lace, you should put aside long ear­rings with a lot of stones. Give pref­er­ence to a styl­ish ring or bracelet, you can even give up ear­rings. The excep­tion is an expen­sive set con­sist­ing of a del­i­cate neck­lace and ear­rings in the same style.

Sum­mer maxi dress­es with boho eth­nic decor are har­mo­nious­ly com­ple­ment­ed by nat­ur­al stones, long neck­laces with inter­est­ing motifs such as feath­ers or dream catch­ers.

Stur­dy dan­gling ear­rings and thick ban­gles are the per­fect accom­pa­ni­ment to a Span­ish dress with an airy skirt. This is where mul­ti­lay­er­ing is allowed. Feel free to com­bine pat­terns and sev­er­al neck­laces, bracelets or rings in a sim­i­lar style.

How to choose jewelry for a dress?

Let’s start with the tex­ture of the out­fit. If this is a mod­el with a lace trim on the neck­line, then its beau­ty should be empha­sized by one piece of jew­el­ry — either mas­sive ear­rings or a thick bracelet. A neck­lace or neck­lace is not suit­able in this case, as it will not be clear­ly vis­i­ble against the back­ground of lace.

The per­fect jew­el­ry for a round neck dress is round ear­rings with chains. How­ev­er, if you wear long ear­rings, then you need to show them in all their glo­ry. In women with a short hair­cut, all ear­rings will be clear­ly vis­i­ble. Ladies with long hair need to make a high hair­style, tie them in a dec­o­ra­tive pony­tail, pig­tail or bun.

For a sleek dress in a mut­ed col­or and with­out any embell­ish­ments, styl­ists rec­om­mend a thick neck­lace with mul­ti-col­ored stones or a sil­ver-black round chok­er and bracelet in a sim­i­lar style.

If the dress is trimmed with sequins, it will look great with small stud ear­rings or a thin chain. After all, glit­ter is a self-suf­fi­cient dec­o­ra­tion.

A dark plung­ing dress will be a chic back­drop for acces­sories such as a del­i­cate neck­lace or a string of pearls. The main fea­ture of neck jew­el­ry is the cor­rect length.

How to choose a decoration for a neckline?

The shape of the neck­line large­ly deter­mines the shape and size of jew­el­ry, espe­cial­ly for a neck­lace or chain.

  • For a dress that cov­ers the shoul­ders with a smooth neck, round dec­o­ra­tive neck­laces or chains with pen­dants are suit­able.

  • Mod­els with a draped neck­line and open arms are per­fect for large ear­rings and a wide ring.

  • Those who wear reveal­ing dress­es with an open neck­line and a corset should opt for large and small neck­laces, with a pen­dant or medal­lion, as well as chok­ers. In this case, long ear­rings are appro­pri­ate.

  • A dress with a point­ed neck­line will be matched with thin chains and neck­laces with a V‑shaped pen­dant. They visu­al­ly length­en the sil­hou­ette.

  • For a neck­line in the form of a hor­i­zon­tal boat, a small brooch, short ear­rings and a neck­lace under the throat are suit­able.

How to choose the right necklace for a dress?

There are 8 types of neck­lines, for each of them a spe­cial type of neck­lace is made.

  1. V‑shaped. The ide­al option is a V‑shaped chain that tapers down. If this is a neck­lace, then it should not be long or short. Then it will look defi­ant, espe­cial­ly for women with a large bust.
  2. Boat. Large round neck­laces, a soutache neck­lace with stones (one of the most fash­ion­able trends of recent sea­sons), long chains with a mas­sive pen­dant, sev­er­al simul­ta­ne­ous wear­ing of thin chains or iden­ti­cal neck­laces will do. This will draw atten­tion to the neck, face, cheek­bones, twist­ed strands of hair and dis­tract him from full hips.
  3. Sim­ple cut. Any embell­ish­ment will work with sleeve­less dress­es and dress shirts with a straight neck­line. The main selec­tion cri­te­ria are restraint and mod­er­a­tion. The prod­uct can be bright and worn over clothes or del­i­cate and minia­ture, worn close to the neck.
  4. Dia­mond neck­line. Short round neck­laces look ele­gant — a string of pearls or a chain with geo­met­ric pen­dants. It is impor­tant that the dec­o­ra­tion does not over­lap cloth­ing. It will look beau­ti­ful near the neck.
  5. Golf. A turtle­neck, t‑shirt or turtle­neck sweater is a good back­ground for a neck­lace. But then you should choose a long neck­lace that con­trasts with the range of clothes — a few tones lighter or dark­er.
  6. Retro neck­lace in boho style, espe­cial­ly with feath­ers.
  7. Col­lar dress­es, blous­es, shirts. If you are wear­ing an open col­lar, wear a neck­lace under it, as men with ties do. How­ev­er, avoid V‑shaped chains that will blend into the out­fit. Give pref­er­ence to prod­ucts with a round shape.
  8. Blous­es with straps. Short neck­laces are com­bined with blous­es with a slight­ly scoop neck­line. They can be with a sus­pen­sion, but with a small one. Oth­er­wise, it will visu­al­ly short­en the neck.

Selection of jewelry for dresses of different colors

Fash­ion, cut, mate­r­i­al and neck­line — that’s not all. Equal­ly impor­tant is the col­or of the evening dress. Turn on your fan­ta­sy! Let an ornate neck­lace or col­or­ful stones add char­ac­ter to the whole look.

In this case, the prin­ci­ple of con­trast works smart­ly. If you want to wear a dark dress, empha­size it with light-col­ored jew­el­ry. Con­verse­ly, dark acces­sories will go well with a light dress.

Time­less clas­sic — a fash­ion­able jew­el­ry set with the sign of infin­i­ty in gold or sil­ver. It will go well with a lit­tle black dress, as well as with a bright col­or out­fit. But in this case, add-ons in a sim­i­lar range of col­ors should be aban­doned, because they will give the impres­sion of an over­loaded image.

The main advice for fans of clas­sic jew­el­ry is that sil­ver goes well with cool col­ors, and gold with warm ones. How­ev­er, if you’re wear­ing a white or navy blue dress, you don’t have to choose between the two. Both gold and sil­ver will do.

Neck­laces with red or pink stones will be in har­mo­ny with a green dress, with pur­ple — with yel­low. Con­verse­ly, green jew­el­ry with a red or pink out­fit and yel­low with pur­ple.

Now that you know how to choose jew­el­ry for your evening dress, take a look at your wardrobe and jew­el­ry box. If you don’t have enough jew­el­ry, choose from our cat­a­log of the most pop­u­lar and trendy high qual­i­ty jew­el­ry mod­els.


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