Global Collection Pandora Spring 2020. Review. Part #1

Collection Pandora Spring 2020. Review. Part #1


Pre­view of Pan­do­ra’s new Spring 2020 Flo­ral Col­lec­tion…


Amaz­ing Spring 2020 col­lec­tion from Pan­do­ra filled with fra­grant flow­ers and fun new char­ac­ters!


Bracelet with snake bind­ing “Chamomile” from the series Pan­do­ra Moments

Clas­sic bracelet from the series Pan­do­ra Moments takes on a beau­ti­ful spring style with a charm­ing new design. Small flow­ers with white enam­el petals adorn the shiny sil­ver clasp. Tiny gold­en stones sparkle at the cen­ter of each flower, and below them hangs anoth­er minia­ture daisy. Sizes avail­able to order: 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm and 23cm.

Bracelet “Chamomile” from the series Pan­do­ra Sparkling

Charm­ing bracelet “Daisy” from the series Pan­do­ra Sparkling sim­i­lar to the Sky Stars bracelet from the win­ter 2019 col­lec­tion. Instead of small stars, this bracelet is adorned with tiny flow­ers. Vibrant cubic zir­co­nia stones adorn the sil­ver links and cen­ter of each flower.

Bracelet with snake bind­ing “Pan­do­ra” from the series Pan­do­ra Moments

New snake-bound bracelet from the series Pan­do­ra Moments has a new style of clasp, which was pre­vi­ous­ly used in bracelets from the series Beads & Pavé. Logo Pan­do­ra engraved on both sides of the clasp for a mod­ern look.

Bracelet with snake bind­ing “Pan­do­ra” from the series Pan­do­ra Rose Moments

Bracelet with snake bind­ing “Pan­do­ra” is also avail­able to order in fin­ish­ing Pan­do­ra Rose.

Bracelet with sev­er­al snake bind­ings “Pan­do­ra” from the series Pan­do­ra Rose Reflec­tions

Bracelet with sev­er­al snake bind­ings “Pan­do­ra” from the series Pan­do­ra Reflec­tionswhich was released in 2019, is now avail­able in a beau­ti­ful fin­ish Pan­do­ra Rose with shiny sil­ver clasp.

Safe­ty chain “Chamomile”

Keep your charms away Pan­do­ra using the new safe­ty chain “Romash­ka”. Two beau­ti­ful daisies adorn both ends of the thin chain, and a sparkling stone glit­ters in the cen­ter of the larg­er flower.


Charm “Kro­lik Nini” by Pan­do­ra

This sea­son intro­duces sev­er­al new heroes! Among them, Nini is a charm­ing bun­ny with beau­ti­ful long eye­lash­es and a camomile on her ear. The fluffy tail and small hearts hid­den on the paws make the dec­o­ra­tion more unique!

Lucky Bee Heart Charm by Pan­do­ra

This adorable heart shaped charm with cut out hexa­gons form­ing a hon­ey­comb pat­tern looks very orig­i­nal. A small buzzing bee is locat­ed at the cor­ner of the dec­o­ra­tion, and “Bee H♥ppy” is engraved in the mid­dle. Tiny sil­ver details adorn the sides of the charm, while the logo Pan­do­ra locat­ed on the reverse side.

Charm “White open­work chamomile” from Pan­do­ra

This beau­ti­ful charm Pan­do­ra is on our spring favorites list! Tiny white enam­el daisies form the base of the piece, while a bee and a lady­bug sweet­ly fit into the char­m’s com­po­si­tion.

Charm “One World” from Pan­do­ra

We don’t have much infor­ma­tion about the One World charm from Pan­do­ra. It may be avail­able for order after the release of the spring col­lec­tion or be an exclu­sive dec­o­ra­tion for cer­tain coun­tries. The design of the One World charm is sim­i­lar to the design of the Spin­ning Globe charm but does not rotate. The charm is also engraved with the words “One World” and the globe says “Moth­er Earth”.

Charm “Blue Chamomile” from Pan­do­ra

Beau­ti­ful blue and white enam­el cre­ates an ombré effect on the petals of this dec­o­ra­tion. Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones add sparkle to the flow­ers on the charm.

Charm “Musi­cal Notes” from Pan­do­ra

Apart from spring nature ele­ments, the new spring col­lec­tion also includes a few hob­by items such as cute musi­cal notes. The facets of the charm form var­i­ous musi­cal notes. A cute detail is the tiny note that dan­gles from the edge of the charm.

Cac­tus Free Hugs Charm from Pan­do­ra

Cac­tus Free Hugs Charm from Pan­do­ra — one of our favorite spring 2020 col­lec­tion from Spring. Despite its quills, this cheeky cac­tus sits in a small pot with a “free hugs” ad! The eyes and mouth of the cac­tus are paint­ed in black enam­el, and a pink flower adorns its small plump head.

Charm “Elec­tric Gui­tar” from Pan­do­ra

The Pan­do­ra Elec­tric Gui­tar Charm is per­fect for music lovers. Cor­po­rate logo Pan­do­ra dec­o­rat­ed with a crown on the front. On the reverse side is engraved the mes­sage “Rock Life”, and trans­par­ent zir­con stones adorn the top of the jew­el­ry.

Charm in the form of a bee “Be mine” from Pan­do­ra

Anoth­er cute charm in the new spring col­lec­tion is the new Be Mine charm. A cute bee flies to her lover, car­ry­ing a small heart with the inscrip­tion “Be mine”. Glossy black enam­el alter­nates with lines of beads that form the striped body of the bee.

Charm “Shin­ing soc­cer ball” from Pan­do­ra

Sup­port your favorite team with the new Shin­ing Soc­cer Ball charm from Pan­do­ra! The foot­ball pat­tern in the dec­o­ra­tion is formed from smooth and sparkling pen­tagons.

Charm “Turquoise Daisy” from the series Pan­do­ra PavIt is

Turquoise and clear stones of var­i­ous sizes adorn this sparkling charm, while cute daisies rise above the sparkling back­drop.

Charm « Chamomile Mura­no» by Pan­do­ra

In our coun­try, there is not much infor­ma­tion about the charm «Camomile Mura­no» from Pan­do­ra, but I real­ly hope that it will be released, because it has a great design! In this dec­o­ra­tion, chamomile flow­ers burst out of the pale green pat­tern in the back­ground, which is rem­i­nis­cent of a grassy mead­ow.

Charm “Ice cream cone” from the series Pan­do­ra PavIt is

A mix­ture of pale pink and clear zir­co­nia stones in the shape of a cube resem­bles scoops of ice cream and fea­tures a detailed waf­fle cone. Pan­do­ra released the Ice Cream charm in 2015, but it was not avail­able for order in all coun­tries. Fans will be delight­ed to hear that the new ice cream charm will be avail­able to order world­wide!

Loose Shoe Charm by Pan­do­ra

Loose Shoe Charm by Pan­do­ra per­fect for both fit­ness enthu­si­asts and those who like to wear loose shoes! Our favorite piece of jew­el­ry is the pro­tec­tor, which is made up of lots of lit­tle hearts!



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