Global The meaning of wearing a ring on the middle finger

The meaning of wearing a ring on the middle finger


A ring is not a sim­ple piece of jew­el­ry, but a sym­bol and a tal­is­man that, depend­ing on the fin­ger on which it is worn, can enhance cer­tain char­ac­ter traits, change the fate of a per­son and the opin­ion of oth­ers about him.

Why should you wear rings on your middle finger?

Can you wear a ring on your middle finger?

The mid­dle fin­ger is the longest fin­ger on which jew­el­ry looks great. You can get used to wear­ing the prod­uct in this place the fastest.

In ancient times, fam­i­ly rings and seals were worn on the mid­dle fin­ger of the left hand, which empha­sized the con­nec­tion with the fam­i­ly and ances­tors, pro­tect­ed the own­er from neg­a­tive ener­gy, trou­bles and temp­ta­tions, attract­ing good luck, suc­cess and pros­per­i­ty into his life.

What does the ring on the middle finger mean?

In accor­dance with the Chi­nese phi­los­o­phy of Yin and Yang, any ring on the mid­dle fin­ger should be worn in order to dis­tin­guish good from evil. The Chi­nese sages insist­ed that it devel­ops intu­ition, helps to find har­mo­ny in life, peace and bal­ance, that is, to achieve a life bal­ance that all peo­ple, with­out excep­tion, strive for.

A wed­ding ring on the mid­dle fin­ger in many coun­tries of the world is worn either by wid­ows or wid­ow­ers, or those whose wed­ding band falls off the ring fin­ger.

If a man wears a signet on this fin­ger on his right hand, this is a nar­cis­sis­tic ego­ist who makes exces­sive demands on rel­a­tives and oth­ers. He always seeks to lead peo­ple.

A woman is self-con­fi­dent and free­dom-lov­ing. She loves com­mu­ni­ca­tion and noisy com­pa­nies, knows how to con­trol her emo­tions. The larg­er the prod­uct and the stone, the more fem­i­nine and seduc­tive she feels with such an orna­ment. In order not to attract atten­tion, both women and men should wear it on their left hand.

Accord­ing to psy­chol­o­gists, those who wear a ring on the mid­dle fin­ger increase self-esteem and self-con­fi­dence. Those who are shy, afraid to com­mu­ni­cate with strangers, to be in the spot­light, to speak in front of an audi­ence, to express their opin­ion, should wear a ring on the mid­dle fin­ger of their right hand. This is a very bold choice, thanks to which a per­son will be noticed even before he speaks. Over time, this helps to accept one­self and love one­self as one is, with all the odd­i­ties and flaws in appear­ance and char­ac­ter.

What does it mean to wear a ring of different materials on the middle finger?

middle finger ring

Astrologers believe that the rings on the mid­dle fin­ger of both hands indi­cate that a per­son is sure that every­thing in his life is a fore­gone con­clu­sion. He is a fatal­ist. This is the fin­ger of Sat­urn, respon­si­ble for jus­tice, respon­si­bil­i­ty. Dec­o­ra­tion on it helps to make wise deci­sions, over­come dif­fi­cul­ties, avoid mis­takes, reveal your tal­ent and poten­tial. It is not uncom­mon for it to attract new oppor­tu­ni­ties into peo­ple’s lives — work, career growth, cash prizes, trav­el, and even true love.

This is due to the fact that Sat­urn prefers to patron­ize those who wear cold-col­ored items on the mid­dle fin­ger — made of white gold, plat­inum or sil­ver, which will pro­tect against envy and the evil eye.

Gold, espe­cial­ly red, also has great ener­gy, it attracts changes in the life of the own­er, pro­motes new aspi­ra­tions and stim­u­lates action. When putting on a gold ring on the mid­dle fin­ger, a pow­er­ful ener­gy flow is acti­vat­ed. To fur­ther strength­en it, you should wear jew­el­ry on your right hand.

The only excep­tion is the taboo on black jew­el­ry with black stone inserts. They are believed to cause depres­sion, fatigue and frus­tra­tion. To avoid this, it is bet­ter to give pref­er­ence to prod­ucts with stones of neu­tral col­ors accord­ing to the sign of the Zodi­ac:

  • light green emer­ald brings true love and mate­r­i­al wealth to life, helps to achieve emo­tion­al sta­bil­i­ty, bal­ances inter­nal and exter­nal con­flicts and elim­i­nates irra­tional fears, gives inner strength and sup­ports men­tal work. Emer­alds also attract mate­r­i­al wealth.

  • pink-vio­let amethyst helps des­tiny, meet fate, har­mo­nize part­ner­ships, gives life wis­dom. He is an excel­lent tal­is­man for artists and peo­ple who cre­ate;

  • gen­tle opal brings good luck and calms the wear­er;

  • rose-red ruby ​​allows you to use the full depth of feel­ings, gives courage, courage and self-esteem;

  • pale blue sap­phire clears the mind, elim­i­nates chaos and delu­sions, pro­motes adap­ta­tion to new con­di­tions, stim­u­lates inter­est in life, slows down the aging process. It is known for its ben­e­fi­cial effects on the diges­tive sys­tem and soothes insom­nia.

But since the ring on the mid­dle fin­ger impedes the move­ment of the rest, for prac­ti­cal rea­sons it is rec­om­mend­ed to wear sim­ple and as flat prod­ucts as pos­si­ble. Mas­sive jew­el­ry will look too defi­ant and in some cas­es wear­ing them will cause dis­com­fort.

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